Shurah New Skin Care series with smashing new design !

OMG ! @shurahmalaysia just came up with new packaging of their skin care range of whitening products ! I love this new pinky cute range and this day cream is strongly recommended as it includes not only moisturises but also prevent UV rays from damaging your skin ! What's best about Shurah is that it's afforadable and certified HALAL ~ Follow @shurahmalaysia for their latest promotions and updates. #shurahmy #shurahmalaysia
So babes, here are some Info about Shurah latest product !

This NEW Shurah Light Network is a complete set contains facial cleansers, lotions, refreshing moisturizers, day cream creams which comes in UV protection as well as night creams that brightens and moisturizes the skin.

So What is Clear White and Shiny Glow?
Clear White: Able to reduce melanin production for 24 hours and whiten skin within 7 days.

Shiny Glow: Made from natural ingredients of turmeric root extract that gives a sunny skin effect
Enlightens and has anti-tyrosinase effect.

The new product range of Shurah Pencerah consists of

Shurah Cleanser Cleanser (50ml, 100ml)
Formulated to cleanse excess dirt and oil without reducing the natural moisture of the skin. The skin will be cleaner, gentle and radiant.

How to use it ?
Draw a little facial cleanser on the palm of your hand. Mix with water and scrub until foam, then massage gently on the face so that all the dirt is gone. Rinse with clean water. For a better effect, use Shurah Refreshing Toner.

Price 50ml RM7.31, 100ml RM12.61

Shurah Refreshing Toner (120ml)

Specially formulated without alcohol to deeply cleanse skin while enlivening and shrinking facial pores without removing skin moisture.
Refresh your skin every time after cleaning your face in preparation for receiving the next product.

How to use it?
Make sure to refresh the dry cotton and apply it all over the face and neck to clean excess dirt. Your face will feel moist and fresh.

Price of RM10.49

Shurah Moisturizer (120ml)
Formulated with a light, non-greasy texture, this face moisturizer can restore moisture and brighten your skin. Also contains UV Protectors to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The skin will become even damp, fluffy and radiant.

How to use it ?
Apply moisturizer to the refreshing face with Shurah Pencerah Freshener. Massage slowly on the whole face and neck.

Price RM11.55

Shurah Day Cream (40g)
This non-sticky facial creams can brighten and moisturize your skin to make it even radiant and radiant. With SPF30 formula, it can protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Method of use
Apply cream on face and neck. May be used during the day to preserve and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Use after Shurah Serum Brightener.

Price RM16.85

Shurah Night Cream Brightening (40g)
Facial creams that are specially formulated to stimulate the process of skin enlightenment while you sleep more intensively. At night, our skin is easier to accept the nutrients and vitamins needed to repair the damage experienced during the day. It is absorbed into the skin quickly to nourish your skin to be softer, moist and radiant.

Method of use
Apply creams on face and neck after refreshing with Shurah Refreshing Refresher at night to treat and brighten your skin while sleeping.

Price RM16.85

Shurah Lotion and Body Lotion (140ml and 400ml)
This non-greasy hand and body lotion is formulated with UV Shields to moisturize and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It can quickly be absorbed into your quench to brighten the skin with a quick and effective effect. Always use for gentle and sunny skin evenly.

Method of use
Apply lotions on hands and body especially after bathing.
Price 140ml RM6.04, 400ml RM11.98

For more information about Shurah products and the Shurah Pencerah network, you can visit:
Facebook Shurah Malaysia:

And follow the hashtag #shurahmy #shurahpencerah

For online purchases:

Finally, Here is a video of me unboxing the set of Shurah new skin care range. 


My verdict for Shurah skincare range.
Price : Super afordable 
Unique point : 100% HALAL Certified ! 
Packaging : Adorable and sweet
Scent : Sweet and light
My favourite product: Day Cream which contains SPF30
It's light and not thick creamy texture.

So if you are looking for an afordable , Halal skin care range,
Shurah products can definitely we considered and
I do think we Malaysians do need to support our 
local made products afterall.

Smile and eating healthy
gives a healthy skin !


Klairs Mochi Cushion and Sun Blue Lotion Review

Hi babes ,

Do you know that Klairs is available in Malaysia now? !
If you haven't heard about Klairs, 
it's actually a K-beauty brand ( Korea) , popular on Youtube Wishtrend TV,

well known around the world sold in Australia, Argentina, US , Norway and many more !

Their products is widely known as it contains
(NO colorants, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO artificial fragrances/fragrance free) 
ingredients that are gentle to the skin and are cruelty-free. 

I was so stoked to finally being able to try out their latest Klairs Mochi Cushion pact cause it had such a cute packaging.

In the package I received not only just the Klairs Mochi Cushion but also the Klairs Sun Blue Lotion and Klairs Skin Care trail set of 7 products !

First, revewing the Klaris Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion which has SPF 40.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical of it being Blue in colour and wondering if it would blend well with my skin.
Here is a close up picture of just one small squeeze and blending on my hand.

My hand is a bit darker shade than my face so it looked a bit fair.

