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How I almost got kidnapped in Phuket (True Story)

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Well, many of you guys normally would travel in a group and back then I was one of those that also travelled in a group and Phuket was my first trip ever travelling with friends overseas.
Not to mention , it was also my first trip ever to Thailand after back from Australia. In my mind, Phuket Thailand would be a place for cheaper beers,food,etc and surely safe cause there are so many tourists around.

It surely has much cheaper beers than Malaysia but it being safe changed my mind when I was about to face danger alone on this land. It was a windy night walking with the group to this famous night market near Patong Beach. At that time, I have forgotten my wallet in the hotel and it didnt occurred to me as I has my friends along so I can just borrow from them if I needed any at that point. Anyhow, walking along with this group was certainly hard as I get distracted so easily and here's a picture of me getting distracted by the tall shemales and I had a picture with them. Later then , they were surrounding me asking for money as I have took their picture but I had none with me so I told them I don't have any. So one of them snatched my camera and immediately deleted "her" photo but left only this blurry one of the other friend's picture with me.
After dealing with these shemales ; I turned around and looked for the group but couldn't find any of them !

Lights everywhere, people everywhere; It was surely one messed up big area.
After walking around for 20 minutes trying to search them on the streets; I gave up and something in my mind just told me : "There's no harm being alone~ " So, I just walked alone; went into some bars; took pictures of interesting things I see and even got myself a free entrance ticket to watch Muay Thai kickboxing ~

Out of curiousity, I went into one of the Tiger Shows, 18Sx to check out what's up with these kind of place.
It was surely disgusting and I got out after 5 minutes of watching.
Obviously, the shows I saw weren't by the real females but the shemales... Urghh

But since that, I realized i was followed by a Thai man and then I stopped; He approached me and asked in English; " Do you want to watch Tiger Show Man"?? I replied :"NO"
Weird Man : Where do you stay ?
Me : Hotel Nearby ~ I can walk there ~
Weird Man: " No Problem; I got Tuk tuk I can drive you ; FREE~!"
Me: No , Thanks 
And I walked off.
I walked again to some other Bars which was full of caucasians and came out to realize that guy was still following me. I walked out again worrying not knowing anyone and subconsciously went into another nearest pub and found a table full of Asians; heard that they sounded like Malaysians ; went up and sat with them.
I told them instantly that some guy was following me and I have to pretend I know them and they are with me. Certainly these Malaysians were so nice and they helped me out and realizing the man that was following me whom sat on the table nearby went off after watching me for 10 minutes. 
It was surely a relief !!!

I was so Thankful of those Malaysians that helped me at that point and remembered clearly they were from Penang and were on a Company trip by Tan Chong. 
That night ended with me making new friends and having a safe trip back the Hotel with their help.

Well; you might think I wont have the guts to travel alone since then. 
So Wrong....
That was then I realized a women has the capability of taking care of herself and knowing how to escape danger in time of need. Most of all ; I enjoyed the freedom of my own choice and what to do when I'm travelling alone. 
 Not long after that; I had my first alone trip to Vietnam.

So girls out there; I'm not telling you to travel alone nor travel with a group. But to let u know that in times of need; there is no need to fret cause we are strong. 

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Reasons WHY I Love Okinawa & Win Souvenirs from OKINAWA !

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Last year I had a whole week travelling around the main Island Okinawa and It isn't enough ! Despite the typhoon season coming ; I took the courage and still went Okinawa and truly enough ; it did not dissapoint me at all ! Now being to Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia's beaches; I would say Okinawa is the BEST Of all !! Well, not in terms of money but the culture; people; transportation etc !

