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Friday, August 1, 2014

If you are in Nagasaki and a crazy fan of Ninjas,
dont miss out Shimabara Castle which is not far away from the Nagasaki city !

Best of all, this tiny town provides not only Free Ninja costumes but also Samurai costumes!
Well, I had put on Samurai costumes before in Wakayama and Chiran the SamuraiTown

Well , Not only that! Their staffs are extremely friendly !!

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

There would gang up a Japanese version of Power Ranger pose for your picture ! =P

Or allow you to roam around the castle with this costume to snap an awesome photo

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Apart of that, there is a nearby Samurai town here as well!
Just within 10 mintues walk from the castle would get you there.
Unlike the ones in Chiran, they got fake Samurai dolls in the costume,
and nice garden as well.

I get creeped out from these fake dolls though =/

The canal is not as wide and filled with fishes unlike the ones in Chiran.
But still, its FREE!

Most of all, its not super touristy here ! 

Dont forget to Check out Obama Onsen on the way !


XOXO Feliciazoe

Since we were pasing by this town toward Ibusuki for our HOTSAND Bath 
We stoped by this Samurai town known as Bukiyasuki.

There is a fee of 500Yen to pay in order to explore the samurai houses but to walk around this community zone would be FREE =)

What cool about this place is that their Gardens are gorgeous & we get to try on with the samurai head gears and their fake swords!

Look how well maintained these bonsai gardens are!!

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Well, here is the free lane to walkby and check out but the hedges are quite high, its hard to peep through.

There are aproximately 5 houses to visit ! 
and they sure dont look similar except for the wooden window design.

As of out of the Samurai town, there is a nice park and river to walk by. 

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes
They also have this fake london shop with lots of british import goods though.

Well, there is also a canal of fishes in the town which might interest you.

Photos credit of ChristianBjerknes

Thanks for reading !

Ishiteji Temple For those of you dont know , I have been travelling many parts of Japan before and even saw some random abandon shrines in Murouran, Hokkaido or even been to a dark underground shrine in Koyasan still,  would find this the MOST Creepy shrine.

From Outside, it would seem to look like a normal temple but then if you explore more of this area, you will find yourself a hidden tunnel which would lead you to somewhere else.

This is what it looks like in the tunnel

At the end of the Tunnel, you would come up to an exit and just follow on the road and there you would find a broken sign and some pathways with broken statues.

But yet at the end you would find this nice big Golden building out of no where.
If you are lucky, its open and you would be able to visit inside it. 


Well,thats all about the shrine and pictures of it! 

Photos credits of Christian Bjerknes


As I arrive Matsuyama, on of the cities in Shikouku,
the one thing that caught my attention was this tram ride.

It is unlike Kumamoto tram as they have more varieties of antique trams and we get the chance to travel around with it with a good price!
What Matsuyama is MOST Famous of , is the Dogo Onsen and this Clock tower.
We didnt do much research about this but apparently we were lucky to see this old clock tower transforming with motion and music ! Super nice to see and right beside is afree footbath so it would be a great timing to have a footbath and watch it transform everyhour. 

We were just nice in time also for the Dogo Hotspring Festival
which u can read more about it HERE.

After going through the long shopping lane, you will stand upon this huge old building
known as the Dogo Hotspring.

Its about 500yen for a public bath , and 1000yen above onwards to have a few minutes of refreshment in a private room served tea and mochi.

Most Japanese would stay around the Resorts here and you will see most of them in their Yukatas =)
It might be cold out there but its not especially right after a Hot Bath!
Among the shopping streets, we spotted one tiny restaurant at the entrance nearby the clock tower that has a TRIP Advisor sticker on it´s doors.
Well, we went in and tried it ! WE LOVED IT !
We went that restaurant again the next day !

This is some Spicy noodle. About 900Yen
While mine was 700Yen Dan dan Mein and the portion is so huge n yummy!

*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

There are much to take pictures with at the dogo onsen area as well .
What I am holding is their famous known dessert in that area.

And the common thing all over Japan 

And remember i told you that they do have other kinds of Trams?

*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

However, this ride would be much more pricey than the normal Tram ride due to it´s popularity. 

Well, other thing to check out is the Matsuyama Castle.
It is sure a nice walk uphill and too bad we were too early to see full bloom sakuras around it.

*Photo credits and copyrighted of Christian Bjerknes

Lastly, check out Ishijitei Temple´s hidden creepy shrine

Another thing famous in Matsuyama is this fish cake.
Well, it is pretty similar to the chinese fish cakes and probably the food presentation is much better than the chinese style but i reckon you not to waste 500yen on this piece.
What I have with me is the famous know fish dish from Uwajima.
900Yen for this is not filling for a man but decent enough for the tiny me =)

Since we missed Japan so much , we instantly went to take our picture in the Booth ( Purikura)
and had a fun out of it ! It is surely cheap for 400Yen !
Well, do prepare that in Shikouku, there isnt any ATM Machines suitable for foreign cards as they DO NOT HAVE 7-eleven here.
Free internet is hard to get as well unless you have had pre-signed your Starbucks wifi membership.

But in this rural part of Japan, they sure do make Nice graffiti .

We headed next to Iyo-Otsu and spent a night at Shima checking out the more rural parts of Shikouku.

Well, there is a tiny castle in Otsu though, so we thought of checkin it out !

Looks like some Sakuras are starting to Bloom ! YEAH!

And here Shima, 
the agricultural part of Shikoku.
It was sure a nice view and scenic drive through the Mts and Valley to this place.

And then we had to say Good BYe and take out Ferry Back to Mainland Japan, Oita !

Thanks for reading !
Keep up with the next story of our Journey in Japan 3. =)

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