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Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Arendal town, 
this ferry to Merdo only runs frequently in the Summer.

Just for 60kr per way, a short ferry ride there would allow you to enjoy the gorgeous view of Arendal fjord.

You probably can spot a lot of people on their boats. You might see some kid's driving their own boat as well ! ( Yes, Kid's in Norway can have their own boat...)
25mins later, you will reach Merdo and there, you can't find tar roads at all. The houses there are usually cabins or owners whom own their own boats.
The beach there is beautiful but you might not find privacy on sandy beaches.

Just take a walk through the forest and you might find your way out on the other side of the rocky beach, facing the open sea. It's one of the southern most parts of Norway.

We were at the season where beautiful pink purplish flowers were blooming and they remind me of Shibazakura in Japan.
This time I even found a Pink Beach !

Try to take a walk on parts of this beach cause it's full of round dinosour like rocks and they are protected. It looks like as if these rocks went through a lot from the ice age till it becomes smooth n round.
Ps; You are not allowed to bring any of them out of this island.
(but no one checks)

But it was a windy day , so i found other spot which was less windy and full of seaweed & corals.
Yes, it's so clear you can see the seaweed corals.

So, don't miss out here whenever you come to Arendal in Summer !!


How to come to Arendal?
 From Oslo, it takes about 5 hours bus ride /4 hours plus train ride to Arendal.
The bus will stop you at Harebaken and then you will need to take another bus to get into the city.
Whereas, you will need to take the train to Stavanger first then later change to another loca train that brings you to Arendal train station which is Barbu area, near to the harbour and this town.

I recommend taking the Train.
To get cheaper train or bus rides, 
it's Best to book them online few weeks beforehand to get a cheaper/ discounted tickets.

The train will take you through the innland parts of Norway with lots of nice view of the fjord, lake, cute norwegian traditional houses and farms views.
Both bus and train has wifi onboard.
One thing special about this small town of Arendal is that at times, they will have huge cruise ships stopping by and it makes the town looks super tiny !

And of course I love harbour view. 

Just feel free to walk around the harbour, and sometimes through some older wooden Norwegian houses.
Some are maintained nicely some are not.
Well, if you are bold enough, feel free to knock their doors to aks for a house tour. 
Some Norwegians might find that very rude though. 
But I can say that Most of ALL the Norwegians that I have been to are just so pretty decorated indoors .
And if ur lucky the main church of Arendal is open, 
feeel free ot go in and check out~ 
It's huge and pretty !!!

The church stands out a lot in the main town of Arendal and I love it very much.
It's like some significance of a view of this small town. 
Arendal is very active with sports activities and competitions especially in the summer.
Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might get to see the Sail competition or kid's cycling competition day. The community here are extremely welcoming and friendly as well.

There is a fish market in Barbu and go and see yourself cause fish markets aren't that common in Oslo. And there you can get fishes for a very good price.

Other than that, swimming on the beach around Arendal might require some transport.
But if you are from Oslo, and you dont mind jumping from the harbour, feel free to do that cause the sea water in the harbour in Arendal is way much cleaner than Oslo's harbour !
Do watch out for jelly fishes though~ their tentacles can sting real bad.

Swimming just at Barbu area is one of my favourite spot!
But mind you, the locals might be swim there cause they think it's dirty but it's so clean that you can see through the water and spot jelly fishes.

Once awhile there are ships that visits to Arendal and onboard, they usually welcomes guests to their ship restaurant !
So feel free to check out these visiting ships/ boats and indulge something onboard.

And If you have more time, there are ferry rides to Merdø island which is 
one of the cleanest island around as no vehicle can be on that island !
Moreover, you can enjoy the view of Arendal's fjord on the way..
It's 60Kr per way and best to visit on a sunny day !

Here's a pic of me on Merdo Island. 


Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This year in Norway, 
I have found myself being extremely busy than ever !
It's always that being here I would have an urge to improve in some skills in my life as things are much more expensive and limited here that I can't get things as cheap and easily as in Asia.

And Thus, this year, I did some self learn cooking experiment

I had been making gyoza for 5 years now but had always bought the gyoza skin from the store. This time, I've decided to make the skin by myself and BOY ! It was sure hard work.

