Swimming in Oslo, Norway Family Beach : Hvervenbukta

Every summer is the time where we get to dip in the sea and have lots of days to swim for free in the warmest time in Norway which is quite cold by asian standards. However, "deilig" meaning nice for Norwegians as they get to sun tan without getting that cold !
Apart from the famous naked beach Bygdoy, there is a more different family kinda beach on another side called Hvervenbukta and it's easy to get there from the bus stop nearby the opera house and it is not a far walk as compared to Bygdoy. However, it is not a frequent bus.
Check out the video on how to get there and if you are daring enough, try to 
jump off the bridge which the located would be on the way there!


Japanese Gyoza Recipe, Asian Gyoza Recipe

It's been 6 years now I had been making dumplings on my own however,
this time Im deciding to make the skin on my own as it would be thicker and much more crispy that the ones bought out there ! 
So heres my first ever cooking video and recipe of it !

PS .Yummylicious ! :D

Student Apartment Tour in Oslo, Norway

Here is a video to show how a student apartment in Oslo looks like.
The monthly rent for this student apartment is not the cheapest option of all the other dorms however still cheaper than the rate out renting on our own.
Plus, this apartment is located close to the university so it works fine for me.
Hope it helps you all ! 


Alien Zombie Makeup Tutorial 外星人殭屍化妆

Halloween is coming up!! So here's some makeup which is a combination of Alien turning into zombie. 
Check out this Alien Zombie Makeup tutorial and stand out among those haloween parties or even scare others !


How to travel , visit, see Norway on a Budget Cheaply | 如何在挪威便宜旅行

WELCOME TO Norway !!
Visit Norway : 10  Ways to Travel Norway on a Budget
Norway a land of beautiful nature, fjords, glaciers, mountains, sea, salmon, oil, etc. This country has always been listed in many sites as one of the most expensive country in this world to travel to. However, there are still some loop holes in this country where you can still travel cheaply on a budget and yet still able to enjoy all of the beautiful nature in Norway. Here are just some recommendations to budget which might be helpful for avid travellers whom want to view the gorgeous nature in Norway and know the ways on getting discounts and cheap tickets travelling around Norway.After all it's all up to your Budget level on how much are you willing to spent over here in Norway. I am not a master in Budgeting however here are just some things i found out i Norway which can make your trip cheaper and within your budget. Do let me know if you have more tips on this as well ! I would love to hear those whom travelled in Norway and found out some cheap ways to survive or explore this country too !

Norway is such a beautiful country with lots of scenic natures.
Even within Oslo city, you can take a summer break out into the islands and feel in the wilderness within just a 10min ferry ride.

 Or go out in the farms in check out their cute horses

And not to miss out their gorgeous architectures in the city

Experiencing some Viking history and ambience 
Not to forget their Majestic beautiful architecture - The Opera House

 And have a great time enjoying Sun and cold norwegian fjord waters.

Samurai X Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial with a slash on his face
Also known as Himura Kenshin, starred in Samurai X
this cosplay for anime Rurouni Kenshin
Would be best as he is known for his slash or cut wound on the face.

Alien Makeup Tutorial 外星人的妆

Just a makeup Tutorial on Alien look with my ready-made prosthetic.
Check our the Video to see how to make it !

DIY homemade making Fireworks

Ever thought of learning how to make Fireworks?
I was in Omagari, Japan and got the opportunity to learn how to make Fireworks  in their firework factory !!
It's quite a dangerous process if we would have to use proper gunpowder
but, we didn't for safety purposes.
So here's how I learnt the process of it in the safe way which was really fun and educating.
Maybe schools should have such retreats for students to learn such interesting way of firework production !


How to make Cheap and Easy Fake Blood 如何制作廉價和容易假血

Making Fake blood is extremely easy when it comes to being Asian.
One thing is realized that we have already ingrediants in our kitchen which can make fake blood within seconds and plus Only 2 ingrediants needed !
Ya ! No joke its super cheap, only 2 Ingrediants needed and take seconds or a minute to just get your desired fake blood.
Surely a great method for those whom wants fast making fake blood !
The best part of this fake blood is that its also kinds sticky or thick in liquid so it gives a gooey feel and would last long on the fake wound. 

