Miss Chinese World 2017-Flaunting the beauties of the Chinese culture,values and traditions.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 16 th May 
Recently, I went for the Press Release of Miss Chinese World 2017 which would run from 14 th May 2017 till the World Final Event on the 26 th May 2017 at One World Hotel. The Miss Chinese World pageant will see 31 participants from 9 countries worldwide, namely;China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. 
Thanks to Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi, creator of the Miss Chinese World pageant, beautiful chinese ladies throughout the world will be able to promote the Chinese values and age-old traditions alive meanwhile gaining new exposures and friendships through this Miss Chinese World 2017. 

Left- Right ( Sponsor representing, Bumi-X Sdn Bhd (Official Courier Company) ,Hai O (Official Chinese Medicare),Gintell , The One World Hotel and GMCI Corporation ,Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi) 

The slogan for this years Miss Chinese World 2017, “The Beauty of Hearts, The World of Wisdom” would be a pageant not just competance of outer beauty but also a stage of their talent and wisdom relating to the Chinese heritage in understanding what it means to be a Chinese. 
The Miss Chinese World 2017 pageant is also jointly organized by Miss Chinese World Sdn Bhd and Legacy Film Sdn Bhd. Before the Grand Final Night, the beauty contestants will be engaging in various promotional programs such as official visits around the country to promote tourism, engaging in activities like dumpling making, Chinese calligraphy and a tea appreciation session. Moreover, they will also be promoting Mother’s Day and raising funds for an old folks’ home.

Left- Right ( Sponsors from Gintell , The One World Hotel and GMCI Corporation )

 Zoee Tan,Director of Legacy Film, the official joint organizer for the pageant said that “It is always interesting to observe a big group of beautiful ladies coming from vastly different countries and backgrounds yet sharing one common root, which is their Chinese ethnicity, converging under one event. We hope that these ladies will form good relationships and lasting friendships while keeping their Chinese pride alive”
Ms Zoe Tan  is also pageant winner for Miss Malaysia Tourism 1996 has also won many local and international pageant titles.
Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi has 25 years of pageant organizing experience under its belt for both international and local beauty pageants. He created the Miss Chinese World pageant in year 2005 and realized more and more that the younger generations are shunning their roots to quickly embrace the latest trends and identities of other cultures. 

 "Being Chinese, I decided that it is of utmost importance to keep our beautiful Chinese language, cultures, values and traditions alive. I hope that in years to come, this effort of mine will bear fruit and see the younger generations reflecting the tenets of Chinese values such as tenacity, respect, and filial piety,” said Tan Sri

Datuk Danny Ooi during the press conference held on 16 th May 2017 at One World Hotel.

GMCI Corporation (GMCI) is the Presenter for the Miss Chinese World 2017. GMCI, an investment holding group incorporated in Nevada, the United States of America has its first South East Asia headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It focuses on private investments that span across several key sectors including Mining, Beauty and Wellness, Manufacturing, and Property Development. 

The Platinum Sponsors for this pageant are One World Hotel (Official Hotel), M101 (Official Lifestyle Developer) and DEWS (Official Beauty and Wellness).

The Gold Sponsors for this pageant are Freeport A’Famosa Outlet (Official Outlet Retail Village),Solar Time (Official Timepiece), Gintell (Official Healthcare Product ), Hai O (Official Chinese Medicare), New Shanghai Group (Official Chinese Restaurant), Orson Liyu (Official DesignerBeachwear) , Jason Yek (Official Qi Pao Designer, Jenkworkz Hairloft (Official Hairstylist), Bumi-X Sdn Bhd (Official Courier Company), Suaviss Lab White (Official Total Body Whitening), TMC College (Official Education Partner) and Ossoto (Official Recreational Hub).

The Official Silver Sponsors are Peoplegraphy (Official Photographer), Avenue M Sdn Bhd (Official Pos Material), Marigold (Official Yogurt Drink), Mayflower (Official Coach), Sub Laboratory (Official Make-up Team), Genius Promenade Sdn Bhd (Official Events Premium Apparel Supplier) and New Balance (Official Sports Wear).

