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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hey Guys!
I just wana share this cool hack i had been using lately for my online shopping !!

Well, let me explain my situation,
I was looking for a pair of men shoe acsics for the bf precisely and wana know which online shops in Malaysia that gives the best price.
Obviously It would be hassle to click onto different online shops or google 
Acsics men shoes Malaysia but then it would come up with Ebay and other international websites I dont want to deal with !

So I found this cool website

Iprice !

It simplifies my search and placed the specific brand i want from the major online shops in Malaysia such as Zalora, Lazada, Lamido bla bla bla~ LOL ( Nowadays online shops names are just so similar) and I can easily compare the prices and designs. Moreover, I get to see which gives the BEST OFFER !
Wohooo !!! No more crazy tabs on my chrome which confuses me so much !


iprice is international !
So, if you not in Malaysia
they also have in these contries below

Other than this,
 Dont forget to check out their coupon deals from different sites and CLAIM em !

And that's how i make my online shopping experience better ! 
Read more about my online shopping experience with Lazada here for SJ4000(action camera) and Here for Lenovo Ideapad S410.

Have a Great day ahead !!!

PS: Most of my wedding gowns are bought online and some of them have arrived !
I'm so excited about it !!

Keep updated about our next travels to Indonesia !


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Panic in the TRAIN
Hopping into our Double-decker train in Lijiang at 11pm, we slept like a pig on our triple bunk bed after exploring the train's in house karaoke and club.

Not long after, we felt someone was pulling our legs and yelling at us loudly,
waking up to our surprised, we had reached our destination at 6am and we were the Only Ones left on the train and the conductor was yelling us to get off before the train departs to it's rest stop!

With my blur and yet still panic face, we grabbed our bags and slip into our shoes without our socks and ran out as the train was showing signs of engine movement.
And Yes, we managed to ran out before the train departs and there we were looking like the worst "Hobo" ever, with our stinking breath, messy hair and sleepy face on the modern train platform in Kunming.

We are in the CITY now !!!
It's 2 more days left till we depart back to Malaysia and Kunming is our last place to explore.

And so, the first thing in our mind was .... "HUNGRY"!
We went to the toilet, brush ourselves up and went to have our Breakfast !!

And around the train stations, hotels/ motels there were either dodgy or too expensive.

Hotel Searching.......
And so we walk a few blocks away,
Stop by some random hotels but was rejected as we were foreigners ,
We were assuming they might been an illegal hotel.
Then, we found this hotel with pimped LED words stating BUSINESS HOTEL on it and give it a try!
Well, business sounds professional, they should accept foreigners huh?
And so they did and the entrance was lovely and the lady told us they have a promotion room for only RM55 and we can even check you guys in now ! and she brought us underground to check the room out and it was lovely just without proper windows.
We went up to other rooms up there and she informed it wasn't cleaned up yet and
to our surprised, the room upstairs was covered with mirrors on the ceiling and parts of the wall and it has a strong smell of smoke !!
WOAHHHHH ~ that room was more expensive and no way I'm gonna be a 3rd hand smoker.

And so we took this ROOM ! 
Their toilet door has quite and interesting picture.

And so, that morning, we continue sleeping till about 11pm,
then went our exploring Kunming city to shop.

When we got back in the evening,
we were shocked beyond our belief !!!!!!!!!

Our corridors looked like this !!!
and before we went into our rooms this morning, we heard others staying in the rooms as well.
What's going on??
And we checked the room opposite ours, it was totally emptied except for the TV on the wall.

We went to the reception and asked what happened. She then only explained that she forgot to tell us that they were gonna do some renovation on that floor And not to worry cause they won't touch our Room yet so just bare with the look of the corridors for now. And she said Wifi/water/electricity wont be disrupted so don't worry. At least the hotel is not haunted right ?
Hahah !!!!! I was thinking to myself:
"But I would wake up and feel haunted once I opened my door and see the corridors."

Oh well, after a month travelling in China, 
we learnt that we can never NEVER EVER win an argument with the CHINA CHINESE 
people and so we smiled and pretended nothing happened. Well, true enough, we still felt like living in the hotel in our own room and slept well those 2 nights before our flight back.
After all, we learnt our lesson that Promotions in China, probably comes with Hidden circumstances.

That's all about our journey in China!
Click here to to read more about our other stories in other parts in China !

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We bought a ticket from LiJiang to Kunming on a night train after the adventures to the 
and was surprised to know that our train was the new Double Decker train !!
Obviously, this cannot be compared to the Japanese double Decker trains at all~

We were on cargo 9 and they annouced that  cargo 14 and 15 will have a restaurant and entertainments.
and so, we were curious ! We walk through other cargos, passing by other's cabin room and smokig fellas on the connecting cargo sections to HERE.

The Restaurant !
The food there was exorbitant by Chinese kampung standards as meals are from rmb40 onwards.
Furthermore, it didn't look delicious.

Whereas, the Next cargo 15 surprised us !!
We walked into a dim rom with colourful lighting ambience.
And at the end, we see a bar.
Well, the price was NICE as well~

And they even got a PIANO in it !!!

Well, I suppose not many are keen for a bright club room on a train huh ~
People in here didnt seem like they were in a party mood though~
I guess it was just too early, or the expensive alcohol kept them sober ~ 

As for us, we were just too tired and went to bed.
There are 3 bunks, and we got the middle bunk.
Well, it was sure comfy as we were the last one running out of the train barefooted !
The inspector has to wake us up ! 
It was such a hilarious moment for us rushing out the train as if we were being kicked out ~

Then we arrived Kunming
and the story continues as we had the Worst Hotel Experience Ever in our Life !

And that's it ! 
Thanks for reading ~


Sunday, March 1, 2015

After our local experiences in XiJiang ,
we went next to ZunYi as there we can take the train to ZhenYuan.

As we arrive ZhenYuan, the famous old town by the river spot was just above 5min drive away .
There is no bus in that area and taxis are very affordable.

We left our luggage and start to explore this town before dusk.

There is a nice walking path along the river with restaurants, cafe and hotels.
It was very relaxing just walking by the river here without the hustles and bustles of the busy town.

It totally reminds me of the olden Kungfu days as we walk along this river. 

The river kept going but we just stopped at the most end of this town.

I then rented the traditional costume to match this scenic location.

The night came so fast and again, Zhen Yuan amazes us with their night beauty ! 
We just had a day keep walking by this long river. 

And we had the best Xinjiang BBQ ever here !!

That night , we gazed at this view and sip onto our wines and then called it a day.

We were planning to take a morning tour but woke up with a hazy view and thought it wouldn't be that nice to take a boat tour on this river. 
So instead, we explored the hills where the locals live and spot a nice view of this old town.

If only it wasn't hazy. There is another hill opposite which is more direct and cost about RMB30.
But we thought of the view from there wouldn't be that nice as we wont be able to get the view of the old houses and hills behind.

At times, it becomes to steep to transport things up into their homes on this hill so they would use donkey instead.

We left ZhenYuan that evening itself to GuiYang and
totally regretted to stopover GuiYang as then only we realized, 
ZhenYuan is just so beautiful and is one of our favorite place at that time.

And so, if you ever thought of where to stopover in Guizhou,
I strongly recommend Zhen Yuan.

Updating next about our loitering moments in 


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