Do try it out yourself and you would love it !
Any questions just fire away in the comments.


Where to get Unique Custom Make Gifts Selangor ,Malaysia

Custom make Gifts in my personal opinion is one of the BEST Gifts you can give as a gifts to your Friends, Lovers, Families, company events, neighbours and even colleagues !

However, the company events would usually give poor quality( budget) custom make ones which usually have a Minimum Order. One cool thing now about having everything done easily online is that , ordering custom make gifts can be CHEAPER as they have online shops have NO COSTS
in opening a Booth or a shop!
 Here's where I get Cheap, Affordable Custom make gifts for my love ones ONLINE !
And Guess What? It's not a WEBSITE but just on FACEBOOK!
is located in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

However they do provide delivery services to all over Malaysia and
have a variety of products to choose from Custom make printing on Mugs,  iPhone Casing, Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle, Keychains and even on Cushions !!!

WOW ! I can't believe even Cushions !! That's my first time ever hearing that~ 
If you are having a crush on that Somebody, you can even Print her/ his face on it and HUG the cushion all time ! :D

To me, I love travelling and have printed lots of Photobooks and pictures on our travel but I had never ever got a JIGSAW Puzzle printed with my travel pictures on it !

What surprised me was that It's not a NORMAL JIGSAW Puzzle !
It's printed with LOVE words and Love symbols on it too !
How cool ?!!
I never thought such unique Jigsaw puzzle with Love word and Love designs can be printed out too !
This is in A4 size and it's quite a good piece cause if it gets bigger then Im gonna have problems with the arranging the Jigsaws all together.

Another cool thing is that, You can even give it as a gift and present it all in pieces so 
He/She that receives it gotta take time to rearrange them and might find it a CHALLENGE !
Well, my picture is VERY hard cause the water ripples looks soo ALIKE !
Think of it, the first impression of that person would go like 
:AHHHHH~ Lame Jigsaw puzzle Gift Again~
But then once they arranged it they would then realize 
WTF !!! It's ME in that picture ! or
OMG! It's OUR picture ~! That's soooo Unique !!
Then you guys would end up in Hugs and Kisses :P
 Well, Next, I also got a custom make Keychains for Our 
new future Home and having a Custom make Keychain is a good reminder to that person or yourself
that :
or maybe just a reminder of your love every time he/ she finds their car keys or work locker keys.
Personally, such custom make gift is perfect for like Weddings, Valentines, Father's/ Mothers Day, Birthdays and even Proposals ! 

Well, These Key chains actually is a reminder to HIM as 
He proposed in Maldives and those pictures were from Maldives.
  Whereas, the Vietnam Puzzle gift was a Thank you Surprise to him for my 5th year in Norway. 
Time sure flies fast and these custom make gifts I make personally is a show of gratitude to my lover for the wonderful travels we had all these years together and also a reminder to us about the parts of the World we stepped on.

And to think about Nowadays, we lack in appreciating pictures we took as taking pictures is so easy and there is no need to printing them Out as they are available online on clouds. But what if, What if one day the world has lost all the Data information and no electricity. At least, these printed images will leave us some good memory of what we had been through or where we had been as we all know our memories fades as time passes.
 So instead of investing on Branded goods for that love one as a give, why not get them a personal custom item which would always remind them of your love and presence in their life and how much you appreciate them and will never forget them ever.

Well, if you are in Malaysia or even Overseas and you think these custom made gifts are Cool & wanna get them at a cheap affordable price! Just message Infinite Dream ART
facebook and they will attend to your needs and design !!


Design your own Tshirt Online !

Have you ever thought of Designing your Own T-Shirt from Home and not even needing to Step out of your house to get it or deal with the designers personally ?
You not only get to express your personal creativity easily and deliver it as a Gift for that Someone ! 
(I did that cause I always think handmade gifts are the BEST Personal gifts ever~ )
You not only get to skip the Traffic jams , parking tickets and also the hassle to survey and communicate with the designers back and forth in order to get your T-shirts done?

Well, Here's a great solution and I got to try their Services !!
They are the  First ever Online-Tshirt custom make website in Malaysia and can deliver your custom make T-Shirts wherever you are in Malaysia !

