A Disastrous Hitchhike in Norway

Who would ever thought 7 Nights of blasting Aurora and Days 
of diamond snows and crystal fjords
would ended up with a disastrous ending.

We slept so well the last night that we missed the 
5am One and only ferry that goes back to Bodø from Svolvær.
We both were confused with the time and had 
Dreams that were so unreal of the Aurora locking us onto our bed.

We panicked as our train woud depart the next morning and
 thought to ourselves: OH LORD HELP US !!

There were 2 ways, taking the Flight or hitch hike. 
Well, the flight is expensive and we would also need a ride there so we thought ,
 why not try Hitchhike instead ? 

We had never hitchhike in Norway ever but only in Japan so we tried
 using the method we did when we were in Japan.

The writing on board method. It was effective.
But we werent lucky as we departed late and had lots of discussions.
We first hiked with a guy whom had a day off, he drove us just to the next town and on the way stopped to show us the bunch of eagles mating.
 We waited at this No where valley where not many cars passes by.

 and got a ride with a truck driver from Sri Lanka. He said it was illegal but he saw us before and think he needed to help us anyways. The view from the trailer was the best view ever I had ever seen in my life. He dropped us at the junction to continue our hike down to the ferry point and we wanted to make sure we didnt missed that ferry so we took the buss down but too bad, the ferry was canceled.

Well, we wasted another hour enjoying some lovely harbour view. Not that bad afterall.

 We then got onto the ferry and someone offered to give us a ride to the nearest town.

We ended up in Tysfjord, 
A town known for their history of crime.

 Where we did not know there was a bad history at this place. Tysfjord. Christian told me about the history of Child sexual abuse in this commune and there were lots of crazy weird people living in that area. It was getting dark and no cars showed up. There was only a gas station and 1 mini mart opposit us and that is all. The town was so quiet that we can even hear footsteps from a far. 

 We later than knew that the ferry we took was one of the last few ferries and the only cars passing through are from the ferry. We were definitely too late  to catch any ride thinking that we might need to stay a night in spooky Tysfjord area and then a local told us about the bus that would pass through to go Bodø . 
OMG ! We were so relieved that the Bus came finally to our rescue and we got back to Bodø safe at last and spent a short night there as we set our alarm not to catch the train back the next day !

Thinking back the adventures and excitements we had been through in a peaceful country like Norway, it is just remarkable !  I couldnt express how much anxiety I faced back then and praying so hard in order to stay a night in spooky Tysfjord. 

And now, it is a testimony, a great story
to share and let others know how wonderful and 
faithful God is whenever we need him.

My faith and prayers were never as effectice as this 
before I travel. It is through all these challenges in life 
I face that has brought us through our relationship, 
our faith and journey to keep on trusting

God will make a way,
when it seem to be no way,
He works in ways ,
we can not see,
He will make a way for me.

He will be our guide, 
Hold us close into his sight,
with love and strength 
for each new day.
He will make a way,
He will make a way for all of us.

Here, to enjoy this song

Its my favourite song and lulaby to sing to my dearest love all the time.

Catching the Aurora in Norway, Lofoten.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the aurora?
 Well , I did not and the first time I saw Northern Lights on the Pokemon animation,
I thought it was just some fake graphic.

Well, now, I know it's true and it really dances.
So here's a full 8 days expedition of my journey to Northern Norway, Lofoten
and it was a Birthday gift from Chirstian and God.
Starting from Oslo, we took the NSB night train all the way to Bodø .
There was a transit in Trondheim and from there, the day train to Bodø had an amazing view
as we we informed passing through the polar circle.

Instead of staying in Bodø since we stayed there before last summer,
we chose to stay in Fauske instead to explore this small town.

Fauske was indeed a small town and unfortunately we arrived on a not so sunny day.
This is an art piece by the shore of Fauske.
So, we thought, since we had time in Fauske, 
What should we do in Fauske ?
Many locals looked at us weirdly as it is not common to see tourist around Fauske
However, I was super astonished by the frozen shores with huge cracks of icebergs that I could I even step on it without falling into the cold fjord !
Apart from that, their grocery stores Spar gives away 1 day old Buns which 
was something we had never experience before in Norway.

And then, passing throught the graveyards were like the most interesting thing I ever saw in my life.