But then, on my face the Klair Mid-day Blue Sun lotion actually blends in very well.
The texture is good enough so don't use too many of it .
Just dots on the face and slowly blend the sun lotion out giving the face a good coverage 
of Spf 40 before going out.

The coverage to conceal pimples is not possible but I do realize it blends well
on fairer skin tone or skin tone like mine.

If you have a very tan skin, my advise is a thin layer as a base would do and 
then just cover up with foundation and it would work wonders.

I like the texture, it feels very natural, light and not heavy on my skin.
Most of all, after removing makeup from a tired day, 
I don't get any breakouts from the 
Klairs Mid-day Sun Blue Lotion.

Now, let's come to the Klairs Mochi Cushion !

Klairs Mochi Cushion packaging is the cutest ever compact pact I ever have !
I love the packaging as its small, simple and easy to grip on.

Apart fromt that, how can one resist the light blue turqoise packaging.
Now lets get real with the Mochi Cushion Pact.

With one light press, there it comes out quite a lot of foundation.
It was quite a surprise for me especially from such a cute mini cushion pact.
To be honest this foundation has not much of a scent and so
it's true how 

If you can see, the current Makeup foundation I have on now, is from the Klairs Mochi
Cushion and their coverage is amazing eventhough it comes in 1 shade  ! Some say it's similar to MAC NW20 shade, and it's not too dark or too fair, lucky me it matches my skintone perfectly !

The balm is not so liquid or watery, it was thick like cream so I guess that's why the coverage is so good and plus with SPF40!

As usual, most Koreans foundation gives this nice natural glow for a healthy skin look and
Klairs Mochi Cushion works the same. So if you don't like the oily or glowly look on the face,
you can just place some loose powder over to give a nice matt finish.

The Klairs Mochi Cushion BB cream not only brightens, moisturize, protect and heal the skin while providing coverage.
Since Klairs has such good reputation on their skincare products on Wishtrend.
I had good confidence in their latest makeup range as I feel the quality 
of their product different from the rest plus with giving good coverage as well.

The Klairs Mochi Cushion and Mid-day Sun Blue lotion
suits my oily- combination skin quite well.

As for their 7 sample skincare kits ,
I must say it's not enough and my ultimate favourite samples of
the Klairs skin care was the 
Midnight Blue Calming Cream !
It was indeed calming to have it over on my sensitive and pimple skin.

Where can one purchase Klairs skincare product?
Currently, In Malaysia ! You not only can follow up on @Klairsmy on Instagram
But also purchase their products from Hermo and even on Lazada !
Internationally, of course there is 
where they ship to every corners of this word!

I hope my review helped you in decision making to buy 
or not to buy Klairs skincare or makeup products !

Finally, Smile always cause 
that is the best makeup you can ever wear. 


My experience and Review of Transferwise

Tranfesring big sum to Overseas? 
Hate the services of the bank cause they lack of transparency?

Here's an alternative choice other than bank transfer or  bank drafts.

Recently, we needed to make a big transfer from overseas and found out that our bank did not provided a direct transfer to another country. So instead, I headed to Facebook for some advice and low and behold one dude recommend Transferwise where others recommended a triple currency exchange or even smuggling Dollars!

So well, thanks to Transferwise, we totally did not have to smuggle Dollars or worry and not know what's the real exchange rate done by the bank.

Apparently, Transferwise is too good to be True 
it exchanges according or exactly the market rate
and the fee taken for amount transfer out less than
a fee of 3 USD is being charged like10% fee 

So, its not that worth if you transfer very little amount based on the higher fee 
but you might gain more from the accurate market exchage rate they gave you.
As Banks gives a not so accurate market exchange rate and their is where the rest of 
$$ goes into the pocket, which is 5x more than the tiny winie transfer fee.

If you are like me, a person that prefers the Taxi to follow the meter,
prefering the BANKs to be honest and transparent, 
which most aren't.

So, why not give Tranferwise a try because we tried by testing out
smaller amount,
and it worked.

So finally, we did the big sum and Thankfully, the exchange rate was super strong
and we gained much more compared to previous years of sucky rates !

When the transaction is being in process, you can even choose
 the receipent to sent the email to and he or she
would recieve an email notification of exactly HOW much $$
would be credited to their account in 3 days time. 
Not more or less.

Here's an example of the email I got !

which even stated I got RM36 more than Bank transfer.

which really went into my account
and we were so relieved that this was a legit company.

So if you are wondering how legit it is.
Well, I guess we do trust Transferwise very much for now
and If you are worried as well,
just do like how we did first, just transfer the max amount 
for the 3dollar fee and give it a try before doing it one lump sum in a go ! 

Indeed , I love this trasparency  of Transferwise and would
totally recommend this brilliant service to  those out there !

Much better than the old fashion way Western Union ! 
Cheers to the New world where moeny exchange rates
in this world becomes more transparent and fair.

If you have any questions, or curious about who am I
just Follow my
for more daily updates and 
reviews in my life !!