I was at first kinda skeptical at first cause it wasn't like a gift where I would make for Myself but for my that special someone. And I would not be sure of his size at all and the printing quality might not be good.
Since we both are of different race , birthday horoscope and also from different country. I decided to DESIGN my own Cartoon inserting the countries we came from.
Left- Norway - Right Malaysia 
He is Cancer (Hermit crab)Horoscope whereas Im a Pisces(Fish).

Plus, this T-Shirt will always remind him and us on How we met and those long distance relationship , tough times we been through as we will always go through it together and find a way to be together not giving up on each other.

Awww~ ain't Pisces such a romantic horoscope? 
Well, the END Product came after 2 weeks of ordering process,
 and their customer service designers were so helpful in helping me out choosing the right size;
at last !!! I received my first ever custom make design from the Mail and It was exactly the same
 T-shirt size as he has !!! Plus, their printing, T-shirt quality were impressed me !
(The colour dye didn't came off as well !)


So here is some information on HOW EASY it is to order their T-shirts online !!
Get to their website 
then CLICK Design with SOBI or just click this link which directs you instantly
Well for Graphic Designers or those whom have their Designs made already,
It's SUPER EASY with just a CLICK UPLOAD !

Since I designed it on my own Adobe Illustrator, I used a PNG file so my background is transparent. and All I did was to Upload Image !! 

Custom Make T-Shirt Design for Noobs or Dummies 
Well, as for those whom have no idea about graphic design, you can just use their Design online and upload even a picture and insert any words you like to have on your T-shirt. 
Not to forget you also get to choose your T-shirt colours or add any Art designs available in their gallery ! So cool huh?!
Even my mum can order this on her own without any designing knowledge ! 

After choosing the Colour T-shirt you want,
You also can choose the Size
(Which if you are not Sure, you can click on the Size chart on the left top button and that chart helped me out a lot !)
And also if you are curious you can check out their Product Info too !

Once you are done with your design , you can click on the Right side on 

Another cool thing I found out was when I had a conversation with a friend of mine Cha Cha while we did Zombie Run event together. He told me that normal custom make design T-shirts most would give a minimum order so you would not waste their "TIME" and "Ink" ~ 
WAhhh got so Lansi (cocky) wan meh? Now come to think of it when we were students we also like to have our own Persatuan ( Society clubs) . Back then we also have someone's hand drawn rough design for their custom make Tshirts and then a minimum amount of student ordering the T-shirt in order to get the T-shirt printed out. 

YET,what's cool about this 
is that they are NOT LANSI~
No minimum order also ok ?! 
No PROBLEM ! My own design I order 1 piece also no problem :P
But if you wanna order more also can~
It's all up to you !
Once you are done with the payment,
You will then receive an email regarding your order
and then wait for your Product !

What's AWESOME about them is that this Month ! 

And mine Arrived So beautifully ~
With also a lovely cute message which was even signed by their CEO !
Cool huh?!

Don't you think we should support our local businesses?
Plus ! It's also unique to wear your own custom make design T-shirt than some Designers cause the Designer in You is always the BEST BRAND !
Be Proud of yourself and Brand it up ! 
It would sure be cool if someone ask you what Brand is your T-shirt and you can just reply
MY BRAND. i Designed it !
WOW ! I believed you would surprise or impress that somebody!

Do Share with others to let them know about this Custom make T-Shirt which is now Available in Malaysia ! 
Don't miss out their discount PROMO this month on FREE SHIPPING too !


EP1: Special Effect Makeup: Bullet Hole Wound Tutorial

Welcome to the First episode of my Makeup Tutorial PLaylists on Youtube !
Here's an easy way to do a bullet wound on any body parts in just less than 2minutes ! My trick sounds require to wait the latex to be cool off as I would roll the hole off instead of cutting through the bullet wound. This bullet wound tutorial would be useful for haloween or any occasions you require to make such wound effects !

