Felicia sings The Norwegian National Anthem Song

In conjunction with the Norwegian National Day on 17May of May , Im singing their National Anthem online since I can't join the parade in Oslo this year.
Anyways, the Norwegian National Day is such a huge celebration and I wish all the Norwegians,
Gratulerer med dagen.


Belajar Bahasa Norwegia, Danmark and Sweden

Di video ini antaranya adalah untuk bahasan Norwegia, namun
bahasa ini senang difahami untuk warga Danmark dan juga Sweden.
Jika anda pergi negara-negara ini,
belajarlah sikit untuk membuat pelancongan anda lebih menyeronokkan !

FYI, it's just me teaching in Malay language on how to speak some simple Travel Norwegian language.

Easy Vietnamese language for travel

Heres a mixture of Language and Vlog as I just came back from Vietnam ! 
2011 VS 2016, was sure a huge difference as Vietnam has advance a lot in many ways !
The traffic isn't as crazy as before and this time I got to taste more deliciuos Vietnamese food and learnt their language!

Thanks for watching ~
I hope my videos inspire u all to travel and learn more as this world is such a huge encyclopaedia!

What Malaysian thinks about Norway

Heya all, 5 yrs ago I came to Norway and experienced a lot of interesting things about Norway !
So here's some impressions and thoughts of mind when I first came here !
Thanks for your time and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions do let me know !


Where does the Norwegian reserve culture came from?

Ever wondered that all Europeans were the same?
Apparently the Norwegians are much more reserved than southern part of the EU
and here's some reason why ~
It has no relations with the Vikings at all !
Life is such a long learning progress and I love it ~

How I made my own Norwegian traditional outfit : Bunad

Heya all !! Recently for the 17th May, Norwegian National Day , I made myself a look like Norwegian bunad as Im unable to find it here in Malaysia and it would cost a lot up to 2000Kr. 
Since it's just something temporary, I decide to mix and match some of my outfits which could pull off as the traditional Outfit.

Well, I sure impressed my Norwegian fiance as he was surprised I could mix and match out a look like one with just my normal daily outfits!
Let's be creative and who knows you might even make the traditional outfit look way much more trendy ! Just like those improvised Cheongsam or Japanese Yukata/ Kimono.

If you have more questions just leave down in the comments and I see if i can help you out with it !
Thanks and have a great day !!

Miniso Products in Malaysia ! mini Review VS Yubiso

This new Brand concept store with a lookalike Uniqlo, Muji facelift yet prices around the Daiso range ; Miniso at last has came to Malaysia !!
3 Yrs back I spotted Miniso in China, 4 times I had been to Japan, been to 20 Perfectures in Japan but Never spotted Miniso at all ! Why??
Because this brand might have a lookalike Japanese brand but it mainly established in China itself and I believe most of them are produced in China.
Whereas, Daiso might have some China manufactured items but Not all are Made in China.

Ok here comes to the real deal? 
Is Miniso really worth the Price claiming to produce quality items at a lower price range?
The Miniso store i went to in China 3 years ago was still clear in my mind as I went there 3 times and 
stepping into the Malaysian Miniso store this time surprised me as I find more NEW & Variety Products which are much more interesting than the YUBISO.
So if you asked me, I'd say Yubiso has less variety yet they still have some authenthic korean / japanese items on store ( snacks).
Miniso sells from Makeup to skincare, beauty electrical tools, undergarments, bags, wallets to household goods, hats, kids toys , snacks and even electronic items ! 


The first thing of course as a make up artist ,
 I tested out was their New Range of Makeup Products which is always at the front of the counter.
Honestly, the price of it in Malaysia compared to China, DOUBLED !
I bought the same Eyeliner for 10Yuan and here they sell RM10
YET , It's still freaking cheap and these liquid eyeliners are so worth buying as they are quite waterproof and long lasting.
There are also new ranges of eyeliners which costs RM15 and I think its about the same probably just more ink or thinner tip. They also sell the Gel Eyeliner which i think its not bad but I think liquid eyeliner is much better. 

