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Thursday, July 24, 2014

MakeUpArtists plays an important role nowadays transforming people in just few hours for a special occasion in which would make someone feel prettier....
Or Not? 
Let´s just shorten the LONG Word of  Makeup Artist to MUA 

1) MUA are Versatile.

They usually work under circumstances whereby they will have to either face clients or work with directors to give out the best look . Especially working under long hours of production shoot, they would require to standby all times to either touch up or even change the look. 
Of course, they cant have any excuse, nor complains cause Clients come first.
What more, MUA could be even the best travelling companion or even someone so cool to date with 
as they can handle any changes made within the plans.

2)Their Creativity Usually Extends Beyond Humans

Like most artists, MUA are not much different apart from expressing their art on human instead of a canvas.
What more can I say, get to know them for real and they will blow your mind. 

3) MUA are Mood Boosters!

Of course, transforming people making them prettier physically is the Obvious Job of a makeup artist.
But what most wouldn´t know is that the Best makeup artist works with their Mouth.
Hours of transforming a person would require a makeup artist to be get to know their client and give out the best look which suits their personality.
Again, some people might not accept the change of look and then,
 it is the job of the makeup Artist to convince the Client to believe them that such Change would make them more Beautiful . Same goes to Hair stylists, they would usually be the client´s therapists or confidantes. 

With all these tough training at work, they would sure know how to lift your tired days from work and  flourish you with so much optimism and joy ! Moreover, their great people skills would amaze you .

4) MUA are good with their hands!

Well, don't take it in the dirty way but most MUA are precise and Gentle with makeup at work. They sure do have a huge responsibility to touch their client´s face and hair. A slight mistake using heating hair tools or make up might  tarnish their profession!

What can I say, Just relax and Trust them cause MUA would be able to professionally shape your brows or even cover the pimples on your face without ruining it !

  5) MUA your BEST HALOWEEN Companion

Well, this would probably only apply to those Special Effect MUA that works a lot in the FX makeup Industry.
 Such MUA will transform you with so much fun in progress .
Not only that, the probability of you getting so much attention for your super cool makeup might make you famous on the night in the Club !
So, Get ready to be popular !

6) MUA has a Great sense of Humor

Well don't be shocked to get pranks from her in the makeup pretending she got a cut or broken finger etc !
She would sure know how to put on realistic makeup that would freak you out at that time.
But then, it would then break out into such a memorable thing that you cant possibly forget ever.

7) MUA Love themselves

Regardless of their job, most Makeup Artist know the fact that Makeup is Not good for the skin.
They take care of their skin , know how to dress up to proper event and also know when to makeup for the proper occasion. And they would sure know how to spend on their hard work earn money on a massage or spa as self reward.

Here´s one thing...
How can you love someone when you don't even love yourself ?
Well, wouldn´t you be confident to know the person you date takes care of herself well ?
They are confident and independent which what makes them charming in their own way. 

8)MUA are Passionate

MUA looks at life in a creative manner, always seek to be inspired and knows how to appreciate the beauty of life. They are passionate in what they do and always keen to learn more styles and come up with something new.
Come on ! We all know that a relationship needs passion and emotions.
They can be surprisingly romantic and cheer your days with joy and laughter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FX MUA- FeliciaZoe
Model -Sonia
Photographer- Waiwah

Monday, July 21, 2014

Well, all journalist would have some characteristics of being detailed, attentive and good with words. What´s different about Finance journalist is their industry of work and being much smarter in mathematical form.
My bf , Christian Bjerknes a finance journalist is one in a million and I feel like I am the luckiest women on earth when I´m with him.

1) Finance Journalist are Genius not Geeks !
They not only read about normal daily news but also the finance sector which makes them knowing much more information of various organizations. Journalist are so informative and interesting that certain conversations you make with them will  impress you with their wisdom. On the bright side, they are like a walking dictionary. You will have no problem having to keep the conversation going as they are also curious by nature with much questions for you to answer.

2)Finance Journalist are precised &attentive
By nature, detailed information is crucial as they are cautious of leaking the wrong information out there which would cause harm or negativity upon their profession. Which means, these kind of journalist would have extreme good memories and always pay attention to what you say. No such thing that they would forget your first date, first kiss nor even your first anniversary. Well, if you are a chatty person, it would be great to have someone listening to your ramblings.

