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Saturday, December 6, 2014

After our stay in beautiful Shangri-La , we headed next to Deqen which is near Tibetan Border and known for their Meili Snow mountain as well as the flying temple. 

We had an amazing journey and view all the way there for about 4 hours.
It was a scenery of the gorgeous blend of both winter and autumn season.
A must visit if you ever come to Yunan !

Here's the view throughout our journey and we spotted a mysterious test car on the way.

And stop over for toilet with a view.
As well as enjoyed looking at their animals on the way.
I just cant stop gazing at these scenery with awe.

As we arrived Deqen, it turned out to be a town in the valley amongst the high mountain and we would have to pay extra 10Yuan to the driver to fetch us straight to Flying Temple.
We were so glad to choose to stay Flying temple instead of Deqen as Deqen itself look extremely boring without a view.

It was a 10min drive and the driver stopped us by the roadside by a hostel.
We decided to walk futher up the hills and found a newly built hotel and decided to stay there since they would have a newest technology and facilities.
Indeed ! It was way much nicer than other hotels we saw in that area.
We had a nice big window with the view of the Flying temple's stupas , the Meli Snow Mountain ,
Hot rain shower , Heater , TV, and real soft comfy beds.

The hotel owner himself was so humble and nice that he volunteered to wipe the window clean for us ! 
Hahaha ! It's not me being mean alright !
Ahhh ! Our view for the 3 days!

After chilling awhile, we went down to the mainroad and there they have a wall buillt surrounding the flying temple and per entrance fee was 180Yuan per person.
Well, we sure didn't pay for it cause for that price for 2 person we could stay a night in our hotel that already has a view for it !
So, if you want to come here, it's best to just stay in a hotel with the view of it than paying for their entrance.

So, what did we do?
We were chasing the donkeys,
and found a small hiking trail pathway after the wall.

Which then led us here !!!!!

well, unconsciously, the pathway we took it was the back way towards the stupas in flying temple.

And i suppose since it was too pricey to get it, not many people were willing to pay to get in.

And that day was such a nice day to watch the sunset from this temple.

After the sunset, the temperature instantly decreased from 17C to almost 8c !!
We ran back to our hotel freezing !!! and then put on more clothes to go out to the main streets for dinner.
That night, we drank and had a romantic night viewing the starry nights.

The next morning , we woke up 7am to watch the sunrise !
It was the Golden sunrise and many we on their hotel rooftop and at the flying temple to view this unique sunrise colour on the Mt.

Here is a panorama view from our hotel's rooftop.
Well, i didn't took the photo of course.

Cause I had a lazy morning gazing the view in our warm hotel and so reluctant to get dressed in layers to view it outdoor. Yet, I love that moment so much as I was still able to enjoy that view in our cozy hotel room. To me, this is the best hotel I had ever stayed in my life.

Fortunately, there was an event that day in the flying temple and it was free entrance in the morning !

While the Bf went out socializing with the local government in Deqen, I was enjoying the view and having my breakfast in our room. I really dislike the cold...... >_<

Around 11am, everything became so warm as the sun was shining so brightly.
Even the Yaks were squinting at us due to the bright sunlight.

And we took a long walk around that area to find another monastery nearby but then realized we took the wrong way. Oh well, we still met some friendly cyclist on the road as well as lorry drivers that are resting by the road side to chill their worn off tyres.
It is a long downhill road for the vehicles and dangerous for sure.

And of course, there were not many passing-by cars and we felt as if it was our own road !

We then walked back our town and found a nearby hill on our hotel side to see a better view of the Meili snow Mt.
Too bad that day the weather was not so good and we didn't get a nice view of the sunset.

That night, we had an electricity breakdown in the town for about 15mins and then later
the Hotel owner treated us dinner !
We were served spicy Beef dish.

but the other friendly customers that were staying there that night asked us to join them to try out more dishes!
We drank and shared a lot about our travelling journey to them.
It was a fun night !

The next day, we got up early too for the sunrise but it wasn't  that nice,
We then had our breakfast and said goodbye to the rest and took our bus back to Deqen and then another direct bus all the way to Lijiang.

Here is the view of Deqen town in the valley.

And again, we enjoyed the view along the way.
This time, the autumn colours were way more abvious !

I would never forget this beautiful journey.

And that's all for Deqen.
is our tour experience in Lijiang ! 

Thanks for reading !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

After our gorgeous long ride view from Deqen all the way 

back to Lijiang, we decided to take a tour for the first time !

 And Since they were posters promoting this tour for only 70RMb, We bought them ! It was

 unbelievable for such a price as riding a horse in Europe itself cost 40euro and this 

includes transportation, horse riding, lunch, visiting old naxi village and boat tour on Lasihai.

The Horse Riding Tour
was a nice tour but as we arrived they gave us an option to add extra 30Rmb to have a longer ride with the view of the city. Well, we were the only 2 in our group whom didnt took those tours and we came back later than them.
Probably we took our sweet time with the horses.

Yeah, we sure did !!!
And the View of the top of the hill was so gorgeous !!

And I paid extra 10rmb just to feed my Horse for carrying the fatty me ! :P

But First, let me take a #Selfie :P

 After the horse ride, we went for lunch but the provided lunch only included veggies dishes with rice bit no Meat.
However, those rich "uncle and aunties" were so kind to treat us all a nice meaty meal by adding some cost for more dishes.

Next , we went to Lasihai Lake and spotted some wild horses around. 
I didnt realized I stand too close to the horse ass and it shove me away.
But the horse power was so strong that i felt his tiny ass shoving felt like a huge impact on my back.
Thank God I wasnt being kicked and didn't got injured from that tiny attack.

So, take note, never stand so close behind a horse ass !

And then we took the boat ride around this lake.

The view was stunning !!!

The guy rowed us to a small hut and there was a man selling tiny bbq fish for 30RMB each , and 15rmb for a stick of bbq Yak Meat. We all were shocked to see such an overprice snack !

Then Next, the visiting of Naxi Village .
The Naxi village girl came as our tour guide explaining their unique culture and beliefs.
One funny belief of the Naxi culture is that both Men and women can have as many boyfriends and girlfriends at a time and not obligated to marriage until they are willing to.  

We were then guided to her house and there we see more interesting paintings in her house which were hand painted by her family to expelled the evil spirits and attract the good spirits.
Apparently, different family paints differently as it depends on their own creativity and feel. 

Their house has an interesting room for smoking meat and storing them.

We skipped the last shopping tour and went back to Liijiang itself to do more shopping.

As compared to Dali, I would prefer shopping in Lijiang eventhough it is more touristy.

Yet, Lijiang has a high competition of sales so prices in Lijiang are cheap and worth it.

Well, its only 399*Rmb to take a wedding photo album in Lijiang! 

And scarf's prices as low as 5Rmb.

Lijiang itself is interesting with more people in various costumes, not only the tourists but also the locals.

And in this small town, we made some good friends that own a shop selling claypot noodles and rice. 
They taught us how to make glutinous rice wine and bought us red yeast packets.

And it was their 15th day opening this stall and we had been eating in their stall for 3 days !
We must have been their most loyal customer so far ! :D

Too bad they did not have any email or contact method. 
I hope to cross paths and meet them again in future.

That's all about my first tour experience in China and I sure think it was worth it !!

What do you think?

Just comment below !

Thanks for Reading.

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