Who would ever thought such a small town in Norway,
would have pink gravestone?
Like beautiful marbeled pink grave stones!!

This is by far the most beautiful graveyard stones I ever seen in my life and
I would love to have such gravestones for my grave !

You might think they paint the stones pink but no,
Fauske is famous for pink marbles !
Norway is out of their mind importing marbles from other countries to make the Opera house in Oslo.
They should have just get these beautiful pink marble stones from Fauske instead of wasting their oil money !

The country is so rich with resources that sometimes authorities in Norway are just too blind to see it or recognize their resources. 

Fauske was some special small town that I would recommend tourist to check out instead.

Taking the Morning ferry from Bodø,
paying about 500Kr per person on the Hurtibåten
We finally arrived Svolvær around late afternoon time. 
Fortunately, in early March, the sun stays up quite long !
It sets roughly at 6pm and we surely had some time to look around Svolvær.

This town was surely bigger than Moskenes, the another part of Lofoten we came last summer.
There was even an ice bar but they were close for that season.
Anyways, Lofoten is way too nice and coming there on a lovely weather, 
It would be a waste to spend time in an indoor bar when you get fresh snow 
from your doorstep.

HOW Cold Can it be while waiting for the Aurora ?

Our first night in Svolvær was amazing !
 Even in town of Svolvær, we went out a bit of town to the edge where the factories were, and got to see a glimspe of Aurora.

 At times, it was strong and then weak and we just kept waiting for the strongest ones to appear right above us. Standing or sitting waiting in a cold winter night outdoor is not a good idea as it can be quite cold. Thats especially if you stand on ice and then you would feel your cold feet going numb slowly. I had to jump to often to warm myself up or do some runs cause I was so worried I would get forstbite. Christian laughed at me so much because the temperate at night was only minus 7 and not even windy. Worrying about getting a frostbite and wearing 7 layers is kind of impossible. 
But then, I just could not get use when my feet feels numb since I never get a numb foot even in Malaysia.

Well, it was worth the 2hours wait as we got to see the strongest Aurora that dances right above our heads that came in purplish pink form. 
And when it dances, it dances about 5mins or less than that and just goes off.
I try not to blink when I see the strong ones and sometime reach my hands out for it 
as it can look like its so close like a falling rain lights.
The next day, we decided to go Hiking !
Well, the only place safe to hike in winter is Tjeldbergtinden.
Some would say its dangerous if the weather is bad. 

Thankfully, we had the best weather ever and from Svolvær town, it takes only 5 to 10minutes walk to the starting point.
There is no signs and we just had to ask the locals about the hiking point.
One of the amazing view to pass by along the bridge is this view.
Here is also our favourite spot to watch the Aurora as it always appear behind the mountains here and it is dark enough to see a strong Aurora.

While walking along the main road, we spotted this poor car covered in snow.
Apparently, if you parked your car at the wrong place, when the snow shufllers comes, your car woud be covered in snow and it would be crazy hard to get the snow off when it freezes or piles up during the winter season. Plus, you would get a heavy fine for this. So do watch out not to park randomly by the road side during winter.

Apart from Tjeldbergtinden, half way reaching there, if you are not fit or lazy enough , you can just go to the lower peak by the communications tower within just 10minutes hike.
Well hiking in the snow without snow boots was definitely managable as they snow were compacted or not so deep. We just followed the steps that were made before and it was easy going up. If there werent much foot paths, I wouldn't dare to hike up as some parts are deep snow.

Reaching the peak of Tjelbergtinden was satifying as it would be the first snowy Mountain I ever hiked in my life during winter. It was definitely worth the view of plain beauty white and blue.
An uncommon sight for an asian being brought up in a rainforest country.
At the peak, we took a time lapse and here is some interesting shot we got that went viral in Norway !
The captain drove his ship like a formula 1 driver and we didnt espect to caught his crazy act !

We hiked down and it was later afternoon and we waited till about 7pm or 8pm hoping to get to see Aurora from the communications tower. Well, there was but the Aurora was not as strong as the ones we saw the previous day and we couldnt wait much longer as we got too hungry and tired.
The next day, we had a road trip to Hennigsvær. The scenery along the road was super gorgeous. We couldnt feel much happier to be here during the best weeks of weather in that month !

