Awful day~ T_T

I had sore throat and slight fever today. Didn't feel that well since morning but i had to go to college to pass up my assignments today. Upon reaching college, i was so blur that i almost got into an accident. However, later that i went to library and print out my assignment. Again, in my blurry mood i printed out extra assignments.. wasted all my papers...=( .. I left my hp at library there.. forgetting about it and rush to class. I felt so weird why i feel so uncomfortable about today's shirt.. then only i realize i wore it terbalik..OMG~ I thought ppl looking at me today cuz i look hot or what.. cheh actually i wear terbalik pulak..=.=~~ When i reach class , Im already late. The lecturer confronted me and asked me why i always late.. As usual , i'll give a reasonable excuse.However, the lecturer's mood wasnt good today.. One of the student got scold really badly from her as she was talking all the way through her class. I was suppose to go Sg wang with Joanne later.. Then only i realize i CANT FIND MY HP!!! I panicked but i still have to pass up my assignment. Then my friend saw my assignment and told me i got the wrong format!! WTF!!!! NO one told me about this. I explained to the lecturer but she was so mean and told me that no matter how she will still minus my assignments marks.. Really depressed.. I Rushed out of the class after passing up assignment to search for my phone. I almost feel like crying.. That phone is so precious to me. It means a lot to me and i like that phone so much. After searching and asking SOOOoo many people and other friends and trials of calling that phone.. At LAST !!! She pick up the call. Thank God it's a student from our college. I thought the person who found my phone will just steal or take my phone. She was nice enough not to steal it and instead return my phone back to me. My day was upside down... I still feel sick and lethargic~ Hope tomorrow will be a better day.


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