3)Finance Journalist are Honest with their feelings
Curious by nature, they are surely in thirst of the Truth and so are their feelings. With all respect and honesty, they would splurge out their honest opinions in order to make the relationship better. They look towards transparency and trust in a relationship which one of the crucial substance in having a great relationship.
No more guessing if he is angry or sad or even hungry !

4) Finance Journalist are Good with Words!
Like most journalist dealing in the publishing industry, they are best expressing themselves through words on letter or even on screen. You would be surprise how quiet they can be at times but when they say of "SOMETHING", it would be one hell of a joke you would never forget your whole life.

5) Finance Journalist are timely
Always being given deadlines in their everyday jobs, they understand the importance of time and not procrastinate. They will never be late for an appointment nor a date. You will never be disappointed with an lame excuse for being late. Most of all, they know how precious time is. Thus, be ready to have them taking you out for a picnic or something romantic planning up on their sleeves. For they sure know how to relax and release their stress.

6)Finance Journalist are adventurous !
Well, you might think they work most days in the office and dealing with numbers and graphs all day but their job sure do require them to travel at time and having the chances of visiting corporate sites which are confidential. Like most Journalist, they are always on the go and love to go places whereby no one really goes. Trust me, they will always bring you places you had never been before and not to worry about your travels cause they would make the best plan out of it !

Check out this video done by Christian Bjerknes the finance journalist from Norway.

7)Finance Journalist are Independent and Dependable 
As I said before, being a walking dictionary , they are those that always give up bright solutions when bad situation happens. Of course, their daily task in their working life has trained them to be on their on go and find information by themselves. Apart from that knowing of their high responsibility of their working content, finance journalist would tend to work in a stressful environment which means, they would never panic in certain circumstances.

8)Finance Journalist have principles 
Finance Journalist are those whom seen so much illegitimate business frauds or even industries whereby consumers or labors becomes the victims of certain large organizations. They believe in fighting for the future and to publish of what is so called  "Behind the scenes" in these business world leading a much more transparent information to the public. As such, they are those whom will stick to their principle and fight for it without giving up even though certain times it might have would threaten their life or even face a dilemma of bribery. Well, what more can I say, when they Fall in love, get ready to be Love deeply.

Photos credit & Copyrights of Christian Bjerknes

Gratulerer med dagen Christian Bjerknes !
Jeg Elsker deg!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is my 2nd time to Krabi but the bf surprises me as he did not want to reveal where we are going to stay in Krabi.
When he said : The Bananas
I Laughed so hard i thought he was joking !
But yeah ! We arrived Krabi airport and were glad to have the Bananas to get us a private taxi to drive us to their place.

Thankfully it wasnt those horrible tuk-tuk but a nice proper aircondition toyota van.

My first impression of the Bananas was awww 
It feels like some kind of Malaysian bamboo chalet.

Look how pretty these chalets are.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And they got this nice wooden bridge 

Here is our chill out area, where we eat, use the pc, tiny library, wifi area 

Dinner time we had the choice to paying a set amt for a buffet meal or just go out somewhere with the motorbike or walk probably 10 min to some stall by the road.
I reckon their food is quite good but its limited what choice you can have as most of the time it is only 2 different dish.

and What i love most are these hammocks !

I love to rock myself on these..

And the view is just lovely !
Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Well, in the evening its all dried up so you can actually go down and walk on the sands.

And it can be a loooong walk just to go to the sea.
Well, it might be nice if you love to see crabs along the way, LOts of CRABS!
Some locals would be collecting sea cucumbers .

Alchohol and water wise, I think its best if you get a motorbike and buy it other shops. 
Do mind that area is muslim zone so not many shops sells alchohol.
You will need drive about 30min to another town.
No worries about the motorbike riding,
no police to check your licence and the road is pretty easy =)

Here is where we stop by for lunch at some random stall and the food was supper spicy !!!!!
Water is free in this restaurant though !
And fuel was pretty alright.
We were lucky to have an almost full tank when we got this bike.
And the Bananas was so nice to get us this eventhough it was sucha huge demand among the rest!