Eyebrow pencils- Good shape design easy for drawing ,but lasting ( I'm not sure) 
Blusher ! I love their cream blusher colours !
One thing NEW and COOL is that they also have the Cushion Compact which is the IN TREND NOW! However, the colour is just way too fair for my skin and I think it's not worth getting if it doesn't suit ur skin colour at all.
Powder Compact : Very Good coverange
Mascara : looked a bit clumpy and messy ( didn't tried as I wasn't that impressed)
Thin BB Cream: yeaa it's kinda thin, not much coverage 
BB Cream: I must say it's better than Yubiso BBcream ( better coverage)
However, their shimmering stick for highlight is not that good : Yubiso is much better
Lip colours : quite limited selections but I think the quality is better than Yubiso
Other than that they also have a range of new Beauty skin care range which looks much more classy than the Yubiso Gel as they package them in a glass bottle form and have the Herb and water moisture set range. It's about RM20 each and one of their toner caught my attention as it has real flowers in them. I totally bought it for Rm10, sold to their beauty of the flower in that toner.
I also got the Fresh Cactus Hydrating Spray as it was the last one (Looks tempting) at RM15
Whereas the rest, I can't really judge as i've tried the moisturising milk lotions were all too oily and not easily absorbed so I wasn't that convinced. Just go there and try and decide yourself instead as it might work differently on different skin.

Face Masks: I spotted the same Face masks sold on Yubiso in Miniso as well ! Well, I think Yubiso has better price as they offer 2 for RM5  whereas the Miniso ones are all sold in Box of 3, 2 or some not stationg how many. Urghh I hate these guessing game and time to take the box off the shelf, read their tiny lables and try to find for that tiny number where they state how many pieces in 1 Box. 

Beauty Electrical Products
Now here comes the facial cleanser range which this cost 39

and the Brush cleanser Rm89
They both works on 2 AAA's battery and the design surely looks classy or a fake like Clarasonic.
U can't control the speed or vibration level so Im not convinced.
However, I wasn't that convinced as I hate using AAA baterries ! Like come on ! I can't use this on the airplane as a carry on ! Well, the brush felt soft but I checked on Taobao, there were brands similar to this kind and costs way much cheaper. Thus, I am still very doubtful on the quality and how long would it last and it's sure not worth if the AAA batteries decided to melt in this electronic equipment.

Electronics !
WOW! I did not saw this in China back then ~
Well, this time they got some cool stuffs which you can test out such as the earphones qualitiy,
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker(LONG / medium/mini cube)
Wireless Bluetooth Head phones /earphones
Mini fan ( not that powerful )
6000Mh slim classy look Power bank
And the humidifier is so CHIC !!!
(unfortunately, I think M'sia is too Humid already)
Another thing I like was this PEA USB hub ! It's a cute design as a gift !

 Sunglasses range in Miniso was sure nicer than in Yubiso as u get to see yourself in the Mirror and try them out ! I totally liked their Sunglass cover, it's magnetic and definitely worth the quality as it is such hard enough to protect the sunnies! ( However, the UV filter rate it not stated on the labels so it might be a question. I spotted one stating ( for DAY use only) LOL So what about those ppl wearing sunglasses indoor in the shopping malls as night just because they wana look cool ~ :P

Toys and Household Goods,
One thing about Miniso I realized is they tend to Mix some STUPID items that I know it worth much less fiy , biodegradable boards or storage. So there is a combination of diff materials and they would place in some shitty materials as well as some who don't know or don't care would just buy them and there they helped them to double up their earnings ! Same as these soft toys , they are unique good quality but I even saw like fake nano lego and bubble gun ?! and even tooth brushes ( nice sorta classy packaging RM10 for 3in a packet or period pad RM10?) Well, to consider comparing it to the real safer brand out there , why should I buy theirs? Same goes to those makeup puffs, cotton buds, ( come on! they costs only RM5 in daiso which Rm1 in Mydin/ DIY and you pay RM10 for their box of cotton buds) Where is the common sense or sense of price comparison? Well, marketing techniques targeting men whom have no idea what to buy for their wife / Gf.  ( I guess)

Lasty, hair accesories , hats and even earrings !! I love their earing ranges !
Some are just so pretty !

