Beach P.A.R.T.Y + SHooting!

Last Sat we went to Sepang Gold Coast to celebrate Weekiat's Farewell . He's leaving to Singapore for further studies.

THIS IS WEE KIAT~ showing off his "BODY" ~

It's gonna be a future tourist attraction as they are going to build chalets on the sea in a PALM Tree shape.

The current progress is just until here

However, because of all these constructions , the sea is polluted. Thus, you can see bubbles on the sea water which i gives me an eerie feeling.

We gathered at Desa park city mall's Car Park area. From there, we will board on the bus which Wee Kiat charted for us. Well, before this event i saw on facebook that my ex classmates from SMP JLN IPOH (girl sch)- Samantha Leong is COMING!! She was like my best friend during my schoold days and it's been ages since i last met her. And surprisingly Jason Pang , a youth member whom i used to attend their church was also coming. So, I brought Luciffer as i know that Jason knows Lucciffer as well.
It turned out great as Ollie came and she met Jennilyn which is also one of her church member last time. And Wee Kiat is Ollie's friend's cousin!! It just somehow relates us to each other and not forgetting Thanesh ( knew him from also another church event few years ago) came for that farewell. We all had much fun meeting up each other after a long time. and Samantha got prettier and slimmer!!! She's still the same old sweet and interested in gymnastics. We chat all the way in the bus and i didn't took much pictures as i was busy chatting all the way there and till back.

Me n Ollie

Some ice breaking games.
From the Left is Jennilyn- Samantha -Me - Thanesh- Ollivia

From here you can see how BIG Thanesh is!!

Ok! He's stealing my donuts!!

OLLIE n JASON !!! They look so cute together !!!

Jen( freaking tall) and Samantha<--- so sakai lah!!
OK back to normal post

This picture is so gorgeous~ taken by

Few days back I had some Spontaneous Shooting~ kinda unexpected but well i needed a profile shoot anyway. So, these are the pics!!

This is before editing ~got eye bags, ugly armpits..LOL

TADAAAA Smooth n flawless skin n armpits!

Different white outfit

White shirt - Lancome ambassador..LOL

Sweet ??? NAH~ i don't think it matches the back ground.

* credits to BOO!

Behind the scenes

Lazy to edit this pic lah~ have to liquify many parts

My Sakai Brother!! haha~~

Looks lika a studio shot huh??
Actually its only in my Brother's ROOM~



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