This years Miss Chinese World 2017 crown is also designed by Jason Yek which is also the
 (Official Qi Pao Designer)
I also got the chance to take a photo with the Miss Tourism Queen 2016 ( Thalia Thin ) whom came to show her support during this event.

We were adjorned to the poolside for a photoshoot session and here are clearer pictures of this years beauty contestants from around the world to compete in the Miss Chinese World 2017. 

Group Photo with their Silver Sponsors Sub Laboratory (Official Make-up Team).

Lastly, a picture of me with them and you can see how tall these beautiful contestants are compared to me ! 

I surely can't wait to see who would be the crowning Miss Chinese World 2017 !

Lastly, for more information ,
Check out their website for further details of this event.


Barbie eyelands contact lens review

Ever since I went to Norway, I have changed my contact lens design and colour choices as the norwegians find crazy coloured contact lens weird.
Most of my Norwegians friends would come up to me and ask, 
what's wrong with you eyes ?

To be honest, I never felt so uncomfortable being asked and then, slowly, I
learnt that it was not them making me uncomfortable.
It was me , myself, being uncomfortable with my own natural eye colours.

Ever since then, I only would purchase the types of contact lenses that looks natural and has the colour similar to my eyes.
Dark Brown or dark grey

Most of the contact lenses that I had tried before, some would last for a month and then I would feel super uncomfortable wearing it for the next month.

Upon trying out the Barbie Eyelands Contact lens, I realized their contact lens were actually very comfortable and could last me more than 1 month.
Furthermore, If you had realized, my no makeup face would also look very natural with this contact lens. The diameter of this lens is not bigger than my iris only 14mm , causing it not to cover parts of the white section of my eyes.

As you can see the lens colour is not too black and there is a nice faded blending spread around this rim so it won't look too unatural. Which is the reason why I like this design as well as it enhances the iris naturally just like the eyes of babies.

What I like is also it does not tear up easily and does not make my eyes dry.
The Barbie eyelands contact lens however will last only up to max 3 months as then It will start to feel a bit uncomfortable. 
To cleanse my contact lenses thoroughly, I use AO Sept Plus solution instead of the normal Multi purpose solution. 

I got to know about this Ao Sept Plus Solution  in Korea and Japan 
and most of my friends in Japan recommended this kind of contact lens solution as it 
cleanses the contact lens much better than the normal multipurpose solution.
Well, if you prefer more crazy colour contact lenses,
Barbie Eyelands also do have other kinds of contact lens colour especially on their facebook page.

I hope this review is helpful for you.
I really do recommend Barbie Eyelands as I feel their contact lens quality is quite good and
it's definitely very worth with the price they offer.

Thanks for reading !
Go be Beautiful!

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum Review

Hey ya'all !
How have your week been ?
I had a super busy week and not only got a new hair colour but also this new product  
known as SWISSVITA !
which has been 
Awarded Yahoo Top 10 Cosmeceutical Awards 2014 !

I got super excited to try this product as it

Plus, it's Paraben free, Alchohol Free, Fragrance Free and Reduces Pigmentation as well !

Among their known Benefits are
Ideal for dark spots, age spots, acne spots and uneven skintone.

How I  Use it
So, I just place a small pearl size of Anti-Spot Serum and gently massage and lather it over my face and neck, avoiding delicate eye areas.
 I apply it after moisturizer and become sunscreen in the morning,
and night , I applied it before moisturizer. 

Do check out their
Where you not only can purchase them there, get updated with promotions and freebies 
 but also 
they sell their products on Lazada, in case you just want to use some of the Lazada vouchers for further discounts !

Beware of these Facebook Social Influencer Scam

first of all,
I'M sharing with you this out of my own thoughts and I have never been scammed so far as I'm very cautious when it comes to the internet.

Being a social media influencer, our life can be challenging with dealing with all sorts of clients. I believe that being in this line we not only must stand firm in our "value packages" but also being aware and careful not to fall into phishing scams that will ruin our brand efforts.