Henningsvær was unlike other parts of Lofoten by the main road. It is like an island seperated on its own with a village of fishing and also a football field which has an island of its own !

We even got to see fresh fish hanged out to be dried. We all wondered why didnt the birds come to eat off these fishes when there is no one guarding them.

Honestly, seeing the football field or being on it doesnt made me feel special untill I saw the drone picture of the football field ! And being on Hennigsvær you would just find there is so many tiny islands around that even our friend told us that on stormy days, the sea of of Henningsvær is quite majestic as you would constantly see smashing big waves on these tiny islands like a performing art waterworks. 

Finally, I got to climbed onto the Stinky fish hanging racks !

Our Next day we decided to visit the nearer town and walked from Svolvær to Kabelvåg. 
It was some km of walk but the scenery was so beautiful and I had the chance to touch the top of Tjelbergtinden.

And check out this church on the way which looks like ginger bread house.

Kablevåg reminds me of an artistic hippie town of Lofoten.  We even went for a food party after meeting a local artist staying there. Rune was super friendly and invited us ot the dinner party and we were so interested with his artpiece around Lofoten known as the 

There is a phonebook that is a mini library in the middle of the town and the cafe interior

Praestengbrygga and hidden Japanese restuarant called Miyako AS

We walked through the hippie towns of Kabelvåg and then through a small pathway to Storvågan.
This place was unlike the other towns. It was just nature and a hotel where Christian stayed last time he was here. There is also an Aquarium there but it was closed. This part, Storvågan, was so peaceful .
 That night, we went back to our place, ate early whale meat dinner we bought at the store for only 80Kr ! and this time, the whale meat was tender, juicy and tasty.

Served with Benaise sauce and some herbs spices.

That night, we went out and took tried to take some Northern Light time lapse !
It was succesful for our first time lapse of the Aurora !

Here below is the video of the Aurora time lapse

After so many nights finding the perfect spot and analyzing the Aurora time, direction and research
I realized there is so much people or tourist dont know out there about the Aurora facts so
here's another topic I wrote to help those interested in knowing 

And another chilling day with such lovely weather, we went fishing  at this scenic spot.
Its at Svinøya and best fish during the afternoon before the fishermen are back with their huge ships!
I caught a huge fish and we didnt have a freezer so that night we left the bag of fish in the burried snow ! How convenient winter is isnt it  !
We also decided to gave a try to go up Kongstinden and followed Google maps since there was no locals along the way to give directions.

The start of the hike was quite steep but not much deep snow and it got us to this lovely angle view of Svolvær. We were fortunate to be there on a good weather as the snow can be icy during non sunny days. A part of Kongstiden peak was just icy and slippery so we stopped hiking to the top and came back down sliding down the powdered snow. 
That part of Kongstiden has a crazy amount of slalom and downhil skis track marks .
On our second last day, we took a hiking tour with LOFOTEN AKTIV AS
Follow their 

First time wearing Snow Boots tracking in Deep snow was sure fun ! 
I ran everywhere in the deep snow area not worrying I would fall in it ! 
And you would see crazy amount of beautiful photos of Lofoten as they organized so many interesting tours in Norway.

Our guide for the snow boots hike was Kristian and his mum was originally from Greenland. 
He knew so much history and legendary stories about the Mountains in Lofoten where I had never heard of for example the Vågan  Moutain behind me 

Can you spot the face of the grump frowning man in this Mountain. It only shows during winter and spring.
Our last night in Lofoten was amazing !
We made steamed tom yam fish with the huge fish we caught and it was sooooo yummy!
It was my Birthday and we managed to borrowed a friend the sparking scooter
(its like a scooter of long skates )
We saw the sun set at Svinøya harbour , got shocked by the loud horn when Hurtigruten cruise ship pass through and was disappointed as we waited for the Aurora but it didnt appear.
But as we were about to leave, like 1km away from this particular spot we want to take photo so much.
The Northern Light suddenly came towards more our direction and we sparked like crazy. 
It was tiring to get to this spot and finally, we got this perfect shot of us.
Tired and breathless.
Amazing the beauty of the Aurora lights dancing right above us 
as we froze like manequins for 10seconds for this perfect blur free shot.

This picture is my favourite shot.

