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Well, lately I've been On9 shopping and i bought this product which i really recommend those girls out there who love Pretty things ~!! and i Luv this item !

Its the Laneige Sliding Pact Foundation !

As you can see , the sliding compact is as big as my LG cookie
Yet thicker~ ( i decorated the side with my bling pearls)

How to open ? Slide it only lah ! ans push up a little so can see ur self in da mirror!

Where is the sponge??( hahah ~ hidden ) its took me awhile to find it...LOLZ!

Well, its light n small and can be a mirror as well. I bring it anywhere to * show off* LOLZ~
such a pretty thing don wan show mer?? LOL

in2it- eyebrow pencil,Clinique balm repair , and Laneige Sliding Pact !
Now , Im ready to go OUT !

OH ya ~ I love this perfume so MUCH!! it Smells so SWEET ~

Well, another skin care product i would like to recommend is

I've been using this cream for about A year plus. Before that i used to have horrible scars and LOTS OF pimples !!! NOW, with this cream , No matter how late i sleep, how less water i drink, my pimples can be cured ASAP !!! NO WORRIES!!!

The previous pakaging looks like this

which was really wasting cuz some leftovers cant be squeeze out and this product now very cheap wan leh~~~

WELL, new pakaging is like this !!

Easier and less wastage !
ONLY RM 138 !!! I bought it at Facial Beauty shop in Kepong - True Colour Beauty centre~ At metrojaya ~~ I always go there for facial cause they always have promotion and the beautician there is my friend , she really squeeze every dirt out wei~ LOLZ!

Next item is CONTACT LENS
As u all knw i'm a contact lens freak. Well, this happen to few of my lenses as i didnt use good quality eye saline solution.

The saline dries up and turn into salt like particles. causing my lens to get dry as well. But,
in order to save my lens !! I refill the water and the harden lens turn back soft lens again.
* beware when the lens is hard~ do not touch it ! it will break like glasses~ Very fragile*

Lately, I've been very addicted to FAlSE EYELASHES !
I bought these falsies really cheap price ! RM10 for 10 pairs and im planning to buy more.
Kinda lazy to put on mascara. * mascara makes me look untidy and messy*
Even the best mascara like Dejavu + tsuya tsuya angel fibre can make my lashes drop of onto my face and my friends would help me dust off my face. Kinda ambarasssing though.
Yet, to make the falsies look natural, You have to gum it the right way and cut it according to ur eye width. Besides, Don't use too thick and volumize lashes if you wana go natural. Unless u wana look like barbie doll then its best to get those SUPER volumize LASHES~


Well, I'm Now on a HOLIDAY MOOOD!!!

What i plan during these holidays are
1) Photo shoot with friends !!
2) Sing karaoke !
3) Sunway Lagoon !
4)Celebrate Some1 birthday
6) Work
7)Renew my BlogShop
8) Go for some trip
9)Unplugged concert!
10)Take good care of my skin !

Oh well, ALL these plan are quarterly accomplished and now ~~ IM SICK!!!!

COUGH- FEVER_ FLU ? SHuld i be Quarantine ? NONONONO!!!!
I got so many things to do !!
Malaysian are so afraid of getting H1N1 as if its a deadly sickness. Well, u can be afraid of it for prevention but not like lets say u see someone coughing or having flu and than stand far far from them lah~ SO MEAN !!!
H1N1 -- My mum is in charge of that ward. She's still fine n healthy here
It only weakens those who are poor in health and has secondary sickness such as Aids , daibetes, heart attack, Asthma~ etc.
My mum is working in those ward and she explain that the fever will last one week only and there is a cure in Malaysia already. Well, It's not very deadly after all for ME - Healthy PIG right? I still can go out and do my things, Just wear my mask la~~
My fever comes and go. Thus, its more like a viral rather than H1N1 that peaks to high fever and etc.
I myself can be my own nurse huh? I take care and eat my medicine and get well by myself~!

I'll be so much prettier after im WELL~~ WAKKKKKAAAAAAAA

The end ~ Thx for reading !


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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