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Saturday, January 24, 2015

started with our first trip to Singapore to attend our first friend's wedding ceremony.
Pic taken at Ochard Road.
And then the meetup with my BEST GF- ZOEY whom is also now Happt with someone !


And we flew with Tiger Air for the first time and Maldives sure welcomed us with some a gorgeous view from above !
I had never seen so many Atolls in my life !
And the first arrival and walk around Male was sure interesting when we passed by a Mosque and was invited to have a tour in it.
* Ps: It is my first time visiting a mosque despite being from Malaysia !

We rested a night in Male city itself and took the ferry to Thodoo Island the next day.

On the way, we stopped by Rashdoo to check out a bit.

Thodoo is the Place !
The sea was calm like a pond. Clear waters, nice hotels and friendly locals.

We got ourselves a spot at the bikini beach area and started chilling on the floating bed.


Well, we turned out spending the whole day by the beach playing around. snorkeling, balancing on the floating bed. 
Lastly, when sunset comes, we just had the idea of trying to balance 2 person which is about 135KG over weighting the stated warning (80KG Max).
Surprisingly , it was successful !  
Yet, we got drifted away and got caught into some corals and I saved the float from bursting ! :P
Then I told him, let's GO PRO this with the Sunset !
And he did but with something underneath his "sleeves"
He had a waterproof bag and said it was the extra Go-pro equipment . So, with one hand holding the Selfie Stick recording that moment, another hand reaching out onto the waterproof bag behind my back "on a floating bed" ; while the sun is melting away ,
 after the Kiss, I opened my eyes and saw a tiny Black box with a shiny ring in it.
Everything stood still, my mind went BLANK.
I sure did not expected it !
There were hints and thoughts of that it could be in Maldives,
but what i thought could be was at a romantic dinner.

I cried, not because it wasn't a good surprise,
because I have waited for this moment sometime, 
because I never thought it would be so beautiful
because I never thought it would be while I'm in a wet bikini.
because I never thought it would be in my No makeup moment,
because I never thought it would be so unexpected 
because I never thought it was so unique
And bottom line,
I could not believe that this is for real.

I was surprised.
I was touched.
I was contented and blissful.


Since I was young, I always dream about a fairy tale wedding.
But after being through life, I realize fairy tales doesn't exists.
And so called, Happily ever after didn't seem to work with my past relationships.
I lost faith in love, but Christian , for these past 3 years, had made me the 
Happiest women ever. 
He taught me a lot of things in life and made me better.
He is just so self-less , funny , cute , easily contented and wise.
He never forgets me.
He brings me to see the world.
He made me feel beautiful.
He keeps his promises.
He loves me for who I am.

And that's why I said YES !

and what's NEXT ?

We will keep on travelling and taking our own wedding photos as we travel.
 And will keep our close friends & families updated about our the day then !
Ps.  We will show the original proposal video on the DAY.

Thank you so much for all the Congrats wishes !

Tusen Takk.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

I had never tried rock climbing on a real rock until this time I was invited to join the Zhuoyue English school retreat out to a place nearby YuLong River. We were guided by one of their teacher and all of us cycled from Yangshuo town to there in about an hour ride.

What can I say, the cycling part wasn't fun as we had to cycle through muddy and dusty main road alongside with those passing vehicles. However, it was worth it!

The path we chose we a bit more to advance level as the beginner's path was taken by other climbers.

The start was sure a challenge for me as I haven't got such rock in those indoor climbing centres.

And here's our master in climbing teacher.
The one whom motivated me .

He provided us climbing shoe and some dude told me that it's best to wear a shoe size smaller than normal.
So I did, but my toes were so much in pain !!!
OUCH !! It kinda bother me to give up cause of the pain on my toes.

But one thing I learn from this climb was that I should Never use my knee to climb !
It was nothing after that but the Next day, my legs and knees were full of bruises and wounds !