It signifies Lofoten with the hanging fish racks and Mountain behind us.
The sparking is also very traditional Norwegian. 
And the mix race couple us, representing our international the world and love has
no distance, boudaries and skin colours.

It has a story behind where just like in life,
Your hope is all gone, 
and then the lights appear with so much miracle than shines in front of you
Your Hope and goal is finally achieve.

I can finally Rest in Peace but
well, life doesnt work this way because 
there are more miracles awaiting to happen,

And indeed, our next day going back to Bodø was a dissaster.

Read on our next adventure where we had no choice but to
Click this link to read on next (for the first time ever)

The Journey did not end after finally seeing the Aurora.
To be continued....
Stay Tuned.

My Father loves me so much that I was so blind to see

Recently, everytime I open the P3 channel on the Norwegian radio, I get this song by Seeb and Greg Holden Boys in the Street. The chorus part "stop kissing boys in street". Btw, this song is about LGBT and eventhough Grey Holden isnt gay, neither me but It reminds me the times where my dad did told me : stop kissing boys in the street. I was so curious who Seeb is because the Original song for Grey Holden Boys in the street as slow and sounds super sad. And based on seeing the way Seeb talked on Youtube, i kind of guess he is from Norway because of his accent. I was right !
 Seeb (sometimes stylized as SeeB) are a Norwegian musical production trio made up of Simen Matre Eriksrud, Espen Berg and Niklas Strandbråten. Basically most of the songs I heard on the radio these days were tuned by them and they sound super nice ! 

I never talked or post much on social media about my family. I like to keep them personal.
My father, Daddy, is unlike other dad's you ever seen in the world.
He has No HOBBY, Not much respectable in the house, not fierce, not alchoholic( in fact allergic to alchohol), don't smoke,  no good/best friends nor has the best IQ and EQ out there. 

There are so much flaws about him ever since I realized it since I was 14years old.
Back then in our teenage rebelious days, we weren't the most happy or peaceful family in the neighbourhood. There will be lots of shoutings and cryings and that I am not proud of. 
Dad is not a secret keeper, he saw me once kissing with my ex after school and told the whole family about it and mum went super furious. Well, I guess he loves to punish me with embarrasment.

After 6 years, I left home for studies and after graduating and then met Christian,  the years of cracked relationship with my dad seemed to fixed back like a jigsaw puzzle.
 It was the travelling experience, the people i meet out there, the living social life in Norway that changed my personal opinion of my dad. I learnt and see more broken families out there,
adopted friends, suggorated families, having friends that had husband cheating on them
 or those that even buy wives from vietnam and some that would be together
just to get visa or greencard of that certain country. 

I then realized, the relationship I have with my family, simplicity or the quarrels and openess we had we were actually not common in some other families. Daddy was not the typical dad with a great career at start. He changed jobs very often , had a period of redundancy and even borrowed money from my piggy bank to buy a gift for mum.  When I was young, I used to compare my dad with others and see how succesful my friends dads were. But then, he was always at home, always bringing back food for us and even at times, he would learn to cook for us.
I still remembered tasting his first dish. It was horrible and he was upset. Yet, he did not gave up and kept learning to cook until we enjoyed his dish.

We werent the most encouraging kids and dad sure had a hard time facing our honesty.
However, regardless how many times we were mean to him, he wouldnt say much or scold us badly.
We became mean teenagers with no respect because it seemed easy to bully him.
Now, when I look back. I felt very bad. The words I said to him it felt so true that the tongue is sharper than the sword.

Our daddy is an ever forgiving and forgetful dad, he never take grudge and still love us and coming back daily with food on the table and time to do the housework and be at home to watch over us while mum was busy working a lot.
We werent greatful at that time. But after seeing and knowing friends whom had parents that were not always there for them, that will never scold them, that will never have time to watch over them or had never time to care for them.

Eventhough we quarreled a lot with my dad, but those quarrel moments when I look back
was because he care for us, he wants to protect us and make sure we dont go the wrong path.
We can never ever figure out what Birthday present to give our Dad because he has no hobby and doesnt care about fashion nor electronic items or  tobacco, alchohol. The only thing mum says to get for him all the time , the best gift that wont fail is Socks and underwear.

But without fail, every year we would go just mainly to the restaurant dad picks for a family reunion dinner and thats actually the greatest present for him, to sit in a whole family, eat together and reunite with the typical chinese food he likes.
What an easy birthday present isnt it !!

