Shooting pics ~~


Here are the pics of my photoshoots at Fraser's hill~ I still havent recieved all of it yet.
Shoot with Rae -2008 Segi College Kuala Lumpur Prom Queen

Today i had my own shooting- CAMWORE time !! yeah~
I remembered i used to camwhore in my room last time.. but as i grow older i didnt had time to do that. Today ! i did it ! and the results are NOT BAD LAH......

Sakai look

Cute look

Messy look

Sweet Look?

Sleepy look

P.s -

I know i am strong yet i want to be weak in front of you,
I know you dislike me crying yet i cried in front of you,
I know what i did might make things worst,
but i want you to know
no matter how, my feelings remain the same.

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