How to Register CIMBCLICKS Online;Macam mana register CIMBCLICKS

So What is CIMBClicks?

APA ITU CIMB clicks??
Its an online banking system that eases your life in paying bills, topping up phone credits, money transfers ,bank drafts etc ! With Just a CLICK ; you won't need to queue up at the Bank; worry about snatch thieves ; queue up at Post office~ All these hassles are just Gone ! Poof !!! In a CLICK Away ~
Isn't it Magical??? ~

Well, here's how to Sign up for a CIMB CLICKS Online Account.
Those who have CIMB Acc can sign up for you Or you can just sign up yourself if you have it.
 Anyway it's more convenient to do online transferring
Step 1) Go to any CIMB ATM centre, insert your CIMB ATM CARD
Step 2)Enter PIN and bla bla...PRESS OTHERS-- CIMB CLICKS
Step 3)Key in 6 digits of password (as u like)
Step 4) Enter ur hp number and the ATM machine will "secrete" paper out
Step 5) Log on to
Step 6)Search for the word first time log in--CLICK IT
Step 7)Key in BankCard (the number behind your card
Step 8)It will appear as such :

First Time Login
Please enter your BankCard or Credit Card Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)
The CIMBClicks ID is the ID that you must use for subsequent sign-in sessions.It should be in alphanumeric format with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 32 characters and alphabets.
Password should be 8 characters. It has to consist of both alphabets and numerics characters.
*Indicates compulsory fields

BankCard / Credit Card No. / Loan No.* :
e.g (BankCard) 5018552000008887
e.g (Credit Card) 5104500100201580
e.g (Loan No.) 23439845893245
Internet E-Pin* :
CIMBClicks ID* :
CIMBClicks Password* :
Re-enter Password*
Mother Maiden Name* :
Refer-A-Friend ID : (Optional)
Enter your Introducer's Details
Name :
Staff ID :
Email :
CIMB Bank Branch
CALL --- 1 300 880 900 for further details from CIMB bank ~~

I came home and did my first ONLINE TRANSACTION !!! YEAH !!!
TOP UP RM10 !!! ~~ received the transaction very fast but they notified me about 10mins later..SO cacat~

Well, a truly apologize to those whom have read my horrible Manglish these past years about how to sign up for this back then. Recalling this incident as I was 19 yrs old and excited about having my own ATM card and most of all being able to do any transactions online without going out was definitely a WOW at that time. Of course, I started of "shopping" and "wasting" a lot of my money on Online transactions through online shopping but thankfully ! I was never scammed !
All these years, I had been using CIMB CLICKS and even doing Overseas transactions and transferring without a problem with CIMB and truly recommend this bank.

Well, so Click here to know what transformation has gone through my life and my crazy adventures throughout this world!

Btw, back then they would give out this FREE Octopus plush toy and I'm still keeping it !

YOYo~ Im Octopie !!

Isn't it adorable !?

Thanks for Reading and All the Best in Registering CIMB CLICKS !


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