And also I learnt that, sometimes we might think you wont make it, 
But somehow, just keep trying and don'y give up,
you might surprise yourself of what you have achieved then.

I never thought I would reach the top but I did !

And the Reward was thee View !

Later then we cycled to Yulong river which was only 1min away!

It was on the National Holiday of China and it was so crowded !

Well, How was it?

Read here to know more !


This summer was something different for us as we decided to visit south of Europe.
The first vacation destination in our mind was Greece but then we change our minds and decided to check out the Southern most of Spain.

We booked it with Ving Tour ( Norway) and got this hotel Terraza Mars, Sunsuite at Puerto Rico.
It took us about 4 hours plus from Oslo to Grand Canaria.
It was our first time going on a Chartered tour and we thought it was a great choice !
Here's our room view with the balcony.
 The Balcony is huge for sure and we love it !
We also have our own kitchen provided with all the cutleries and cooking tools.

We got a toilet and our own private room and living room.

Here's how the Sunsuite looks like from the main road.

About 5 mins walk, it takes us here ! 
It's a nice location as it's only 3 mins walk to the shopping district and 5 mins walk to the main bus terminal in PuertoRico.

As for the beach in Puerto Rico, 
it wasn't that impressive.
Regardless how, we didn't spend much time on the beach, instead we went on our road trip exploring other towns nearby.

We took a taxi to Amadores beach and it was surprisingly cheap only 3Euro ++ to there.

Amadores beach looks a bit more secluded and inconvenient but their beach is definitely cleaner & nicer than Puerto Rico.

There is also Amadores Spa and we chilled there. 
It's about 30Euro to rent their sofabed and towels and to enter their spa.

They also have jacuzzi.

And that was how we spent our lazy 2nd day chilling at the Spa.

Next day we went to Puerto de Morgan.
with the Glass bottom ferry approx 25Euro per person.

And Puerto de Morgan known as their beautiful fishing village turns out to be very clean.

And full of blossom bougainvillea flowers throughout the old houses of this town.
It was beautiful !
We went on a Saturday which happens to be their Bazaar day with lots of stalls around this cute town.
But our main priority was to hike up and get the view of this colorful town.
Well, we didn"t had a map and went through their colourful houses and got lost a while untill we found this lookout point !!  

On the way, we spotted this artsy house 

Then after our sweaty hike, we decided not to go their beach but another rocky area to enjoy their waves !
It was kinda dangerous but it was fun !

That night we had Paella by the beach and it was so delicious !
There they have set of Paella + Jug of Sangria for only 22Euro. It's so cheap !
Next day, 
We went to MasPalomas !!!
We have heard about the Sand dunes there and being there itself was amazing !
But Im glad it wasn't a real dessert because while we were there we sort of experienced some sort of sand storm and it was super painful when the sand hits onto our skin. 
Moreover, walking on the sand is such a tough exercise. 
The best part of Maspalomas wasn't their fancy hotels but the real waves there are so fun compared to those still calm waters of fake manmade bay in Puerto Rico.

However, the was quite dangerous as they have life guards there to yell as "us" naugthy risky ones that love to go out and let the waves hit on us. It was my first time as well playing in such huge waves and getting twisted in the soaring waves. At times, I panicked underwater but still managed to find myself up as the waves pushes me unto the shores. It was addictively fun despite me having to repetitively pull up my bikini as the strong waves swipes it away from my special parts.

And the following day, we went out further to LasPalmas the City to explore.
The old town in Laspalmas was amazing ! 
Instead their beach didn't impressed us.
Their city bus confuses us and I guess we weren't amazed by the boring modern concrete jungles.

And our last day we woke up early and found ourselves chilling on the top of our hotel.
Didn't know our hotel had such nice pool and we kinda regret not spending more time there ~

Here's the view of the hotel balconies from the pool. 

A taste of Spain from Gran Canaria wasn't enough and we would surely love to be back this place again~ 
It is such a huge island and a week was surely not enough !

That's all about our short vacation there.
Thanks for reading.

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