But what surprised me that the gyoza skin I made myself turn out to taste better as it's crispier than the ones i bought from the store!

And Here below are all my first time succesful experiment bakings !!

Homemade Blueberry Cheese Ice cream 
Homemade Ice cream waffle cone !!
I mixed vanilla ice cream, cream cheese, graham biscuits and blueberry lemon toppings from the blueberry cheesecake i made before hand and mixed all of them !

As for the waffle cone, I used a normal pancake recipe, fill the waffle pan thin layer and cooked it longer than usual and while it's hot and soft I twirl it into a cone ! 
It was sure sucessful & easy !
Homemade Blueberry lemon cheese cake

And Homemade Raspberry Cheese cake

Mini Waffla Pizza

Homemade Marie Biscuit Baileys & Dulce de leche ice cream sandwich

Homemade Microwave carrot cake

 First time Homemade Pizza !! Yummz~~ Taste very asian though ;p
Strawberry vodka popsicles~
And I also made Baileys nuttella possicles which actually taste better

Apple cinnamon puff 
(Made my own puff pastry from scratch!) It was super tiring and it took me 2 days to finish it !

With the chrysenthemum flowers, I curiously dried the flowers and made em into chrysenthemum tea and they turn out as what it is & it sure was good !
Tried frozen grapes with wine ! YUMZ !
And chocolate cinnamon buns with ice cream~!
Plus, I first time did some pancake art !~ 

With the leftover puff pastry, I made apple pie for the first time and it was super yummy !

And then, I made some yummy pancake with drizzling homemade caramel sauce , homemade blueberry lemon jam and sautee banana ~!

I also made some custard to try em out with baileys and they turn out to be such a perfect match for a dessert !
Other than that, this year we have been having a lot of electric BBQ out in the garden as it was such a nice ambience to have it outdoor even on a cold weather.

BBQ the meat and dipping into either peanut satay sauce or garlic chilli soysauce will simply make out day.

And at time we have it with Paella or Rissoto.

And weekend, we will always have our big norwegian breakfast tables.
Yes, Norwegian love to squeeze stuffs from tubes.

Despite of all these yummy food i made, I realize if I didnt move around I might turn obese !
So I sure did sure workout running along the sognvann lake with a buddy and ocassionally going up and down the stairs nearby.
The view there is always so motivating !

On on of our weekend, we took a short cruise trip to Germany.
Here's a pic of us playing around with silohuette and the window view from our cabin.
And another weekend~ We went to our Friend's wedding in Arendal !

Apart from swimming a lot at Trollvann lake near the house, I usually hike up the forest road there and stopby to pick blueberries or mushrooms !

And other times, I just sit out in th garden doing some work and painting.

And here's the acrylic art piece i painted for the Fiance's Birthday
The Batik underwater painting for his dad.
And this flower painting for the friend.

Other than that, I got some freelance makeup job for some production company at times.

Other times, I found a random hobby I love so much which is flower arragement and deco !

And some nights, we tucked into the bed with an elevated system and pop in 3D glasses to watch a movie.
Another thing I got to do was to teach my Fiance how to style my hair ~ 
Well, it's his first time, it's Good !

Some other days, I meetup friends for a picnic, swim or a small party in our small garden.

My first time to Hvervenbukta ( beach)

And they all love the cutey Cat Lina


I sure had some fun time shopping around this year and got lotsa cool stuffs from makeup to jewelery, shoes, nail polishes, bikinis( again), Sport shoes !! Antique Cavalli leather luggage bag~more leather handbags and most of all !
I got a New Bakcpacking bag !!!!!!!
I'm so ready for our next trip !

And now~~~~
We are in Arendal, enjoying the nice weather visiting some relatives, friends and swimming !

PS; I got a pair of Roller Blades !!!!!!!!
Can't wait to try em out ~!

I'm really loving more and more of my time here in Norway compared to when I came here for the 1st time. I look back how much I have learnt and experienced so far these years coming here only in the summer and realized there is some improvement in my language and even now cooking skills.
I'm totally looking forwards what's more in future there is in stall for me. 

To be Continued....


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