Furnish Room 2

I bought some more new items from IKEA to continue furnish my Princess ROOM.
First OF All ~ I got a new mosquito netting

New Bed Sheet n Comforter as well

And i shifted my table lamp from the dressing table to the study table

Changed new make up bag and had a pink cloth layer on it


You KNOW AH!! I bought RM1.50 for a few of the hook which stupid ikea didnt provide the hook and I didnt have a Hammer so i took the back of screw driver knocking that hook into ceiling!! TOOK ME LIKE 1 HOUR just to Nail in that thing !!! My arm muscles also tired liao..

I cam-whore with my NEW NEtting !!

Like some dance pose eh~~ hahaha!

And~~ I changed my MOZILLA THEME !!! PINK PINK !! ^_^

Well the Victoria secret Watch was one of my wishList AND I BOUGHT IT!!!!

It's not hanging with my other earings on the rack

Amount of earings increasing~~ Haiyo....
Well, when the watch just arrived. I checked it condition. It was perfect in shape however on the metal hook part written the word "CHINA" and the material looks so fake!! I was so dissapointed and sad. Then, i brought to college and most of my friends said its confirm fake even my brother says it looks fake ! Another friend tried burning it and it cause the leather behind to have some soot stain. At least it didnt melt. So, it's genuine LEATHER !!!
I try to confront the seller and she 100% sure it's REAL AUThENTHIC VS WATCH!!
Well, i trust her lah~ anyway... try go petaling street or chow kit to find a pirated VS watch. It's kinda IMPOSSIBLE EH~ Oh WELL, I don't care la~ as long i like my watch and it looks nice on me enough.

Well, I've gotta get prepared for exams!! Its 2 weeks ahead !! NITEZ!!


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