My first step to PHOTOSHOP ~

Many of you all ppl out there sure know how to use photoshop right??
I'm like the *sakai* one that now i'm only learning how to photoshop and I got this copy from my friend which gave me the OLD VERSION of photoshop for me to try it out lah~~

The first thing i learn from my friend is --TADAAA !! -the healing brush or some stamp which can
earase all my dark eye circles and pimple and scars and etc~ Then i simply press this press that
till my picture become like this ~


Owh~~btw..the thing i use is liquify.. U see i got muscles !!! BIG ONES~~ wahahah

Rajin me...explore this Photoshop for about one hour and i stil can't fully control it !! ARgHH~~
It's super complicated !! Yet... I did one nice pic of mine and very proud of it!!

Oh~~ i didnt photoshop myself also...
WHO is this ? Guess is (ORANG INI) a guy or girl??


I took this test from this website

and after answering their questions for about 10 mins , the report wasn't out !!
I just recieved their report today and think this report is very scientific and professional ~
It makes me realise how well i understand myself and i'm seeking more into improving my self !

Your Comparison to the Average

You are somewhat less outgoing than the average female is. Most
females like to keep themselves busy with continuous interaction,
conversations, and the company of others. You also enjoy these things,
but having some time on your own is equally important to you. This
is one of the guiding parts of your personality.
The average male and the average female differ slightly in their
extroversion level. The average male tends to be less extroverted than
the average female is.

You are somewhat more reactive to your feelings and moods than the
average female is. When it comes to emotions, you feel them more
intensely than the average female does. This is one of the guiding
parts of your personality.
The average male and female are similar in their level of emotionality.
Women, however, tend to talk about their feelings and emotions more
than men do. Starting in early childhood, girls are encouraged to
express their feelings more than boys are.

(I admit ~ I'm a cry baby.....>___<"")

Picture for today~

P.S- You're my miracle


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