With the Bike, it makes our journey more interesting as we randomly explore random beaches.
And not to forget nearby is the Secret BEACH which you would need to have a bike to get there.

And sure did had a great time there.
But oh well, I think 2 or 3 days is enough to be there unless you like being away from lack of choices and variety of food.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And so we headed next to Aonang =)
Click here to see our next destination in Krabi !=)

Not many would know about this secret beach unless you stay at the Bananas Bungalows !
Here´s review of the Bananas Bangalows if you havent heard of it .

Of course in order to get there its best to have a motorbike with you !
There are some chalets nearby the secret beach areas too such as the Ao Tha Lane Resort.  BUUTTT !!! to walk there would take sometime cause you would need to ride through a long village path road there.

Well, we got the information to get there from the Bananas, whereby they have a laminated note about how to get there.

Just download this pic for the instructions !

Ok This is how it look like when you get to this fence gate.
Really A GATE !
We we have to trespass in order to get to the other side and hike up in the jungle a bit ( Aprox 10-15min) till we reach some cliff area.

Find a path that goes down and there is the secret beach !
It was surely secret cause NO ONE was there at all !!

There is a nice hole in this rock cliff here too !
And what a coincidence there is a tree in the middle of that hole !

You wont be able to see the hole from the beach. Just get into the water and you can see it!

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Ya this is how it looks like from the Beach.. 

The water there is very clear and nice too !
There is a road that leads to a cliff whereby you can get the view of the beach .

After our nice swim we continued our journey to have some local food nearby.
Nearby as in 10min drive ..
 This place is freakin rural !
The motorbike ride would surely numb your ass =P

We rode to the Coconute beach for a nice sunset view
and then headed back to the Bananas bungalows =)
And thats it !!

Who would ever thought there would  be a secret beach out of no where in that place huh !?
I Love the moment we had to climb over the fence in order to get there.
Feels like I'm up for some mission =P


Krabi is known for its beaches and caves and rock climbing, but one of its well known thing 
you must not miss out is their weekend night market !

So Glad that I was just there during the night market and
it was so entertaining with a huge stage of locals performing karaoke and randomness.
Food wise is just crazy amount of variety and cheap !
Much cheaper than Aonang for sure!
Moreover, the deals for Island Hopping was cheaper than what was offered in Aonang as well.

Despire Krabi town being further , the price of the tour is much worth as the travel agency provides transport towards the harbour and food etc.

We chose the HONG Island tour since we had been to Phi Phi island and some others before.
It was with the Barracudas tour for only 690Baht!

The first Stop Hong Island itself !
It was surely crowded and we have lots of time there. 
The water was clear for sure!

And there are fishes there for you to feed.
There thought i was some bread and kept biting me! OUCH ! 
=P Well, not so pain ! Hahaha stupid fish !

You can do some jungle walking and there we were walking behind some BIG HUNKY Dudes untill they started shouting and then look at me like a gentleman and said : After you first =)
Witha smile and I saw this !!!!!
We were all keeping our distance away from this monitor lizard and continue walking after it went away.
Hmmm...I guess not all Buff ,muscular men are hero huh !

We then next went to Daeng Island and the boat just drove into a narrow pathway in between to get into the lagoon and the tour guide said we were not allowed to swim here it is dangerous..

Ahhh no swimming ... =(

And here at Lading island, we stop to eat

here is the food provided !
It was decent and nice

Well, it was nice to chill in the water after eating. 

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Last place was Pakbia island ! We found nice nice snorkelling spots by the rocks and spotted some baby sharks !

And then we all got bck to Krabi town with the provided Tuk Tuk 

And I went back to the hotel, washed up to explore Krabi town !
This is one of my most favorite temple of all !
It is all white and so pretty !

And the famous Krabi town location for pictures

and we spotted this crazy named speed boat !

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

Apparently there was a Jazz festival in town and we went in to join the fun ! =)

Posing with the Crabs in Krabi =)

Went to check out more markets around this area.

Photo credits to ChristianBjerknes

And ended the day eating lots of Yummy padthai and fresh Mango juice!

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