Tips on How to Help Your Child Learn A New Language

Tips on How to Help Your Child Learn A New Language 

When you learn a new language, you will experience proven benefits like enhanced intelligence, memory and concentration as well as lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In recent years, studies have begun to show that the rewards of bilingualism are even more fundamental than just being able to converse with a wider range of people. It can have a profound effect on your brain and improve your cognitive skills that are not related to language.  Did you know that researchers, educators and policy makers once considered a second language to be, cognitively speaking, a hindrance on a child’s academic and intellectual development? Here are some interesting facts about bilingualism:  

  • This interference, researchers are finding out, isn’t so much a handicap but a blessing in disguise. It forces the brain to resolve its internal conflict, giving the mind a workout it needs to strengthen its cognitive muscles. 

  • A number of studies suggest that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function, a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems and performing various other mentally demanding tasks. These processes include ignoring distractions to stay focused, switching attention willfully from one thing to another and holding information in mind, like remembering a sequence of directions while driving. 

  • The key difference between bilinguals and monolinguals may be more basic: a heightened ability to monitor the environment. Bilinguals have to switch languages quite often. For example, talking to your father in one language and to your mother in another language. It requires you to keep track of changes around you in the same way that we monitor our surroundings when driving.  

  • In a study comparing German-Italian bilinguals with Italian monolinguals on monitoring tasks found that the bilingual subjects not only performed better, but they also did so with less activity in parts of the brain involved in monitoring, indicating that they were more efficient at it. 

  • In a 2009 study led by Agnes Kovacs of the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, 7-month-old babies exposed to two languages from birth were compared with peers raised with one language. In the first set of trials, the infants were presented with an audio cue and then shown a puppet on one side of a screen. Both infant groups learned to look at that side of the screen in anticipation of the puppet. But in a later set of trials, when the puppet began appearing on the opposite side of the screen, the babies exposed to a bilingual environment quickly learned to switch their anticipatory gaze in the new direction while the other babies did not. 
Nobody ever doubted the power of language. But who would have thought that the words we hear and the sentences we speak might be leaving such a deep imprint? 

Tips for Kids in Bilingual/Multilingual Home 
  1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat 

Apply this technique at home by doing an activity in English and then doing the same activity in the second language a few days later.  

  1. Big Gestures  
Pairing vocabulary words and nonverbal communication helps children better comprehend language. They are more likely to remember terms as they can associate your exaggerated and expressive gestures, facial expressions and physical demonstrations with vocabulary.  

  1. Positive Learning Environment  

When children pick up a new language, they require support and encouragement to engage in social interactions. A good tip would be to communicate by providing a prompt like “Ask your brother, ‘Can I have the book, please?’” and use open-ended questions that start with ‘why’ or ‘how’ to obtain more complex responses. 

  1. Engaging Activities  
It is essential to create activities that are cognitively engaging so that your child will experience language and not just be merely exposed to it through futile repetition. For instance, weather vocabulary can be incorporated into a science experiment in which you and your child could draw a rainbow. 

  1. Play-by-Play 
Say out loud your daily routines and activities as you do them in the second language. For example, while making dinner, have a running commentary of your actions like, “I am slicing an onion.” Your child will pick up on these language cues from associating that activity with the vocabulary.  

Tips for Kids in a Monolingual Home 
  1. Spend Time With A Native Speaker 

A study by Patricia Kuhl found that within 12 sessions, children exposed to Mandarin through social interactions had the same level of phonetic recognition of Mandarin sounds as infants who had been raised in Taiwan their entire lives. Note that infants who had been exposed to the language through audio or video did not make significant lingual progress. Interactions with a real person provided the children with social cues that helped hold their focus better than less dynamic formats so contact a neighbor, friend, or caretaker who can spend time with your child for a truly immersive experience. 

  1. Media in Another Language 
Even though using audio and video media to help children pick up a new language may be less effective than personal interactions, it is a more feasible option for your child to gain exposure in acquiring a foreign language. For instance, you can find music in a foreign language that both you and your child can enjoy together.  
Learn a Norwegian Tongue Twister here:  
  1. Look For Kid-Friendly Software 
There are many programs today that aid young learners in immersing themselves in another language.  
  1. Extracurricular Activities in a Foreign Language 
If you can’t find native speakers, consider enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity in which they can be exposed to a foreign language. It could be lessons with a tutor, or activities that just happen to take place in another language.  

To learn colors in Hokkien, click here:  
  1. Learn A New Language Together 

Although it may be time-consuming, if you are interested in learning a foreign language, you can make this a team effort. With adult language learning programs, you can master a language and slowly teach your child what you have learnt. This will have you and your child bonding through mutual learning and you will likely see new linguistic and cognitive development. 

Science today has discovered that more than DHA alone is required to enable more brain cells connections in children? Your child’s brain forms 700 to 1000 new neural connections every second. Processing speed stemming from brain cells connections is one of the most basic measures of cognitive functions your child has and it is what determines how fast your child can take in and use information like learning a new language. Similac Gain Plus (premium growing up milk) is a smart choice to look into as it contains 10 key nutrients that support learning.
 Click here for more information. 

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