Those were the times~

I redecorated my HP. This time its more simple and elegant

As i was browsing through my files, I just can view those memories back then. Seeing friendship GROW and so many things. Which i would like to share about my friendship life.
Im a very easy going social + friendly person. I make lots of new friends but not close ones. Seldom ~ Throughout my college life , I've made lots of friends. One of them are Ollie n Becka which both are now closest to me !

I remember last year when we first met. It was in the Orientation,not the council meeting. I first know Ollie and chat with her about clubbing and dance. Well , then only i got to know Becka. At that moment, we were'nt in the same class . Thus, didnt really had chance to get to know them well. However , since we joined the student council , we cooperated in some events such as Garage sales (I and Ollie did manicure) and Prom night and the Ultimate Prom night.
Last year pic
OLLIE n ME ~ ( just ignore that guy)

Becka n ME

Ultimate Prom night

Becka n ME

This is the time we weren't that close. As u can see our face expression is a bit awkward. SO, Picture tells everything huh~

End of the month i went for a trip which Becka didnt made it.. ( i think that time she got Andy liao)

*Oh ya~~ we had looots of fun~~

Well starting this year only i got closer to them after the broke up. Well, it made me realize that Love isnt everything and friendship is a must in my life.
I realize also that when i was in a relationship , i neglected my friends and kinda strayedaway.This friendship was a miracle that healed the hurt within my heart.

The Miracle Of Friendship

There is a miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart
and you don't know how it happens
or when it even starts.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that Friendship
is God's most precious Gift!!!

I started shopping with Ollie n Becka ~ We didnt take pictures of us shopping as we were too busy shopping wei~ LOLZz

My first photoshoot with Becka

Our friendship ring!( its so lovely)

*I went clubbing just to celebrate her birthday ! It was my first time in this year!

2nd photoshoot was awesome!!

Me n Ollie 4 beach party at Sepang !

Well , i wrote this poem for both of them. Hope they'll like it !

Ollie Ollie
cheerful, nice and kind
forever the lovely
loves anything to do with banana
eats anything healthy

Ollie Ollie
strong determination is her best quality
never give up and always tries her best
stands out among the crowd
no matter where she goes
for has inner beauty far more than the others

Ollie Ollie
needs more self control
shopping shopping is always on her mind
Thank God she met someone that thought her to spend cheap things
however, life has to have a limit
A limit where there is a concience of neccesity

Ollie Ollie will forever be Ollie

Becka Pika
cheeky, sporty and hottie
loves anything related to Andy
drinks like no other pig on earth

Becka Pika
Natural beauty lies within her
Simple is her nature
Thrifty is how it leaded her to Andy
For she has founded the perfect prince that brighten her life

Becka Pika
needs a smack on the butt!
Sports and academic has to be balance in her life
however her butt gets lazy when comes to academic wise
Yet ! SMARTY Becka always manage to pull it off with passing results.

Becka pika Will forever be Becka

you both are blessings to my life


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