Pouch , Wallets and Handbags Miniso this time was kinda dissapointing as their materials have changed (when I was in China) it used to be more cloth/ washable material to fake PU leather material which I hate it being so fake and the hardness, smell of it. Yubiso as well, however as least they sell those canvas bagpacks.

Overall, I am so glad to be in Malaysia and that all these brands I spotted overseas years ago have came to Malaysia at last !!!! It would sure take forever for them to come over to Norway so I'd better stock up those really money worth items so I wouldn't need to pay for more worse quality at a higher price then later in Norway ~ :P

Bottom line , these products sometimes are just so cheap and questionable that, do they even do animal testing on their products? Do they have proper quality check or is it just that these are Home brands ( less bureaucracy in comparison to a huge organization)  and Marketing is never a need for them so they cut their costs on that and sold it at a better cheaper price comparing to the other branded / known make-up brands out there ?

Just like How when Daiso first started up and became questionable.
And there after some years we realized, that there are some really worth items in Daiso products which are quite good yet some totally a waste.
And then, it all ends up us wasting and creating more rubbish
pilling up more and more unwanted, useless items we bought just for the need of curiosity,

Thus, I will always test the products before purchasing and go through lots of consideration before buying one which I really needed most.
Ah, what a thought of the day. 
Peace out !


Check out here for my review on the Eyeliner 

Asian girl speaks Hindi!

I used to love Bollywood movies when I was young and learnt some hindi words !
Love their lively music and handsome actors gorgeous actresses ! 
Let me know if my Hindi sounds alright !
I hope to visit India one day !


Can you eat Raw Ramen or Instant Noodles?

SO  I found out that some Norwegians ate Raw Ramen or instant noodles when they were young!??
And then i wonder, how would it taste like and tried it out in this video too !
Watch all to see me challenging myself to eat instant noodle raw and my Kungfu Karate stunts !
Well, I don't think it's safe nor healthy so please don't eat Raw ramen alright !


How to Learn Norwegian yourself

Hey guys !

I havent been to any norwegian language class nor live long time in Norway so here's some tips for those of you guys whom are wondering, hmm can I learn Norwegian myself, without a proper teacher or BOOK? Even it's a very very not common language
But HEY! Not as uncommon as Maldivian~
( And I learnt a bit Maldivian too -

So, YOU CAN !!
All you have to do , start, is just through YOUTUBE and some sites I had recommended on my videos !
All of these are my honest language learning journey and I hope such method I did
would help you out too ! Always believe, when you have a will, you have a way 

I'm still in learning progress but way much better than before !!

All the best !!

Visit Norway: Crazy Fun things to do in Oslo Summer!

Ever wondered how's like to be in Norw

ay during the Best SEASON?!
This time is where the sun shines most and the air is still in a cool breeze and you would not sweat at all !
Most of all , you would be able to see lots of Norwegian in this season as it's the only time where they can enjoy outdoor fun activities!
Don't just be like a normal tourist do the touristy things,
Do like what more Norwegians do and 
here are some recommendations on 10 Super Fun, Exciting, Crazy things you can do during Oslo Summer!
You won't regret cause Norway , 
is a unique country of it's own and there are so much to enjoy in this beautiful country!
Do let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions as well then I can make a new lists!

10Must Not Do during the Norwegian National Day

17May is Coming !!!!