Here's one of the email examples I had received recently and this email was surely
This company call GRAMCELEB approached me out of no where in my mail.
So , is Gram Celeb  legitimate ? or is it a scam ?

So , I get it, he means, I might earn up to 100 dollars( might not be guaranteed)
Number 2 part sounds Like there is a SIGNUP FEE 50dollars.
and Lastly, luring the innocent ones into filling up the form.

So, since they got my email and know my fb link, why do they need my phone number? 
Doesn't this Agreement sound fishy?
Where is the contract agreement stating I agree to the statement above ?
Don't you think so ?

Then, going onto their page and looking further for info and details,
Brands we serve,( service?)
Those brands in the slides were not close to brands, No name items 
Non branded pictures of products.

 Now up there they stated 280+brands they serviced ?
Why are they so shy to place those proper brands or famous ones they had worked with ?

 Now, I went in further to check out of curiousity when this site was built ?
Febuary 22, 2017 and now May 12, 2017
Within just 2 months + this company has serviced 280+ brands and uses a WORDPRESS format site?

Here's the proof its a Wordpress format.

 The site is made with wordpress and they have plenty of dead end links and they haven't even removed standard wordpress-descriptions. 
For Example here:

Such an amature. Even Google Searches show very few or none hits. 
It's either a Small/new/totally unknown website which doesn't show the brands they work for and where does the 280+ brands come from? If they did collaborate with 280+brands from Feb 22 til May 12, There will be searches on googles of clients they have worked with. 

Now, I then search on Facebook business to see if others received the same thing.
And this is what I had found out about this same concept where they control your facebook manager ads and pay you an amount in return.

Even the Facebook employee states that this would be a scam and informed them to report it immediately. Well, since mine is messaged through email, Im not sure if my report to facebook would work anyhow.

But All I can see the comments here majority were negative and some stated that links they provided contained virus.

Therefore, my curiousity just stopped at this level as I would not want to risk my details, information and lastly, my personal account to be hacked nor virus attack on my precious work station.

Bottom line, I hope that all social inflencers out there to be aware of such things
and not allowing these scammers to take advantage of us.
I might be wrong about this company but I would rather not risk for a new company
that is not being honest about their brand collaboration and information online.
TO me, their untrustworthy page shows how fishy and risky this company is.

I have disabled comments for my blog, 
if you guys need any advices just hit the contact button and 
message me ! 

I won't bite yea !

Email: feliciazoe@live.com

How to travel light and still Stay Fashionable.

Travelling Light??

I love travelling and who doesn't. But travelling light is definitely a challege for me cause
I believe, being in a beautiful place, I want to keep the memory looking in one of my best outfits
so I can show my future kids how young and pretty I look like when I was young .
Most of my friends assume when I travel, I would carry a luggage carry on with lots of clothes !
 But the truth is, 
I only Backpack travel.
Meaning, I Do Not use roll-on lugggage.
But then, how?
Well, first of all, I'm tiny.
I'm 150cm tall and 40-45kg ( I bcome fatter in Norway)
My backpack is 35L 

It's totally not easy being a women huh? So min two day before my travels, I would lay my clothes on my bed, and start picking.
Then, I start mixing and matching by wearing them .( my own fashion Show) 
Then I look into the mirror and decide if it's ok.
My fiance becomes my fashion judge at times too.
When I do my fashion, I'll think of various way to have 1 bottom matching various kinda of tops.
I'm not a Jeans / pants person so most of the time it's tights, skirts and shorts. 
Let's say It's a Month,
I'll choose to have 1pants, 3skirts, 2shorts,
A lot of different kinda tops( Depends),1 dress, Some scarfs, 1 or 2 hats,2 clinchers,Hot country ( 1 light sport shoes), Cold country (2shoes)

More tops than Bottoms 

Everytime I travel, I would pack in more tops than bottoms.
If it's a warm country, the packings are quite easy as my clothes are tiny. For instance in the pic below, it's the same white long skirt.
I love long skirts as it matches very well and it gives more coverage in places where sexy-ness becomes a bad attention.