Funny Norwegian Idioms

My Norwegian language learning Process

As most of you know, Im still buckin up on my Norwegian language and here's a new Idiom that I find which sounds really Funny in Norwegian !
It is quite interesting how they can come up with such words ~


Asian Problems in Europe: Norway

Being in another Country far from your home might be fun at first but then tough in a long term as FYI I think Malaysia has the Best Yummiest Food Variety in the World !
 Migration is everywhere and most countries are becoming more of a multiracial country and so is Norway, Sweden,Denmark or Finland. (Scandanavia/Europe) If you wonder how is life in Norway and the challenges faced by Asians, me Malaysian especially, would be tough as the Asian stores here are mostly catered to other Asians ?! Surprise ! Not all Asians have the same taste, nor even look the same alright. We also do have language bariers among ourselves as Asia is so big just like Europeans or Scandanavians might also have different taste, culture, language.This little information of mine hopefully would help the Asians/Malaysians which might want to move to Norway or Scandanavian /European countries in future to know what you might face when you come to Norway. 
Well, It doesn't mean we hate the European countries or scandanvia.
It's just like Life we have problems but we got to face and overcome it.
My video here is not to talk bad about Norway but to express our certain frustrations getting adapted to a environment meanwhile embracing also the Beauty of it.

If your asians living in europe or scandanavian countries
 and you do feel my frustrations , Do let me know !
I'd be curious to know about it !!


Eel skin wallet review & texture我的鳗鱼皮钱包

Look, if you are not a fan of leather, please don't come here just to bash harsh comments on me, 
I got enough of that on Youtube already. 
So, cow leather is kinda common and here I wana share with you on how my eel skin looks purse like and it changes colour! Eel skin is also known as one of the toughest leather and since its a leather, it wont conduct electricty. Unagi for Eel is Japanese and it's my favourite sushi or Japanese dish. If you are wondering some exotic leather but not to those very smart animals, or extinct animals, you might try to consider eel as it's one of a unique leather from the underwater world.Here is a review on my Eel skin wallet and I hope it would open your eyes to know the variety of leather outthere apart from cow leather.
Anyways, here's my most exotic leather in my LIFE ! and
I just wana show it to you cause I think it's my PRECIOUS ~~
Any questions do let me know !

Learn easy Mandarin Travel language

Here to teach ya all some EASY Mandarin Chinese when you come to travel in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and of course China!
You would find them really useful to get bargains and better hospitality !
Language is the Way to a foreign strangers Heart ~


Ways to Cut Open Durian Fruit

For those of you whom haven't been to ASIA, I do wana let you guys know that it's important to try the KING OF FRUITS aka. DURIAN!

Here's how it looks like and
Information on How to Cut it !
To describe Durian Fruit texture, 
It's like banana pungent avocado, sweet and a little hint of bitterness.

Ever wondered how to cut open a Durian? Living in Malaysia, known as the king of fruits, Durian, is also famously known to be most favourite fruits among asians and especially us Malaysians. Despite it being stinky, we still love the Durian flavour and it not only taste like avocado plus banana texture but also with a sweet bitter taste in it. Durian is such a unique cute with such a flavourful taste and that is what makes it so special in Malaysia and Asia. The first time asking my foreigner friend to cut open a Durian, and seriously He literally chopped it ! cut it into half instead of cutting open it ! Here's a video where I not only opened the Durian in my Asian kungfu way but also an entertaining way at least you won't get bored of the usual HOW TO Cut tutorials~~ So, if you ever come Malaysia or Asia, Do not only Try this Fruit but take it as a Challenge to CUT Open this Fruit !! It will be a hell out of an experience I bet you for sure !!!

PS: Don't use it as a weapon ! It's letheal !!


Norwegian Housemates

So your moving to Norway or Screening through a New Housemate which came from Norway ?
Here's some Info about How Norwegians are as Housemates and 
Not to worry about them !!
They won't either show their Pirate viking skills nor Santa claus like generousity .
 If you have seen my other videos about Why Norwegians are so reserved, Or even Asians problems in Norway, you would realized these all relate when it comes to Living with Norwegian. If you have a Norwegian partner and you haven't live with them yet, or even moviing here for studies and might have a Norwegian housemate? Norway might be cold and so are their welcoming attitude among the Norwegians, however, there are pros towards their Norwegian culture which would surprise you as I find a lot of Beauty in the Norwegian attitude, humbleness and considerate attitude. These are rea life experiences from my stay with Norwegian families and also having norwegian housemates around even MEN/ Boys ! The Norwegian level of consideration is about the same as the Japanese as i used to though all europeans to be open minded and direct. Yet, the Norwegian people , culture sure opened my mind as I find my previous judgement of Europeans to be Wrong. So Thumbs up Norwegians ! You guys surely impressed the Asians and I believe the world should learn some of these good attitudes from you guys !
All the Best !!