Norwegians celebrate their National day in a very different manner and here are some warnings!
If ur new to Norway, here's some tips on What Not to do on the Norwegian National Day!!
Do remember it's the Norwegian National day Not your country National day so do respect and embrace the Norwegian culture during this big happy celebration day!
If you are a Norwegian, do let me know if i have missed out anything !
Tusen takk !


Visit Norway: 10 Foods to try out in Oslo, Norway

Have you wondered how's Norwegian food like?
Or even thought, what to eat in Norway?
if you are planning to come or coming to Oslo, Norway.
Other than enjoying the Beauty of Norway's nature, learn to discover and enjoy some Norwegian food too !
Here's some recommendation of mine on what food to try when ur in Oslo!
Don't forget to check out their grocery stores as there you will get to see different kinds of varieties of foods and snacks!

Have a great day !!


Visit Norway: The Fun celebration on Norwegian National Day!

17 May is coming and here's a youtube post in regards to the upcoming Huge  Norwegian National day celebration that will be in Oslo.
This celebration is the biggest event all year round and there will be a marching parade in the capital city,
So, don't miss out if ur around Norway during this event and here are some facts on what will happen on this day.

Hope to have a great time !


Top 10 Must See attractions in Oslo, Norway

Here are some recommendations of mine as Oslo is the place I stay Most in Norway and just some nearby stuffs to do around the city area !


Malaysian Chocolate Review: Apollo

Here's after such a long time Im trying back the childhood chocolate that I used to love most back then ! 
Thanks for watching ! 
For more check out my Youtube page : www.youtube.com/feliciazoe90


Easy Maldivian language for travel

Well, Maldivian language is totally not common and u basically dont need it in maldives as most speaks good English! 
However, knowing some of their language would surprise them and who knows?! U'll make a new maldivian friend !


Easy Japanese to learn for travel !

Heya! Here are some easy Japanese words to learn during ur trip to Japan and it helped me a lot so I hope it will help u out too !


How to pretend to be Fluent in Norwegian

Here's to Norwegian language learners and tips to be better in Norwegian language as well~
Pretending can be good at times as after awhile u might get used to it and start realizing,
OH! I now can understand and you wont even think Norwegians speak that fast anymore !
PS: Im not expert in Norwegian language yet ~ :P

However, if ur curious check out me speaking in Norwegian on teaching Mandarin Chinese on this link here !



Lær enkel Kinesisk før reise du til Kina!

Hei hei alle sammen !
Jeg heter Felicia og kommer jeg fra Malaysia. Hvor gammel er du?
En kvinnes alder er altid en hemmelighet !
Jeg er en sminkør og jeg kan snakke 5 språk. 
Som er englesk, kinesisk mandarin, (kantonesisk og taiwanisisk dialekt), malaysisk,japansk og litt norsk.
Hvordan lærte du så mange  språk?
Familien min snakker englesk men englesken vår har en Malaysisk akksent.
Foreldrene mine sendte meg til en kinesisk skole når jeg var fem år gammel.
Så. jeg kan skrive, lese of snakke bra kinesisk. Kantonesisk er et vanlig språk i Kuala Lumpur mellom kinesisk Malaysiere. Vi ser alltid på kantonesisk flimet fra Hong Kong og lærer fra TV og mennensker i Kuala Lumpur. På skolen, må alle lærer Malaysisk fordi dette er nasjonalt språket vårt Taiwanisisk ?
Når vi snakker  med besteforeldrene våre, må vi bruke Taiwanisisk.Så, nå, håper jeg at  jeg kan lære mer Norsk fordi jeg liker Norge veldig mye. Norge er en himmel på jord, Det har masse fint utsik, fjord,fjell og nature. Det beste stedet å leve i verden.

Sånn !
Tusen takk og Ha det bra !
Hvis du vil at jeg skal lage flere slikke videorer, må du komenterer under.

What to Beauty Products to buy from Sri Lanka??

