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Monday, July 6, 2015

It's been about 3 years now I have been making Okonomiyaki and I still remember the first time learning to make it from our friend in Hokkaido.

So, I was making Okonomiyaki and Gyoza for dinner and waffle cake ice cream for dessert.

And so, I was frying the gyoza on the pan and got lazy to get a new pan to use it for the Okonomiyaki and saw my waffle iron on the table which was prepared for the dessert later.
Then i thought to myself, why not try the waffle iron instead and see if it works out?

And so , this is how this method of making Okonomiyaki started.
I find it so MUCH easier cause I always have hard time flipping over my Okonomiyaki on the pan and sometimes get it too burnt as I couldn't estimate the heat for it.

Ingrediants :
Portion- 3-4 okonomiyakis

Normal multipurpose wheat Flour 
1 or 2 Eggs
Some water
Corn flour/starch ( Optional)
Long thin sliced of Chinese /normal cabbage

Light/normal Mayonaise
Okonomiyaki sauce/ chuno sauce/ 

(worcestershire sauce + ketchup)
Thin sliced meat /sausage 

Bonito Flakes
( I got em from Daiso & Japan itself )
But I found out that in Oslo you can get frm Lilleasia info. for 19.90Kr

And you need a Waffle Iron

The Steps of Making Okonomiyaki Waffle

1) Slice Cabbage to thin slices,
2) Find a bowl, put in 2cups of flour,a pinch of corn flour/starch 1 egg and some water
3)Beat them together, add more water to the mixture till it looks like dripping.
4) After beating them smooth, just place in the sliced cabbage and mix well.

5) Now, heat the waffle iron and spray a lil oil

6) Place your meat /sausage and close the waffle iron to cook them in it first

7) When meat is cooked, just pour the batter in 3/4 full and close it wait for it to cook.

8) The waffle iron will beep when it's ready cooked.

9) Pierce the waffle with toothpick to check if the batter inside is full cooked.

10) If you want it more crispy, you can cook it more to make the okonomiyaki  crispy.

11) Take the waffle okonomiyaki out, dizzle top with bonito flakes and pour mayonaise and okonomiyaki sauce on it.

You are done and ready to eat !!

Ps : This is my first time guiding and writing about a recipe ~
 Im sorry of not being able to describe the recipe precisely.

For those who already know how to make their okonomiyaki batter ,
 just make your own way and pour on the waffle iron, 
it's the same !~ 

And that's how I solved my problem with my burnt Okonomyakis ~

All the Best !!

It has always been a dream of wearing a lovely wedding gown one day. There were some photographers that asked me to collaborate for a bridal gown photoshoot before but I had always rejected as my dream was to only be in a gown after being a proposed by the man whom i love. 

And if you wonder where these photos were taken, 
It's just at our house.

Makeup & hair is done by KarenChen MUA 
And photography by Waiwah photography.

He was the one that took the previous photoshoots as well.

This Bride theme was Korean style inspired.

I made this headpiece myself with some hotglue gun and metal wire onto this design piece.

We also had some of our outdoor photoshoot taken during our recent April 
travel in Indonesia.

And the wedding will be next year, we'll try to get em done in
  Norway and in Malaysia as well.

Will upload more photos soon ~


Saturday, July 4, 2015

After a crazy journey experience with the locals from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Penida;
Click here to read about How to Get Here from Lembongan.

We arrived at Toya Pakeh which was not where we planned to stay as it's far from the main town, Sampalan where the ferry leaves from.
After a motorbike taxi ride for 30,000Rp per person to Sampalan,
The drivers brought us to some other hotels/guest houses around but they were all full booked.
So we came here, and to what surprised us wasn't the beauty of their garden nor facilities.

They came out greeted us !!!!!
And we were like? What? You guys take care of this place??
And the local driver left after we decided to stay here as they were such a a nice family and caretakers of this place.

We were sure that they made our Nusa Penida experience so much blissful with the services, help and even advices to check out around here !
Our initial plan was to stay only 3 days but instead we stayed almost 6 days !!
That day we had the bike rented to go Toya Pakeh for dinner and there was a nice view of Mt Agung from this island.
The cute puppies were playing with me on the beach.

And we found some shipwreck. We heard that it's quite common Indonesian ship or boats get capsized...Oppps~ that's worrying!

And then later in the night, we passed by 
Pura Ped and they had a NIGHT MARKET by the temple and it was crowded!
It seems we came during the  praying season and the Pura Ped temple is famous for longevity.
There the night market, was Gambling, even kids could gamble with adults..

And some self claimed doctor selling his homemade medicine or ointment out of woods.

And we stop by to try out their Goat satay.
We were shocked to see the price per tiny stick would cost more than in Malaysia.
Later then we realized meat is much more expensive here especially goat meat.
And the locals were all in white. It's a Balinese wear for visiting the temple.

Here's how their temple look like at night.
Do make sure you wrapped onto a  sarong before entering to show respect.

And the Next Day we woke up to a lovely view of Mt Agung ~

And had our breakfast in the hotel, pumped the petrol and went to the first place
Puncak Mundi, the peak of this island where there is a temple with a veiw.

Too bad it was a cloudly day but surprisingly this temple was empty.
Where are all the locals?

The we drove by a rural village and decided to check them out

They were drying sliced tapioca. And we found a household and ask them if we could check out their underground kitchen and they said YES!
Here's how it looks like.

And they cook using firewood everyday so they would need to collect fire woods most of the time.

Here's the owner and her kids. 