So here's the reason WHY I LOVE Okinawa !
1# Shopping + Free testers ! :p
You might think Okinawa is touristy & pricey ~ OH HELLL NO !
The nearest town NAHA has cheap food range from 500Yen Onwards for Beef-rice(Gyudon),Okinawa Soba, MCD burgers,Taco Rice etc in a restaurant; that's cheap comparing a restaurant in Tokyo would cost 1000Yen above ~
 Okinawa is also famous for their Yampies and shops around Naha sells that for an extreme price. Dont worry ! U get to try them in the mainshop and eat as much testers as you want ! Oh... so many to try out ! You can even test some wines too :P

I got this Ryuku-Soul cap for only 100Yen !! and I found a pair of shoes for only 500Yen !! No way u can ever get such price on Mainland Japan ! 
2# So much "Unique" Sh*T stuffs 
EG: this real grown tiny pineapple ~! WTF it cost 300Yen ~? Well, nice for photos ~

3# Gorgeous place for wedding pictures or wedding in a chapel !
OMG! Their "church" made for wedding ceremonies are so gorgeous and are located on cliffs with gorgeous views !! I love seeing couples getting married~ Awww so sweet!!

4# There are secret beaches and not that hard to get here ~
Don't have to climb over fences etc or go through some jungle to get here !! ( Unlike the undeveloped countries)
Yet, not many people know about this area despite Okinawa being so famous ! :P

5# Despite the upcoming typhoon season ; we still got super clear blue sea water !
And No JOKE ! The sand is as soft as those sands on an Island~ 
Free Style
Snorkelling n found some nice underwater corals n sea creatures !
Normally you will have to go on an island in Indonesia/Thailand or Malaysia to have a good snorkel, but sometimes you don't even get to see them due to murky water.

6# SO Much to do and So much to see and hear !

Well, you dont really need to pay for a performance cause some Okinawa people are just so cool that they play in public willingly !! Despite the language barriers, we were able to communicate with our laughters !

Here, I even got to make my own wax Shisa Doll ~!

And try on  Karate myself~? OUCH !

Check out the Glass Blowing /making shops !! FOC !
Climb to a tree house!

7#Don't need to Haggle at all

Prices in Japan is always labelled on and you don't have to worry to haggle for it or get cheated !
Hitch hiking is way much easier than in mainland cause Okinawa people are super helpful and less shy ! We were being picked up few times by the locals and communicated by showing them the map ~ :D 

To travel around Okinawa is not that easy unless you Hire a taxi / take a bus which is costly; so what I reckon best is to Drive around renting a car / Motorbike~ It's surely not as convenient as mainland with the trains etc. However there is Monorail in Naha town.

Translation ? No problem ! Okinawa people speaks way much better English than those on Mainland. 
Those sites also have brochures with  translations on them !
Check out the World Heritage Sefa Utaki ~
Seriously they pray to the island opposite thinking the Gods were from there. 
And the next day; the typhoon HIT onto that island~! Lol
See how friendly Okinawa People are?!  

8#Lots of Discounts tickets and FREE SHows !
 The world's 2nd biggest Aquarium at such a CHEAP RATE !
We got a discount ticket about 1400Yen ~ So worth to get into this area cause the whale sharks are soo huge and so much to see too !

This area is sooo Huge that there is no entrance fee to the park only to the aquarium ~
Within this park there is 
Some free beaches to chill n have a dip with free medical aid !
I got my burnt wound from Taiwan change there ! :P
No entrace fee to the waterfalls around ! :D
Free entrance for some ruins~ etc so many Sites to check out for FOC !
FOC Try on and take a picture in their costume wear ~
Btw, we went into a Hotel and did this ~
The Gaijin Power !( Tourist Power) 
The staffs wont chase tourist out or say no~ ;P

I'm missing their Taco Rice ~ !
It's so delicious and cheesy etc ~ Im missing it so much !

10 # Gorgeous sunset  !!!
Easy to just find somewhere to chill and relax embracing nature on your own.

It's surely the BEST Holiday and also a Great place to travel ! I would want to go back there again !!

Wanna Know More about OKINAWA and WIN souvenirs from Okinawa?
There are 55 Freebies given out for the Lucky winners !!
+ Are you a Malaysian? 
If So, 
1st Step :
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CLICK HERE to Enter this contest 
Enter your email address
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and Enter !!

