Confession of the SHOPAHOLIC

HMMMmmm I'm not commenting on the latest movie but I'm confessing here that
I'm a shopaholic !

Well, I made a bet with myself today that if exam is after 10th May ( since i dont know when is exam date) then, i'll SHOP today. If it's before 10th , then I'll shop after exams and study at home today. And the ANSWER : 11th May first paper !! So, i'll SHOP !

MY dearest Rebecca teman me so i no need to shop alone liao ~!! MUACKZZ for u gal !!
As I had browse through many blogs and most women will blog about their shopping and majority the stuff they buy are branded and EXPENSIVE ! DUH~~ Wana show off their rich ma...
Well, I'm not that wealthy and I don't crave for them and I wont be ambarrased to show what i buy either although they are not branded ~~

Venue : Times Square
Time : 1pm to 3.30pm
Mission : Cheap and nice things lah !
Budget : RM100

In about 3 hours , We shop, We chat, We criticise, We spend wisely.
I bought more than 10 things and you cant believe the TOTAL PRICE of everything !!!

2 heels +1bag+3 dress+1skirt +1 shorts+ 2 tops + 1 sunglasses + 2 necklace + 2 accessories = RM ???

Well, there is a close up of these items ~ AND ITS NOT FOR SALE !! IT's MINE !!!

I'm willing to pay that RM25 dress it's because its from a boutique. Unique one huh?
The pink dress is a dress from taiwan. " I LUV IT !"
Well , the black dress is one common dress and it's from the SILVERTREND a famous RM10 shop in times square

The bag- Casual and nice

This is a skirt with studs on it ~ SUPERB !!!!

The reason you can't spot the accesories is bcuz it's on the HEELS !!

SUPER CHEAP WEI !! I and Becca just come by upon this shop and then realise
WOWWWWWWW~ lucky i didnt buy those accesories at the main hall..


Its SIZE 4 and only last pair !! I am SO SO LUCKY ~~ yipppeee!!

Fell in love with it once a saw it ! ALSO RM 10 !!

Well, Girls/Women~ You don't have to buy branded clothes on and show off. Fashion comes and go. Not all Cheap stuff are low quality~ It's just maybe they had some defaults. AND BE SMART LAH~ Don't buy those that ppl once see sure know it's cheap or those super common on the streets. I ENJOYED MY DAY and Hope you ppl out there spend wisely too !!

OH...Almost forget to tell the TOTAL = RM113 !!!

P.s -

Be yourself ~ Listen to your heart


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