What i had been up to lately?

Well, I was being reluctant to blog about things I've been up to lately. Its not like I'm really busy or what. Its just that I was thinking this blog has become merely like my daily report. Oh well, it's just different people having different type of blogging attitude. Some blog to share their experience,Some blog to share about their life, Some blog to share their knowledge. Bottom line, blogging is all about sharing. I've been addicted to photoshop as I've found that It's actually an easy application and interesting to create an art piece from it. I designed our college's prom night and edited some of my photoshoot pics. Well, these are my latest photoshoot pics which i think it's more a different side of me. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

Prom night poster which i designed

Rebbeca Tan~ My BUDDY~~~ She's ONE HWATT MODEL!!!

Had a photoshoot with Ulim - Alvin n Eric @ Full house

Studio Shoots

Playful shots of me in - PINK-

Mysterious Me
-by Elton Teo-

I like these shots as it's the most unique shots compare to others. Some might comment that this photoshoot doesnt suit my attitude or style. However, deep within me, this photoshoot is an ART. Something unique which shows the another side of me. Won't you all one day get bored seeing photoshoots of me doing the same pose, same look, same smile but just different location? Well, photography is an art that brings out beauty from within and I LOVE this ART.

Had A quick Last Min shoot with Nigel before he went back to Camerons.
He's quite a new beginner and still in the learning progress for portrait photoshoot. However, I would compliment that he has great photography talent as some of his scenery shots are Awesome!! I'll do the photoshop for now yet i believe i cant always photoshop for you Nigel. I shouldn't catch fish for you but should teach you how to catch fish isn't it?
WELL DONE Nigel~ Im proud to be ur "White Mouse"~ lolz! ^_^

Thanks for viewing~ Have a Nice DaY guys !


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