Knowing MYself

Organizational behaviour starts from knowing your own behaviour.

Its been awhile since the last time I blogged. Somehow, I had no inspiration or idea of what to blog. I realize what I blog is mostly things about me that I shared with others. Instead not things around the world. There was a lost of interest in the blogging world. I felt somehow no one is reading what I blog. Instead, looking at the pictures. ( ya ~ I post a lot of pictures.. Kinda lazy to type) Now, I'm typing this in the bus. I just went for 4days trip to Alor Setar ( north part of Malaysia);. It’s a far more rural place compared to KL. I experienced NO INTERNET at there for 4 days. This is really a challenge for me as I had been addicted to the Internet for quite awhile. Yet, I managed to fill my time thinking n relaxing my mind over there.

I did my Organizational Behaviour homework which is to know myself. In this homework, I realize that I’m a very flexible person. I’m unique as my personality changes according to surroundings. Such cases are like when I'm in an surroundings full of extrovert people, I’ll be the introvert. I choose to keep quiet and have low self esteem as I think that people are better than me. Vice versa, I’ll be an extrovert in a less active surroundings. Besides, I'm also a very emotional person. I believed that most women are emotional and to add on my emotion is actually the fact that I'm a left handler. A left handler usually uses their right brain which tends to have an imaginative thought. With God’s given talent, somehow, this emotion controls over my thoughts and my actions, which result to either a good or bad consequences. I can be arrogant in some situations which regards to my talent. Well, I cant blame my childhood but indeed it is the one that carved my personality. Since young I had been entering various competitions and majority of them are a triumph for me. I tend to prefer working alone and not cooperate in doing some artwork or things that require creativity. As there is an arrogance in mind which that only me can create a great masterpiece. Well, I used to said my mum pampered me a lot when I'm young but it isn’t fully true. I used to be very obedient and determinant when I was young and thus receiving lots of complement. Since then, It created an attitude where I was unable to accept harsh criticizes.

At this age, I admit I'm still childish. The childishness in me has to be gone. I realize that I always wanted people to go my way. THE Childish way--- Well, I'm currently trying to control this attitude and it only appears once a month. Which now I'm trying to further reducing it to once a year and then once in a blue moon. You know, this kind of attitude would not only tarnish my own image

, in fact it would caused a scar or hurt in someone’s heart. It’s always hard being a nice sweet talker. Yet I realized it’s the way to build a good relationship. I realize that I'm a very straight forward person. I talk straight right everything from my heart. YES~ Its good to be honest, But this attitude caused a few broken friendships as I hurt my feelings unintentionally. Well, Not everyone can accept sarcasm nor critic ts. However , I now have to learn the skill of being a sweet talking + straight forward person.

Well, that’s all for now I can think about, The thing I'm always proud about myself is that I'm always happy and my name means happy. I love to see people around me happy too. Especially kids. Thanks for reading !!


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