The must buy Japanese chocolate snack

Ever wondered what kinda Chocolate to get in Japan?
If you are a cookie and creams fan, here's a chocolate snack you must buy in Japan or your nearest Japanese grocery store ! It's super yummy!!!
apan has a variety of chocolate and do try this japanese cookies and creams chocolate when you are in Japan or asian grocery store as this japanese chocolate would make you fall in love with japanese chocolate ! However, the price of this chocolate in Malaysia would be 3 times the price of the store bought in Japan. Its worth for a try but not always as the quantity of it and price of it in Malaysia is not worth it. If you wonder where to buy this in Malaysia, you can check out Shojikiya stores in Malaysia to find this brand of chocolate.(Bourbon Alfort)

Asian tries to speak Danish

Do you know that Danish language is similar to Norwegian and Swedish?
Here is a joke among the scandanavians as they always tease the Danish on their Language describing them as Speaking with Potato in their Mouth.

So here's an experiment to proof of show how would I sound like if I speak Norwegian with a Potato in my mouth and it would sound like Danish or not !

If you Danish, I would appreciate your comments or understanding as this was meant to not make fun of your unique language. Instead, its a way to proof that you guys dont really speak with a potato in the mouth alright ~!
Anyways Thanks for watching and I hope my videos brought smiles to your face !!


Learn Easy Malay Language for Travel

Malaysia is a Muslim country and Every born Malay race is bound to be a Muslim and can't change their religion. However, other races would have the freedom of religion and it doesn't mean that wearing a Hijab prooves that one is a Muslim. It's also a way to show the respect.
So here, Im doing a video wearing the Hijab teaching the National Language of my country, Malaysia,
The Malay language which relates to Indonesian& Brunei Language.

Do you know Norway, Sweden and Denmark has similar language just like
 Malaysia, Indonesian and Brunei?
and me explaining on what are the difference
between their country and ours !


About Feliciazoe: Travel2Learn !

WHO ??
So guys, I came up with this new video concept of self intro after learning some New Video edits !
Im still learning to edit better videos but here's a newer version of explaining myself as I think the previous ones were kinda lame~ 
Thanks for checkin out !!! 

Interesting Animal Sounds in Norwegian

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and then wonder how would the Norwegian animal sound like !
To my surprise, not many of them remembered the specific way of describing it and I found on Google which then surprised me as Some words does not makes sense at all !
Its really interesting how they would come up with such vocabs.
Here to check it out & thanks for watching !


Felicia sings The Norwegian National Anthem Song

In conjunction with the Norwegian National Day on 17May of May , Im singing their National Anthem online since I can't join the parade in Oslo this year.
Anyways, the Norwegian National Day is such a huge celebration and I wish all the Norwegians,
Gratulerer med dagen.


Belajar Bahasa Norwegia, Danmark and Sweden

Di video ini antaranya adalah untuk bahasan Norwegia, namun
bahasa ini senang difahami untuk warga Danmark dan juga Sweden.
Jika anda pergi negara-negara ini,
belajarlah sikit untuk membuat pelancongan anda lebih menyeronokkan !

FYI, it's just me teaching in Malay language on how to speak some simple Travel Norwegian language.

Easy Vietnamese language for travel

Heres a mixture of Language and Vlog as I just came back from Vietnam ! 
2011 VS 2016, was sure a huge difference as Vietnam has advance a lot in many ways !
The traffic isn't as crazy as before and this time I got to taste more deliciuos Vietnamese food and learnt their language!

Thanks for watching ~
I hope my videos inspire u all to travel and learn more as this world is such a huge encyclopaedia!