Play with the colours.
Pack various kinda colour tops / bottoms and the colours makes a difference in how the clothes look like. If the colours are in contrast, make sure it's high waist so it doesn't make you look too short.

The Transformable Gown/Dress /Tops

I got the Transformable dress and bought like 5 different colours of them all in different designs.
But my utmost favourite is this white gown.
I Love White colour it looks just pure and not so warm wearing them in tropical countries.
What's best about this dress is that you can just tie and transfrom in to another look of your desire.
To be less sexy, elegant or sexy.
It gives you the choice to wear such to different places and various occasions while you travel.

As for this transformable top, I love it as it gives me the freedom to change the design of the top by just tieing them on either to the neck or on my shoulders. Some excessive parts can be hidden inside and it won't be obvious ! 

Be Creative !

It doesn't mean you need to bring lot of clothes to make it look different. 
Sometimes, with the same clothes, you can even make it into a head scarf ,bandana or even a belt as accesories. If you realize the picture below, the same scarf top is then used as a head scarf when we visited a local family on Maldives island, Mathiveri.

Here to Read about My Backpacking Journey in Maldives


Bring the best matching sunglass, clinchers ,hats or even necklace that aren't too heavy and always have them places in your handbag luggage carry on as then it wont be heavy on your check-in luagge or carry-on limited weight.
I love clinchers as they make a huge difference and sometimes makes it much more high waist than the usual skirts/ pants.
Since I'm quite short, high waist style suits me best!

Always bring the most comfy ones that blends in whatever colour clothes. Brown colour suits best for all kinds of outfits. My all time favourite slippers- Flip Flops. And I now have 4pairs of them in Black, Grey, Brown, Beige.
Whereas, cold countries,
I'll wear my favourite boots when check-in, and pack my black & beige colour ballerina shoes .

That's all about my way of travelling !!
Hope it would inspire you guys to travel and stay fashionable !


What Malaysians miss when living abroad

Hi guys! If you all still don't know, I am a Malaysian and this video I will be speaking in Malaysian accent, known as Manglish. 

Do not be surprise if you can't understand My Manglish or Malaysian english as we tend to mix in lots of words from different languages such a Malay, hokkien, cantonese, tamil and Chinese Mandarin. Well that's for me or mainly the chinese malaysian living in Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia for my whole life and moving to another country can be challenging for us Malaysians. If you ever thought of moving to another country or wonder what's the joy of being in another country?
Then you should think again cause we Malaysians no matter how will still miss back Malaysia in terms of many things that we were brought up here especially our culture,food, people, languages and many more.

Bahasa Malaysia aka Bahasa Melayu is known as the standard language of Malaysia widely spoken by all Malaysian. However, if you come to Kuala Lumpur city and hear the locals speakig among each others, you would realize not everyone speaks Malay language but English in a different form. Manglish is quite similar to Singlish, Singaporean English but in a more complicated manner inserting more different languages. However, in this video I wont be explaining about Manglish but more on the feelings on how a Malaysian like me living aboard feels and misses about my own country. It's not about patriotism but more about the culture and people, language we were brought up with. If you can understand our Malaysian Manglish, Bravo ! You are graduated from Malaysian Felicia Manglish Language Academy ! LOL, nah, I know I am just full of bullshit but I'm glad to share with you guys about my country and I hope you don't Unsubcribe me just because I talk less about Norway. It doesn't mean I still don't love or Like Norway. But I do want to let you guys know about my country , my original self with my family and my culture.

If you are Malaysian and watching this, do let me know what you miss as well when you live abroad !
Or if you are going to live abroad , here's my best advice on what you might prepare yourself to miss most when living abroad yea !

 Thank you so much for following me and giving me all the support and love. 

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Beta skin natural active cream cure for skin problems

Do you have skin problems like scarring, acne, oily and combination, cracked heels and even more serious skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis ?

