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I've quit shopping externally, instead now I'm shopping internally which means through the net. Somehow, things in the net may seem more interesting rather than the outside world.(it's because u cant test the quality). However when it arrives, you'll just realize that that items is just an ordinary one. See, that's how internet world deceived us.

Lately, I'd been putting a sweet smiley face wherever i go.

Trying to act cute as possible to attract people's attention

It's just the external deception. Internally , I'm frustrated over decision making issues.
I'm frustrated about my life. I should do something about it. Even my business as well. I realize I do things half way and there's is no constant determination in me. I need motivation , peace and self love. Once again~ I'm back to square one , searching what i really want and never look back again.

*ps. what i need is a man that brings happiness not sadness
someone that cares and understand
someone that cheers me up when i'm down
someone that brings colours to my life
someone whom i truly love.

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