What Malaysian thinks about Norway

Heya all, 5 yrs ago I came to Norway and experienced a lot of interesting things about Norway !
So here's some impressions and thoughts of mind when I first came here !
Thanks for your time and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions do let me know !


Where does the Norwegian reserve culture came from?

Ever wondered that all Europeans were the same?
Apparently the Norwegians are much more reserved than southern part of the EU
and here's some reason why ~
It has no relations with the Vikings at all !
Life is such a long learning progress and I love it ~

How I made my own Norwegian traditional outfit : Bunad

Heya all !! Recently for the 17th May, Norwegian National Day , I made myself a look like Norwegian bunad as Im unable to find it here in Malaysia and it would cost a lot up to 2000Kr. 
Since it's just something temporary, I decide to mix and match some of my outfits which could pull off as the traditional Outfit.

Well, I sure impressed my Norwegian fiance as he was surprised I could mix and match out a look like one with just my normal daily outfits!
Let's be creative and who knows you might even make the traditional outfit look way much more trendy ! Just like those improvised Cheongsam or Japanese Yukata/ Kimono.

If you have more questions just leave down in the comments and I see if i can help you out with it !
Thanks and have a great day !!

Miniso Products in Malaysia ! mini Review VS Yubiso

This new Brand concept store with a lookalike Uniqlo, Muji facelift yet prices around the Daiso range ; Miniso at last has came to Malaysia !!
3 Yrs back I spotted Miniso in China, 4 times I had been to Japan, been to 20 Perfectures in Japan but Never spotted Miniso at all ! Why??
Because this brand might have a lookalike Japanese brand but it mainly established in China itself and I believe most of them are produced in China.
Whereas, Daiso might have some China manufactured items but Not all are Made in China.

Ok here comes to the real deal? 
Is Miniso really worth the Price claiming to produce quality items at a lower price range?
The Miniso store i went to in China 3 years ago was still clear in my mind as I went there 3 times and 
stepping into the Malaysian Miniso store this time surprised me as I find more NEW & Variety Products which are much more interesting than the YUBISO.
So if you asked me, I'd say Yubiso has less variety yet they still have some authenthic korean / japanese items on store ( snacks).
Miniso sells from Makeup to skincare, beauty electrical tools, undergarments, bags, wallets to household goods, hats, kids toys , snacks and even electronic items ! 


The first thing of course as a make up artist ,
 I tested out was their New Range of Makeup Products which is always at the front of the counter.
Honestly, the price of it in Malaysia compared to China, DOUBLED !
I bought the same Eyeliner for 10Yuan and here they sell RM10
YET , It's still freaking cheap and these liquid eyeliners are so worth buying as they are quite waterproof and long lasting.
There are also new ranges of eyeliners which costs RM15 and I think its about the same probably just more ink or thinner tip. They also sell the Gel Eyeliner which i think its not bad but I think liquid eyeliner is much better. 

Eyebrow pencils- Good shape design easy for drawing ,but lasting ( I'm not sure) 
Blusher ! I love their cream blusher colours !
One thing NEW and COOL is that they also have the Cushion Compact which is the IN TREND NOW! However, the colour is just way too fair for my skin and I think it's not worth getting if it doesn't suit ur skin colour at all.
Powder Compact : Very Good coverange
Mascara : looked a bit clumpy and messy ( didn't tried as I wasn't that impressed)
Thin BB Cream: yeaa it's kinda thin, not much coverage 
BB Cream: I must say it's better than Yubiso BBcream ( better coverage)
However, their shimmering stick for highlight is not that good : Yubiso is much better
Lip colours : quite limited selections but I think the quality is better than Yubiso
Other than that they also have a range of new Beauty skin care range which looks much more classy than the Yubiso Gel as they package them in a glass bottle form and have the Herb and water moisture set range. It's about RM20 each and one of their toner caught my attention as it has real flowers in them. I totally bought it for Rm10, sold to their beauty of the flower in that toner.
I also got the Fresh Cactus Hydrating Spray as it was the last one (Looks tempting) at RM15
Whereas the rest, I can't really judge as i've tried the moisturising milk lotions were all too oily and not easily absorbed so I wasn't that convinced. Just go there and try and decide yourself instead as it might work differently on different skin.