Heya Everyone! Felicia here and
I would like to introduce this product that I had been using for these past weeks!
Tadaa ! It’s the Beta Skin Active Cream a brand from Europe.
Beta Skin Active Cream is currently not so known in Asia especially to combat Oily and combination skin as this product is mainly targeting clinical usage to overcome Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and allergy. Apart from that, it also can be used on wounds as well as dermatitis, or cracked skin. For a fact, this product is also non steroid and paraben –free and safe for kids above 3 years old.
The interesting part of this product is that they contain beta-glucan(oats),coconut oil, linseed oil and nano-silver for anti-bacterial purposes.
Pst. This product is also published in Nu You magazine as Andy Kwann
hunky handsome body builder! ( from revelationrepulic.com)
He was also featured on KL Lifestyle Magazine and
 has been a life testimonial for the cure of his bad acne skin. 

As for me, my problem is oily and combination skin, scars, and pimples.
Here is the before and after progress using Beta Skin Active Cream.

Since my skin is oily combination, I only had to use quite small amount of this product.
 (size of a 5 cent coin)
I also applied it more on the part of my face which is more dry and light dap on the oily part of my face.
                              I use it like a moisturizer every morning and before sleeping.
(Sometimes I applied again after swimming because my skin feels super dry)
I also tried it on my allergy and dry heels to see how it works.

After using it for 1 Month, here’s my verdict.
This product definitely is worth buy for a moisturizer especially for oily combination skin since it’s not that oily and hydrating. It does not give an after sticky surface. Plus, I love this smell of the cream. It smells like melon and a little tinge of strawberry.  For a fact, I dislike skincare products with strong perfume smell that smells super sweet or unnatural, it makes me nauseous. However, the Beta Skin Active cream has a very natural aroma which somehow helps me to even go to sleep. Even my fiancé love the smell! 
After USING, my pimples is less! 

For curing scars, the process of healing takes some time.
After 2 weeks of usage I realized my skin is less oily and scars are less red,
but due to work, after I put makeup,
it will usually be oily after sometime afterall. 

Note: Do always remember before trying a product, do a test patch under ur chin, neck to see if there is any allergic reaction alright. 

Well if you have Dry and Sensitive skin –
It is recommended to use more , about 10cent size for the whole face after serum and essence to lock in moisture.
Those with skin problems like eczema should apply as frequent as possible. How often? It should be about every 5-6 hourly especially on the first sign of outbreak.
 Please note that there is always a trigger force to the outbreak of allergy, eczema and psoriasis. Do find out what causes it. Plus,  Beta Skin can help to relieve the symptoms but it does not cure it. If your eczema is inflamed, topical application of steroid as recommended by your physician is strongly advised together with Beta Skin. Once the inflammation has reduced, beta skin can be used to control the situation better and also helps with reduced scarring issue due to damaged skin.
If you have eczema or psoriasis and have not yet found the perfect product for your skin, and to combat all these skin probems,

Why not try using Beta Skin Active Cream ??

Here are some testimonial pictures of those whom have recovered with Beta skin

And even Cracked heels !
( I tried for my  heels and it did worked but my cracked heels is not that obvious to show a big difference in the picture.)

This product is available in 2 sizes, 50ml and 250ml !
(I got the 250ml from Alpro pharmacy, Kuchai Lama for Rm189)
So now, you might be wondering where can you purchase this since it’s not a common 

Where to purchase :
 Online- Lazada.com.my

 KL ,Selangor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka
All Alpro Pharmacy Outlets and AA Pharmacy Outlets.
Here are the Lists of all pharmacies throughout Malaysia.

For distributorship information email contact : jenny@triv.com.my

Product info
RM58- 50ml
(Price varies depending on promotion prices in different pharmacy)

Get updated for recent promo and new products on their FB
 or their official Website : www.betaskin.pl
from Poland, Europe
Im so glad I have finally found a product to save my oily and combination skin !
I hope this product will help you guys too as 
beautiful skin brings our the confidence in you !


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