It's Been a While~~

Its been awhile I've never opened my old Msn ID .
I decided to close it as there were too many unknown ppl on my lists which i cant even differentiate my friends.
As i opened my old MSN~ closed it about 7 months and now i reopened it !!
wah!!! 700 over emails and 70+ invitation to add

So i opened my mail..which i cant read all but founds some interesting issues.
Would like to share them with you all.

These are Hotel rooms in Taiwan.
They have different theme for each room and it's all decorated in a fantasy land design.
More likely for Kids i think.As u all know i love pink and i found my most favorite room of all!!

2ndly my favourite is...
It feels like i've into the Adam n Eves time. so sweet n Calm


Well check out the rest and u would find some interesting room deco !


The next Email was TITLED
* check this out !! I've never seen these scenes b4 but it's COOL~

This Concludes that~~ We Malaysians are CIN CAI PPL !!!!
Well, It's GOOD !!! And that's what Unique about us. Though there is not much pleasant scene, however this is what makes us stand out of all. We're just moderate not high end country SO WHAT ? We are MALAYSIANS MAH~~ APAPUN BOLEEEEEHHHH~~~!! Cheers !!
P.S* did u saw the pic the kid in the trolley? hmmm what an evil mum eh! *

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