Face Masks: I spotted the same Face masks sold on Yubiso in Miniso as well ! Well, I think Yubiso has better price as they offer 2 for RM5  whereas the Miniso ones are all sold in Box of 3, 2 or some not stationg how many. Urghh I hate these guessing game and time to take the box off the shelf, read their tiny lables and try to find for that tiny number where they state how many pieces in 1 Box. 

Beauty Electrical Products
Now here comes the facial cleanser range which this cost 39

and the Brush cleanser Rm89
They both works on 2 AAA's battery and the design surely looks classy or a fake like Clarasonic.
U can't control the speed or vibration level so Im not convinced.
However, I wasn't that convinced as I hate using AAA baterries ! Like come on ! I can't use this on the airplane as a carry on ! Well, the brush felt soft but I checked on Taobao, there were brands similar to this kind and costs way much cheaper. Thus, I am still very doubtful on the quality and how long would it last and it's sure not worth if the AAA batteries decided to melt in this electronic equipment.

Electronics !
WOW! I did not saw this in China back then ~
Well, this time they got some cool stuffs which you can test out such as the earphones qualitiy,
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker(LONG / medium/mini cube)
Wireless Bluetooth Head phones /earphones
Mini fan ( not that powerful )
6000Mh slim classy look Power bank
And the humidifier is so CHIC !!!
(unfortunately, I think M'sia is too Humid already)
Another thing I like was this PEA USB hub ! It's a cute design as a gift !

 Sunglasses range in Miniso was sure nicer than in Yubiso as u get to see yourself in the Mirror and try them out ! I totally liked their Sunglass cover, it's magnetic and definitely worth the quality as it is such hard enough to protect the sunnies! ( However, the UV filter rate it not stated on the labels so it might be a question. I spotted one stating ( for DAY use only) LOL So what about those ppl wearing sunglasses indoor in the shopping malls as night just because they wana look cool ~ :P

Toys and Household Goods,
One thing about Miniso I realized is they tend to Mix some STUPID items that I know it worth much less fiy , biodegradable boards or storage. So there is a combination of diff materials and they would place in some shitty materials as well as some who don't know or don't care would just buy them and there they helped them to double up their earnings ! Same as these soft toys , they are unique good quality but I even saw like fake nano lego and bubble gun ?! and even tooth brushes ( nice sorta classy packaging RM10 for 3in a packet or period pad RM10?) Well, to consider comparing it to the real safer brand out there , why should I buy theirs? Same goes to those makeup puffs, cotton buds, ( come on! they costs only RM5 in daiso which Rm1 in Mydin/ DIY and you pay RM10 for their box of cotton buds) Where is the common sense or sense of price comparison? Well, marketing techniques targeting men whom have no idea what to buy for their wife / Gf.  ( I guess)

Lasty, hair accesories , hats and even earrings !! I love their earing ranges !
Some are just so pretty !

Pouch , Wallets and Handbags Miniso this time was kinda dissapointing as their materials have changed (when I was in China) it used to be more cloth/ washable material to fake PU leather material which I hate it being so fake and the hardness, smell of it. Yubiso as well, however as least they sell those canvas bagpacks.

Overall, I am so glad to be in Malaysia and that all these brands I spotted overseas years ago have came to Malaysia at last !!!! It would sure take forever for them to come over to Norway so I'd better stock up those really money worth items so I wouldn't need to pay for more worse quality at a higher price then later in Norway ~ :P

Bottom line , these products sometimes are just so cheap and questionable that, do they even do animal testing on their products? Do they have proper quality check or is it just that these are Home brands ( less bureaucracy in comparison to a huge organization)  and Marketing is never a need for them so they cut their costs on that and sold it at a better cheaper price comparing to the other branded / known make-up brands out there ?

Just like How when Daiso first started up and became questionable.
And there after some years we realized, that there are some really worth items in Daiso products which are quite good yet some totally a waste.
And then, it all ends up us wasting and creating more rubbish
pilling up more and more unwanted, useless items we bought just for the need of curiosity,

Thus, I will always test the products before purchasing and go through lots of consideration before buying one which I really needed most.
Ah, what a thought of the day. 
Peace out !


Check out here for my review on the Eyeliner 

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