Going to Sri Lanka and wonder other than their famous tea leaves, what to buy back as well,
if ur a fan of mint beauty skin care, do try out their products!
It's very refreshing !


Confusing Norwegian Terms !

My Diary of Norwegian Language Learning process 

Hi Guys! Im still in the progress of learning more Norwegian and here are some new terms I found out which are quite confusing yet interesting !
These are also known as Idioms which totally sounds different from what it means originally.
I find them really interesting and would love to share them with u !


Hokkien Bad Words in Malaysia and Singapore

Hey guys ! Here are some Hokkien bad words which i think they sound quite funny~
Everytime i see asian comedy with hokkien words input in em n i find them quite hilarious !!
Plz dont use this words to offend others though~
These are just FYI ~


Top 10 Interesting Facts about Norwegians !

Ever wondered all caucasions, europians, Ang Mos are the SAME??
NO !! Especially Norwegians! They are one of a kind and here are some facts about them!
If ur wondering, HEY ! Ur not Norwegian why are u talking about them~
It's because Im not a Norwegian that's how I found out HOW Interesting and Indifferent they are from my culture !
If u ask my what's Interesting about Malaysian, Id say Food, language but There are still certain things we didn't realize is much funnier to the foreigners than to us ! That's because they practice a different culture as well !

PS . Im a Malaysian Viking so Don't mess with me ~

What Beauty products to buy from Vietnam?

Here's the Video of me showing the beauty items from Vietnam which I think it's very very effective and cheap ! Check it out !!!

Norwegian VS Malaysian Chocolate!

Yo Guys! Here's a review of how Norwegian chocolate taste like !
Unfortunately for Nut allergic humans aren't allowed to taste this ~
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How to Curse in Chinese Mandarin

Confusing Norwegian Terms

Norwegian Words VS English


Learn how to Speak TAMIL !

Vannakum !
Learn some Tamil words from a CHINESE !
Well, i wont be teaching but just "showing off"
my Malaysian language skills.
Anyways, Indian friends do feel free to comment if u think my Tamil pronunciation sucks ~


MINISO Beauty Products Review化妆产品好不好?


Here's a review of the Makeup stuff i bought from Miniso China in Yunan, Lijiang. The liquid Eyeliners are very worth it whereas, their highlight pen and blusher are just OK only. However, I didn't like their BODY Lotion so I do not recommend getting their body lotion. Ps. Their Bags too are very good quality n worth it !

Well, After the Daiso craze, here comes Miniso and YUBISO into Malaysia and Singapore market!
Miniso has been growing so fast and their product marketing method is sort of the RIP OFF Japanese Brand, Uniqlo etc.

If you wonder if this Brand is well known,
YES It is, Much more than YUBISO
Here to see how many countries they are at now !

As for it being a Japanese sort of company, I haven't seen much their shops in Japan and the last time i went Tokyo was last Autumn 2015 !
Instead I found this Miniso shop in Lijiang, China 2 Years ago and thought of trying them out !
Well, I did test a lot of their products and totally not a fan of their moisturising cream or skin care products.
Instead, their Makeup items caught my attention and
I totally recommend the brand of Eyeliner stated on my Youtube.
They also had a fake Longchamp bag i bought and it was sure very versatile and I had washed it even , the PU leather hasn't came off yet after 2 years !

Comparing Miniso to Yubiso, I do think their makeup range is much better of quality and there were much more unique variety in my opinion.

Any questions, just drop a comment on my Youtube Videos !

Thanks for watching and hope this review of mine helped u in ur shopping decision making.


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How to Curse in Chinese Mandarin


Confusing Norwegian Terms


Norwegian Words VS English


10 Must not Do in Norway

COMING To Norway as a Tourist or Moving over !

First you gotta know 10 MUST NOT DO in Norway so you wont offend them !




Must Try Japanese Marshmellows!一定要买这些日本的棉花糖

Here's some review of the Japanese Marshmellows I bought from Japan and totally recommend it for Marshmellow Lovers ! U can even make Pudding out of it !

