Lots n lots of assignments are comin up ~ All are due NEXT WEEK and I haven't START a THING YET !!!! Well, gonna start kick my own ass soon~ so... Wont bother to blog til after then. Im thinking of changing my Blog layout into something more creative.It takes time ~ But till then I'll sure have more things to blog.. All accumulated in PICs form. PMS is OVER and Now im tidying my LIFE back~

Prom night is just week away~ Im not attending it althought im the one designing the poster n etc. I found it kinda boring and no point wasting my money into such events~ I heard lots of ppl are going though~ Hope it would be OKay~ and I hope next year's student council would be better instead of having members that talk coc without doing anything.

Would really recommend this false eyelash glue to all gals out there. It's sold on one of the 2nd highest level in Sg wang~ a Small stall at the corner selling lots of fake eyelashes in boxes of price RM10,Rm15 till Rm30~ The glue is sticky and waterproof wei~ Just put a little will do and it's 15ml at the price of RM12 ONLY !!! they had another brand 5ml -RM13~ price RM1 difference but ml is 10ml difference!! both are equally good anyway~ hehe

Ever heard of Maybelline's latest Gel eyeliner? I tried it out and find it quite good as well!
It's water proof and really last and doesnt smeared !! comes with a brush as well~ however its quite small bottle compared to Mac -becka has- well, its cheaper than KATE ,MAC and bobbie Brown and its only Rm39.90~

Bought some book lately~ I realized it's been a long time since the last time i was reading. Most probably i read more internet rather than books. Well, Chinese books aren't my type cause they have so many WORDS and it gives me a headache and a twist in my brains. Read finish the green book at the left. Its a story about singaporean lifestyle og a man staying with 2 lady~ It's quite a rubbish book as it doesn't have good vocabs in it and not a very interesting story line. The another book whereas is a CHinese, KOrean , Japeses learning book. Well, chinese is not a problem for me. Im trying to learn Japanese first and see how it goes with Korean then.

This is the book Im currently reading~ its more than halfway through. A very inspiring book~ Great story line about a Girl name Hope that wasnt suppose to be born in the 80's. Well, this book potray's a women's hardship and determination that was build from young. Its gives me a realization that how fortunate for us to live now compared to the olden days. Well, we must appreciate our LIFe then~

I had an addiction in reading lately, planning to get more books~
A Women that Reads, is an attractive women. Isnt it ?


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