Christmas is COMIN!!!

Christmas is just one month ahead, Sales are everywhere !! I will go crazy this month if i don't SHOP !!
Well, that day i had a shopping day with susu~ and it was AWESOME !! Cause i got super nice clothes but actually kinda spending it unnecessarily ~ However , i was still satisfied with the outcome! This week itself i had been to Sg wang and Times Square 4 TIMES!! OMG!! freaking same place in a week and seeing the same fashion all over again. Oh well, most of the time i bought a few stuff and it all ended up in a Large Quantity. Hehe.. Im not going there for the next 3 weeks !! NO MORE!! Im fed up with that place. Exam is around the corner so~ I dont think i will blog that much lately~ Have to STUDY LAST MINUTe !!! -My Style and most Malaysian's does that too!!
Upon all these shopping spree~ I had bought something i had been craving for such a LOOoooong time !!! The original price i saw was rm50 !! However the next shop i visited only cost RM25!! Half the price. Without hestitating , I bought it !! I'm addicted wearing this and i LIKE it so much!! I even feel that i look like a korean in that hat!! I had a few camwore with my Fav item !!!

I got all these translations online~ Don't know how to pronounce it at all~
Today our family didnt went church at all! The funny thing is that, we were suppose to go to church right? But the plan changed and we had to go to the mosque !! MOSQUE ??!!! Can worship God anywhere right? LOLs but why mosque?? Actually we went there to attend a malay wedding. However it's kinda wierd as it's my first time entering the mosque. and based on what i wear, it wasnt to revealing but those malays gave me a kind of look.. HMMMMmmm.. And our family was the only CHINESE!!!

OH!! and i painted my nails red and had some flower stickers on it !!! OMG!! its so lovely !~ I LUv it SOO MUCH !!

p.s**I miss Becka so muchhhhH~~~she went to singapore and then will be leaving to Aus soon~So envy her wei.. can travel always with her bf. As for me, i'm still stuck in Malaysia like a frog in a well.
** I wana watch 2012 !!! =(- Even my lecturer says its an awesome movie. It relates to what will happen in the future. Some will be more aware after watching this, while some will laugh at its moral. I wonder which will i be categorized after watching this movie.
*why so many of my friends nowadays so fast get into a relationship ! break up then couple break up then couple- Im fed up to know their stories after break up and need my advice. These kind of people doesnt treasure love or what does it mean by relationship. I just feel that these friends have to clear of what they want and need in their life instead of taking relationship as a game.


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