It took years that finally, my dad started up his own company and started becoming more busy and succesful. Eventhough he gets so busy with work and sometimes travel abroad, he will still make sure to be not away so long to be back Home. He also made a section for his office room so that he can work at home.
Untill then I realized, my dads Hobby is Home and family.

My friends out there had broken families and parents that are not always with them.
Their parents prioritize friends, church, social groups, work and hobbies or activities that they cant involve their kids. That is also what I realized how my mum always trust my dad so much , and us as well. We barely see him away to drink with friends or going out socializing. Even with his clients, its only work and no after work socializing.  He would always be there for mum and vice versa.
When mum is angry, dad would always hug her and never leave her by her sight.
Even at such an old age, I still see them holding hands like kids when we go out and even hugging each other.

My Father loves me so much that I was so blind to see

When it comes to the time I always need to go out to meet friends in the city or come home from overseas, Dad would no matter how far drive 2 hours just to pick me up with mum. He loves being our driver so much that even after just having my driving licence, he would insist of driving me 1 hour to the city because he worry that me being a new driver cant drive so far yet.

When my handphone got stolen, he gave me his phone.

He would keep his old car for a year and didnt sell it just to have me finish my driving licence so I can use his car and no need to buy a new car.

Eventhough he knows at home has food that I can cook, he will always
 buy back lunch for me so that I would not need to cook.

When I started up my business, he helped me promote.

He doesnt bring us travel abroad but  instead saved money to pay for our education and
bought extra  3 houses for all us siblings to stay and inherit.

Everyday, he would pray for our whole family, same goes to my mum. ( That shows how much they care for us and Thank God that our family has been
all good health and strength all these while !! )
( too bad their prayers arent always blessed our kids with lotsa money and to become a millionaire,
its always good health and strength and I believe thats the best blessings in life we cant buy )

Most of all, Dad and Mum would always welcome me and my fiance home
and insist us to stay with them forever because they feel lonely .

Indeed, the times we stayed together, we had so much fun and laughter ,
the house was never quiet and so lively.
( That is the beauty of our asian culture that we always love to stay together as a family)
which i find it different from the western culture.

I never saw that part of dad when I was young, but now I understand why our family stays so
strong together and eventhough we dont communicate much , but we have this tele feeling about each other. We always know each others routine, attitude, habit and are super open to each other to the extend that our would have a fart competition in the living room and still have a great laugh about it.

Dad is indeed not like other dad, he might not be smart or rich but
he is my super dad that gives the best thing of all Dad could ever give and money can never buy ,
Thank You World, for showing me how lucky I am to have such an awesome Dad !

I love you Daddy and wish you always stay strong and healthy always.
Happy Birthday !

Minimalistic Beauty skincare routine with Hygee Review

Last month, I had been on a project with Hygee , 
a skincare brand from Korea 
instilling a new concept of skincare call Beauty Minimalism.

When I was first informed of this project, I find it quite interesting as their product range
is not as many as others out there.
So, i decided to give it a try for several weeks just using their products.

In a full package, I received their
 Hygee Cleansing Water ( which works amazing for makeup removing)
Hygee hydrating mist (100ml) (-citrus smell)
Hygee Essence ( a mixture of water and oil )
Hygee foam cleanser 

Here's how their Foam Cleanser looks like
The quality of packaging sure feels tough and their foaming cleanser is one of my favourite cleanser so far.
I realized majority og Hygee skincare products 
have a strong citrus or grapefruit smell
and to be honest, the cleanser feels a bit more on a acidic side but it leaves my skin squeky clean after.

During the project period, I only basically use these 2 products  which is their cleanser and essence. Do remember to shake the essence well before using it. 

At first, I felt like something was missing, like I haven't use enough.
But after awhile , i felt that I have so much more time in skincare and I need not to have so many creams anymore !

1st week results : Not so effective, white heads and blackheads were still there.
2nd week results : A reduce amount of whiteheads , blackheads and also lighten scars.
After 3 weeks of just using their products, I find most of my whiteheads, blackheads and pimple scars were much less and not so obvious anymore.
And my huge pores shrink as well. 

I totally recommend this for those with dry skin especially as I find their essence very hydrating and I only need to use a little bit of it morning and night. This essence would surely last very long for me.

