What I Had DONE -holidayz-??

I kinda spend a lot time going here and there during my sem break which is 2 weeks !
Spending money like water which ended up now i have to save money and spend wisely. Well ,there is actually much more activities and so many photos yet~~ I'm kinda reluctant to show all cause it's gonna turn my blog into a photo blog rather than a BLOG ! I spend time with Rebecca and her EVIL TWIN BROTHERS JUN n HO + her cousins + sesat GARY... We went to sunway lagoon !! Guess what? It's my FIRST TIME THERE !!!!! I was so excited to play in the water theme park !! We had lots of fun playing the slides , running here and there like kids and racing on the slides teasing each other. I still remembered that we sat the roller coaster train and I was the only one Shouting and screaming... HOW Pathethic~ They so evil leh... Bully me.. and Gary even rocorded the video of me screaming on the roller coaster!!! GRRRR...

Bright Morning ~ feeling excited to go Sunway Lagoon!!

Group PIC!


Introducing my WIFE! Rebecca Tan Jin Vern which made into TOP 10 in Broadway modelling contest !! VOTE HER YEAH!!

Im so short compared to her...

WE both look so PUCAT!

This is a pic he drew me !!! Although doesnt look alike yet ! it's an art that finish in few minutes !! AWESOME JOB!!

We ate at PASTA de GOHAN~
hmmmmm kena tipu in front put 50% DISCOUNT ON WEEEKDAYS.... actually its for staff in sunway pyramid.. don't kena tipu eh... but.. so far... the food OK LA.... quite expensive for me... =(

These pics are fun shoots taken in 1 UTAMA~ I wore Slippers and run here and there like a small kid in a mall.. Had lots of FUN eh~~ kekee

WOrking TIME !!!
This is my dearest Brother --- JOSHUA CHEW!!!
isnt he cute?

YOU cant even guess our JOB don't you ?? LOLZ!! SHhhhhh.. SECRET!


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