Then was passed by another lovely temple with the locals chilling just outside of there. They sure didn't mind me not wearing sarong in here.

We came to Batu Madeg and not far after their round about , 
we found a restaurant and had our meals there. 
And so I asked the girls, how much the fried rice here cost? 
They said about 8,000Rp, So cheap !!!
But then the owner came out and said :" Dont tell the outsiders our local price, theirs are different price !!! It's 15,000Rp ~ ( I understand Bahasa btw ~ Pst...)
Still alright for us as it's much cheaper than on the fancy restaurants in Lembongan.

Not far from there, we arrived 
It's was quite easy to get there as there were signs and some downhill biking down the forest,
hiking down for 15-30min, there we are

The male pool area.

And the Female Pool area which is by the beach area.
Super unfair right? The male get's the better pool that they can jump n swim and Female pools are like BABY POOL!

And just by the corner is a hidden area leads to the beach on the other side!

The view on the other side was nicer with the sun but dangerous to swim.

And... we took some wedding photos there but was stalked by the local teenage boys spying on us hiding behind those rocks!
Then after getting tired of being stalked, we hiked up and went had a 15min bike ride to 

Bird's eye view from above if u fall off this cliff, it's straight DOWNNN....

Here, was where we first got a WOW-ed by the cliff views of Nusa Penida 

And further up near the temple is the view of
Batu Cincin
known as the Ring Stone and another rock on the sea.

We headed next back to the main village and asked for direction to Gunung Cemeng/Cemang
and a kind local drewn a map on the ground of the short cuts that leads there.
Too bad we went lost and ended up around plantations looking like Marijuana !
And some holy tree area and decided to go to PuraCar instead which was further and took us 3hours+to get there.

It's Sunset when we arrived there and the view was amazing !
 We thought it was so worth to get there in time!
Here to read more & photos about

We were so hungry when we got back to our town- Sampalan and stop by a small shop call QFC.
They were selling Fried chicken breast, rice and coke for only about 20,000RP !
It was so much filling and we were so glad to able to find something more different than just the normal Indonesian Fried rice.

And we tried their 
ES Buah
It was YUMMMMYYY !!!!!!!!!!!

Our first other than fried rice food ! :D

The Next day we woke up earlier than usual and had a lil breakfast before we depart, our first stop was surely this place !

N here is how tiny it is! Only fits one person!

And it's a little bit bigger when we get in at first

The BIGGGERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

HERE to read more about this Temple n more pics !

After that, we went on our journey not knowing that there wouldn't be any restaurant among the villages in that area

But this day was the most memorable day in our life.

As we did not expect the Heavenly paradise Next destination
Atuh Beach,Nusa Penida's deadly paradise

Imagine 1hour ride on this road ! I sure did have a nice ass Massage ~

AND NOW, Let the pictures talk~

And pst.. we took some shots here too cause it was just us Alone on this Beach !

And on our way, we check out some temples

And saw their praying rituals 
And went to check out the Green hills in
And Lastly, headed back SUPER HUNGRY Mood and ate a super big dinner to refill our Hunger as we did not ate any Lunch that day !!

Here for more photos & full story.

And that's how we added up another day staying on Penida as we realized there were much more gorgeous place to explore !!
Next day was even BETTER as the road directions to here was easier 
Peguyangan Falls by the Sea.

We make sure we had a heavy breakfast before hand and brought lots of snacks along after yesterday's incident !
And the entrance gave us a heart attack!

The stairways down was SUPER STEEEP and Big gap between them!

Almost 90 degrees down.

But it was sooo worth it !

And we spent 4 hours there chillin, takin some pre-wedding photos and watch the might waves crash onto those rocks~

On our way to the next place we spotted these ~~

And for more, 

Next PLACE was sure a worth place to go, the road might not be so good too and some parts you gotta ride on the grasses.

Pasih Ugg/Broken Beach,the Cliff hole
This place is the BOMB!

And I dared him to go to the centre of the hole with his bike to greet the cows !

That that night we get back home safetly all thanks to the Northern Stars.

The Lovely view on the way of Mt Agung of the Other side of the island is just so beautiful every morning.
And on our last day, we went HERE AT LAST !!!
There wasn't this name on the map but the local told us this place and we were curious about it, so we went there , tried to hike down the Seganing waterfall but didn't due to the dangerous hiking tracks.
It's super steep, you basically have to crawl or slide down.

Gunung Cemang/Cemeng- View of Sebuluh Seganing Waterfall
pic credits and Copyrighted of

And so we went Gunung Cemang and saw this instead ! We still got to see the Seganing waterfall~! Try spot where is the hiking trail down !
It's super steep and the end parts looks more scary even from afar !

There is a temple on the end of Gunung cemang and we got a view of the cliffs around

Even Batu Cincin !

And went back to Pura Car again to see the day view

Then check out Manta Point

And At LAST !! 

We were sure contented to see most of the spots we wanted to see on Nusa Penida and we proudly can say we have been around the island !!!!!! WOhooo !

Click here to Read more about these Beaches.

And then Next day of course, we woke up early again and took the 
 Ferry to Padang bai~~ 

We were just sad to leave this place~

And the ferry was alright just that the delay timing and waiting time is SUPER LOONGGGGG~~~
And worst, we arrived in a heavy rain !!

BYE Penida~ You gaved us the Best memories on Bali so far !

And if you ever come to Bali, make sure you try to visit this Island !!!
It is sure One of a kind !!

Thanks for Reading & Be bold +kind  !!


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