Well, I hope my review of Hygee would give you and idea on how Hygee products are like
and their concept of beauty minimalism.
It's true nowadays skincare companies are producing too many products and we use 
all sorts of chemicals on our skin and reducing the amount
of chemicals is the right way of balancing out skin back to it's original nature self.


Swiss Vita Acne Solution Review on Pimple and oily combination skin.

Hi ya all !

Do you have pimples, acne or oily and combination skin ?
Honestly, comparing acne to spots, I think it's much worst and this skin problem is the main cause
in causing so much low self esteem people out there.

Even if looks weren't important, the feeling of pain from the big acne is just distracting our daily routines. For example, even playing badminton could be a dangerous act if let's say your partner accidently hits the racquet onto your face. There, your acne would burst and bleed on your face.

I had the problem with acne, pimples, white heads, black heads and oily combination skin since I was 16 and it never really recover much.
Now, my pimples and whiteheads doesn't appear much on my Tzone area but instead, 
my mouth and chin zone.

But then, I found a solution to prevent the small pimples or whitehead to become a huge acne with 
this new skincare from Taiwan !
known as SWISSVITA !
which has been 
Awarded Yahoo Top 10 Cosmeceutical Awards 2014 !

It's the Swiss Vita Acne Solution Serum ~!!
And it comes in 50g which is quite a lot for an Acne Serum.
Here's a picture of my acne on my face few weeks ago,
 you can see in the picture that the swell and redness above has disappeared.
I was super excited to try out Swiss Vita products because this product gives me an impression where they use good quality ingrediants and had done lots of research to combat all kinds of skin. 
Their products looks very proffesional and looks like a doctor precripted product. 
And after just 1 week of trying their Swiss Vita Acne Solution,
I was so glad that it worked so well on my acne and pimples.
The gel smells like tree tree and it leaves my pimples a cooling sensation.

Apart from the Swiss Vita Acne Serum, I also got their Cleanser Cream !
It's 100g and just a small pinch, I foam it and uses it to wash my skin sometimes even with makeup on. I find their cream cleanser not oily at and not very foamy. 
I believe it's very important to clean the skin super well, so usually
I would try to check if the makeup is wash off throroughly after using this.

I would recommend to use Makeup remover first before using this cleanser or try use this cleanser and foam in on a facial brush instead of washing with just hands for  thorough cleansing.
What I like about it is that it still keeps my skin hydrated after cleansing.

Now, I also got their Swiss Vita Acne Toner which looks very white like this.
Bare in mind, you have to shake it before using it in order to look white like this. 
I find this Toner super effective in drying up parts of the oily areas in my skin.
It feels like it's a nice product for controlling the oil.
Since my skin is Oily and combination, 
I try to use this toner only on the parts of my skin which is oily and not use too much for it.
It would work perfectly for those with very oily or oily skin as I find 
this product helpful in controlling the oil secretion on my skin.

Do not, I also have a burst pimple and then I soak the cotton swab with the acne toner and then placed it on the bursted pimple. The pimple totally did not grow again and just shrink in size as it dries it up.

I really like and love the products of Swiss Vita Acne Solution Set and find them super effective and worth the purchase. However, since I have oily and combination skin, usually I would put extra moisturizer cream which is not oily but hydrating on my skin or place an aloe vera gel to soothe
and trap the moisture in my skin.

Not to forget, I got 2 freebies along when receiving this set of Swiss Vita Acne Set ! 
Plus, you would be super happy to see how beautiful the packaging of this product comes. 
So , I made a video fo Opening the packaging from Swiss Vita Acne Set, and here's how they look like upon arrival !

I was so happy to receive those 2 diary and daily planner mini memo book cause I wanted a small memo daily planner awhile ! I can bring it everywhere and check on my upcoming plans and schedules often !

Here are the lists of their new product series called Swissvita Acne Solution
1. Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner 
2. Swissvita Acne Solution Serum
3. Swissvita Cleanser Cream

So Where to purchase Swiss Vita Poducts ?

For latest offer and Promotion

 but also 
they sell their products on Lazada, in case you just want to use some of the Lazada vouchers for further discounts !
Here's a shortcut link

I hope this review was useful for you guys ! 
Healthy Skin, Happy me ! 


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