PERIOD:   February 10 March 10, 2014

PRIZE:     - 1st prize for 5 persons, “Ryukyu Glass”
- 2nd prize for 50 persons, “Star Sand”

Ryukyu Glass ... Urgh ! I didnt bought that at all while I was in Okinawa cause it was expensive & heavy ! I saw how they made the glass in person and boy, it was sure a nice time looking at how they blow those glasses and shape it !
Star sands? OMG! I seriously missed out so much ! I had no idea this sand exists !!! Now Im regretting so much !! >_<!
It's also luminous ! Super cool ~ Well, I join this contest too ! Hope I'll win this :P

CONTENTS:   A photo album made of 20 photos will be crated on Okinawa Facebook. Participants will be asked to choose 3 photos out of 20. Every participant needs to “Like” the Okinawa Facebook to take part in this campaign. After closing the application, 1 photo will be randomly picked as the winning photo by the organizer and 55 winners will be randomly chosen from those who chose the winning photo. An email will be sent to winners and the prize will be delivered to them later on.

PS : Okinawa is having a MATTA fair promotion this year March 2014! So if you are curious about their Okinawa deals ; do Check out !! 


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Pre-Valentines dinner at Sunway Putra Hotel-

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Hi guys, Im now waiting for my flight to celebrate Valentines Day at Krabi !! When we got our flight tickets, we had never realized it was during Valentines day , wohooo Lucky me ~
So, the bf got me my dream dress inspired Herve leger and I Love it Soooo much !!! And since we want to celebrate Valentines in KL as well so we chose the Sunway putra hotel 10th floor Japanese restaurant with the night view of Klcc & KL tower. Just nice our window booked seat had a nice view of it. Apparently some random grandma came.n sat opposite me while d bf went away to take a selfie of herself ! Wow ! It was sure a surprise for me !lol..

As for the restaurant, it was buffet style n had really good beef slice ,smoked salmon,fresh shashimis and even my favourite chawan mushi ! We loved the desserts but were too full to finish it.. oh well, guess im too old for buffet nowadays, can't eat as much as before.

It was surely a nice view n worth meal.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ordering PapaJohn's Pizza Online with Foodpanda review

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After Chinese New Year, I got sick and then got super lazy to go out to get food and decided why not try order PapaJohns pizza ! After searching on Google on PapaJohns Malaysia; it was stated that you can only make Orders through phone booking and so I tried but couldnt get through~~ Urgh.. but then ; I found an alternative to order it through FoodPanda~

Sounds cute huh?
So, I googel Foodpanda Malaysia and
they brought me to this Website !
So many choices of restaurants !!!
It was surely easy based on the website and I entered my location and surprisingly I had so many choices of restaurants which included PAPAJOHNS & Delivery was FOC !!
Btw, delivery on Papajohn's phone calls require a fee of RM3~
It was surely My day ! Wohooo Free delivery ~ Plus , we found online a voucher code for first time customers to get RM10 rebate! Super Steal !

Btw they have 2 regular pizza deals for RM30~ same as in PapaJohn's website but surprisingly same as Dominos ! + I ordered a Chicken Alfredo which was recommended ~

I thought PapaJohn's would be wayyy  much more expensive than Dominos~ can't believe it's about the same price and of course PapaJohn's has better quality pizza !
Right after we ordered, it was written waiting time to be around 45 min ~ Oh Well, longer waiting time than Dominos~ : / but at least they let us know..

After waiting for like 40mins, Oh~!! I was sooo Hungry !!
It arrived !!!
We were expecting some dude wearing in a Panda suit but lol it turn out to be PapaJohn's delivery dude.
Ahhh too much imagination~~ !!
It would be a surprise / SHOCK  if Foodpanda delivery dude wears in a Panda costume though~

Too bad there were some IT prob that our voucher didnt worked out for the PapaJohn's delivery guy so we had no discount~~ :( Awwwwww
I was soooo Hungry that we didn't even bother to care about it and EAT !!
Nom NOm NOM!!
It was surely Hot and Fresh and Delicious !!!

Thanks PAPAJOHN's & FoodPanda !!

Thanks for reading !

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Apply permit to Zhuilu Old Trail Road - Taroko Gorge 如何申请到錐麓古道

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One of the  must do in
Taiwan ,
Hualien is to hike up the Zhuilu Old Trail .


