~About FeliciaZoe~

Hi , Im FeliciaZoe

I am from Malaysia and I have a Norwegian fiance -Christian Bjerknes
Currently, we live both in Malaysia and Norway.
I would love to share my travelling experience or any random stuffs happening in my life and I hope my travel stories would inspire others to travel too !

I love anything related to Art, from homemade food recipes ,flower arrangement, home deco, art crafts, fashion, makeup , acrylic painting and even Batik. Other than that, she loves meeting new people and open to try out new things in ife.


editLive life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow !

One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done

editMy first Alone backpacking trip to Vietnam at the age of 21 ! I Helped out in the nursery and going around hospital singing carols to all the patients and felt so glad to bring joy to other's life ! Dip my legs into the sea during winter which almost KILLLED my Feet, experience snow for first time in Melbourne and I was soo COLD!, ate fried insects in Thailand, Kangaroo meat in Aus ,whale and horse meat in Norway! Cosplayed in Singapore for an Anime festival as Hatsune Miku Append. I earned my first own handphone just from selling badges in highschool and I felt so proud of my own capabilities then ! Dancin' in a Japanese festival in traditional costume, Participate sports day in Taiwan, Got my leg burnt from Motorbike exhaust pipe,Gazing at Mt Fuji as seen in the pictures with the ice snow tip under a cherry blossom tree by a lake, Survived through a typhoon flight, Stayed in a haunted house and more to come.

Locations Traveled

editTRAVELED: Australia(Melbourne), Indonesia(Lombok), Norway(Oslo, Bergen,Molde,Stavanger,Andalsnes, Arendal), Singapore, South Korea(Seoul,Gyeongju,Jeonju,Busan,Jeju), Thailand(Phuket,Krabi, Koh Samui,Bangkok), Vietnam(Ho Chin Minh,Hanoi),Taiwan(Taipei,Hualien,Taichung,Tainan,Lanyu Island,Kaohsiung,Pingtung,Alishan)
Japan(Okinawa,Kagoshima,Ibusuki,Miyazaki,Hyuga, Wakayama,Tokyo,Kyoto,Gotemba,Fuji-san,Kawasaki,Kamakura,Hokkaido-Toya,Muroran,Sapporo,Niseko
,Denmark(Copenhagen),Germany(Kiel), Philippines  (Manila), Spain ( Grand Canaria), Maldives, Greece( Crete), China ( Guizhou, Guangzhou, Yunan)

LIVED: Malaysia,Norway
WANTS TO GO: Brazil, Italy,  Iran
IS GOING TO: Sri Lanka, Japan

When did she start blogging? Her blog started as a personal blog at the gae of 18 where she actually like to share and record down the happiest moment of the everyday life. She is thinking of deleting her old childish post and start to enjoy writing reviews on products/services. She just loved to share her experiences with other readers.
Is her blog now changing to all beauty products? She doesn’t limit herself blogging about beauty products because she’s really flexible to write anything based on what she experienced when using the product/service.

How Many languages can she speak?
Norwegian, English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, Hokkien and some Tamil. She loves to learn more languages while travelling. Plus, She teaches Hokkien on her youtube channel.

What is her skin type? She has a sensitive combination skin.

What does she love to do during her free time? She loves reading books a lot, and often read before bedtime. She loves shopping, DIY, take photos, and baking. She doesnt watch any dramas and love travelling alone or just with her fiance.
What are her favourite beauty products? She is into Asian beauty products (mostly Korean and Japanese brands).

Does she has a part-time job? Yes. She’s a freelance make-up artist based in Kuala Lumpur and Oslo, Norway. She has a professional master in special effect make up, and has been a make-up artist for more than 5 years.

Where else I can follow her online? You can always find her here:


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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