Flavours are

Chocolate , Sesame, Matcha & Calpis Flavours~ All these are must TRY !



What I did in Hualien, Taiwan

Well, Other than the famous Taroko Gorge, 
what to do in Hualien, Taiwan  ???
Other than having the chance to attend their Sports day event through a friend recommendation,

We ALSO EAT A lot !
Well, we not only checked out their night market but also tried their local breakfast such as this
Steamed flat rice noodles with vege minced meat in it.

Fried Dumplings which are THE BEST !

And then a Visit to their Art Centre where we get to see all the amazing carvings and even old railway road. Plus, this place is FREE to Enter and Explore!

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Our Lunch next was bitter guard friend with eggs and I thought it taste Not Bad !
Not bitter at all !

And this was braised pork skin with some nuts !  Interesting I must say~ And it taste crunchy!

We also drove to check out a nearby beach full of nice round pebble stones and had a nice time driving through the hills and mountain areas. 
Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes

Lastly, not to forget a NICE HOTSPRING to end our DAY trip ! Well, it's mixed gender and Naked Free ! Unlike the ones in Japan~ ! So do bring ur Bikinis !!

Pictures credits to Christian Bjerknes


Sports Day in Taiwan Hualien ~

Who would have ever thought after my schooldays I had a chance to participate in another sports day and what more in Taiwan ! 
Well, that's the best thing of Couchsurfing and having a Host that plans our some random activity in his life and bringing us to experience it !

Once we arrive TaoYuan Airport, we took a train ride passing Taipei station all the way to Hualien.
Yea... we had to skip Taipei for this !
As we arrived , we were picked up by our lovely Host- Dylan and he's a teacher.

Once we arrived, we were amazed by the scenic view of this stadium being surrounded by mountains!!
Btw, it was a government employees sport day in Hualien.
They really made some effort decorating for this sports day!

The Main event was TUG of WAR and the toughest competition was between the Firemen and the Policemen.

Here's the Policemen ! They had such a cool outfit ! 
Meanwhile, they have Tug of war for other categories employees such as the teachers Vs the office workers.
To think logically, wouldn't it be unfair for the teachers & office workers to compete with those strong firemen and policemen ?

Surprisingly these teachers did well and got 3rd place !!
Meanwhile , the finals led our heart race as we see how much energy and strength these men place in this competition. And our favourite team WON! The Policemen.
It was quite funny that the Policemen at a point had to wait for the arrival for the firemen and they look  extremely angry while waiting a long time to compete. 
I suppose that was how it motivated them to win ~ :P
Next was the team rope skipping which we did soooo bad!
It was so hard to get everyone to cooperate !

But then we still had so much fun and I made friends which the aboriginals. 
They all had a very unique chinese names . Most of them thought i was their kind too since I was really tan~
Bottom line, they were all so friendly and helpful.
And the Last one was running in Relay~
Obviously i wasn't in their T-shirt but since I look like their kind they were cool to let me join in~
Too bad the white bf couldn't join cause he looks obviously foreign.
Woah ! 100m run was such a good kickstart of my trip in Taiwan ~!
And here's the prize awarding moments which is just so pretty with the Mt view behind !
And lastly, A group photo of us~ LOL I'm the only one not in Orange ~

Before we went back, we saw this cute little kid running on the tracks !
How adorable !~ He was running so far that when he turned back and look , he realized he was lost and was shouting for his parents~ Of course the parents went for him and when he saw them, he ran back into their arms with all his might !!

We sure had a great day ending up in a Hotspring !
Despite it being Summer, it was a cool night and their Hotspring isnt as warm as in Japan ~
Most of all, it's Mix gendered and I could wear Bikini in it !
Do keep up cause Im gonna soon explain the difference of this Hotspring experience comparing to Japan !

Thanks for reading

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