You will get up to hike onto a very narrow trail that gives you a spectacular view of the Gorge from high above.
Well, a picture is way better than thousand of words.
So , here's me at the narrow trail with the deep
Gorge down below.

Well , to hike up there, you would need a permit and The National Park only allows 96 hikers to hike to trail per day.

We were worried not being able to get the permit as we were suppose to apply a week before. We applied this roughly 5 days before we arrive
Taiwan and asked our dear Taiwan friend to help us apply as they need a
Taiwanese ID to be stated on the form.

We even thought he had to come hiking with us but apparently not !
So you will need someone in  Taiwan( Maybe need not be a Taiwanese) but at least with a Taiwanese number to help you out with this as they will verify the contact number given.

Unfortunately our approval for weekends were declined due to the full applicants so we had to stay longer in Hualien and accept the offer to hike on a Tuesday instead.

Here's how to apply.

and then email and attach the file to  After you get a reply, print out the will look like this. 
Ps .I got a Chinese name and i can read mandarin so it wasn't a problem for me.
Regardless how being in
Taiwan i believe they know
English as well.

Then next  Bring it to the police station near the visitor centre inside Taroko Gorge.  The police will take about 5-10 min filling their form and you have to fill up another form for him unless you cant read mandarin i believe he will fill for you then.You must do this step on the day before the hike.

Here's our story as we bought the day bus ticket n took the first bus up but due to the bus being late and causing us no break, we had to do the police report process n missed the bus.
To our disappointment we realize the bus will come an hour later only and we might be to late to enter the trail as it closes at 10AM.

We asked the tourist information centre to call them not to close it first as we try to hitch hike up to YanziKou(swallow grotto)
 instead of 慈母橋 (ci mu qiao)  as they shorten the trail due to the recent typhoon that ruined parts of the trail.
Thank God we got to hitch hike within 10mins n reach there on time. The guard even told me sometimes its okay not to do the police report.
 (apparently, you can do everything online if you apply one week in advance


Here's a Video of the trail !! ENJOY and Thanks for reading !! ALL the BEST if you're applying !

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things you don't know about Chinese New Year in Malaysia

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Happy Chinese New Year 2014 !
May this year be a fruitful year to everyone regardless what Zodiac you belong to.
Here's some wishes to Everyone such as Have a good health, May you be more prosperous this year, May everything you do go smoothly  etc.

Well, I know there are so much temptations with yummy food during Chinese New Year and the crazy visits which would cause you to non-stop being offered all kinds of junks.
Just bare in mind of your health as 
Health is better than Wealth ! 

Things you don't know about Chinese New Year in Malaysia

1)We always have a reunion dinner/lunch one day before the actual Chinese New Year date.

2)We love to give Mandarin Oranges during CNY is because it also means "Kam" which sounds like Gold in Cantonese & Hokkien.

3)We are not suppose to cut our hair or wash the house like sweeping / mopping during the first few days of CNY. FYI: You would sweep the good luck away~

4) "We burn  firecrackers to scare the evil spirit away.'claimed by the traditions.

5) The most fireworks ever is not on the first day of Chinese New year but on the Hokkien New Year; 9th day of Chinese New Year aka 大伯公 (Big GrandUncle )Jade Emperor God Birthday .

6)We staple red packets or red strings on our plants as we believe it would help the plant bear fruit.

7) It is illegal to play fireworks in Malaysia but we don't give a Sh*T about it and blast as much as we can and still able to smuggle it into our country.

8) Christians celebrate Chinese New Year as well but they do not hold the incense nor
pray to the idol.

9) We give red packets to other races ( Indians,Malay ,Caucasian,etc ) as well, even to the rubbish collectors.

10)We always bring gifts (orange,snacks,bbq minced meat) to the relatives house we visit.

11)The younger ones have to visit the elder siblings etc.

12) Red packet is given to the Unmarried ones, regardless how OLD you are~

Well, that's all I could think of it now. Do comment if you have an extra opinion or disagree to what i have stated.

Have an Awesome Chinese New Year !


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