Dear Mummy~


A very lovely women in mid 50's
Patient and cute in her own ways
her positive attitude brings forth joy to us
ost of my friends feared her, even my ex also fear her.
She's a hot tempered lady
but yet still compassionate deeply.
She's soft hearted and emotional, just like her daughter
She's a Nurse
Im so proud of her
Although she controls me
I Thank her
She's over protective
but this shows her empowering love over me
and i'm used to it.
Somehow, the over empowerness will only
attack me when her period is near.
She's always the Queen of my heart.

This is a pic of her in kimono- ( she's a mix jap)

Married pic with my father~ ( She's so much prettier than me right?)

From 30 going 50 !!! -- She's just having a bored face.. ^_^

Does every women when they turn older they would PERM THEIR HAIR?!!! lolz~
she still look so cute~ Btw... she perm to cover her botakness..=P

My mum has been facing hair falls since her mid forties. At that time i was still a student and didnt care much about her hair or etc. But as time flies, her hair decrease because she was studying degree and then diploma at that time. Can you believe a women in mid 40's having 3 kids studying still wana study her degreen then diploma.. now thinking of master?? WOW! my friends are also surprised to know my mum is able of doing this. She worked and study part time. A very hard time for her thus she loss her hair... What currently i can do now is. * since i cant afford Yun Nam hair care or other expensive treatments* I get her Dove HAiR Fall ShampOO!!

Another reason that encouraged me to purchase this product is because its not rm34.90
with FREE Panasonic Hairdryer* with warranty*- FREE Dove Clutch* red-black-gold*Free Dove body shampoo! Isn't it such a worth during Christmas!?? I reallt like the clutch! ^_^

Yesterday i had to redo my marketing management assignment!! Today i pass it up ! YEAH!
and then later i headed to Becka's house! We had a plan for Student n teacher LOOK~
Elton was invited n Nigel was learner~ I think Nigel is not bad in this time's photoshoot session! Cant wait to see those pics.. Of cuz.. I shall teach Nigel how to photoshop ASAP! I cant alwas fish the Fish for him right? I have to be SIFU and teach him how to FISHING! Lolz~

Becka had some Branded clothes frm Andy's aunt which they want to sell on ebay! OMG! the brands are like Gucci-feragamo-etc-i dono much of them * im not a branded person yea*SO~~ we just modelled the clothes and.. It's pretty~ and much more prettier after I edited ^_^

SO envy her height n jaw line..GRRRRR
Becka is the TALLEST PIG ON EArth!
* spot somting pink?*

I look Fashionista WEI~~

If only i edited some HAIR on her armpit...WAHAAAAH

I LIKE THIS PIC!!!! ^_^ MA fav!

STrawberry Biscuit!!!
I tell u One thing about NIGEL
i never met someone that is so funny n farnie even u see his face he no neeed talk also farnie
and~ always give strawberry items to girls~
-first time met- pasar malam... he was talking to Ollie* I was thinking.. siapa BUDAK INI lAh?* LOLZ!! that's all i didnt talk to him also~~ POYO budak...he LOOK like 14 wei
* today he somemore kena police check his licence polis even think he's a budak!! WAKAKAKA*
-2nd time met PHOTOSHOOT-- WHY JUMP so far ed?? LOLZ~ we chat first on blog.. then he kept updating my photoshoots and INTERESTED IN ME LIAO~ LOLZ!!!! Then , on msn become so friend liao loH~ When he came back cameron i didnt went the shooting gang at Klcc ma so plan another day out with him n he bring LIGT BULB- Susu* this light bulb AH Sam wan leh~ LOLZ* I warn u AH susu~ Dont Rampas my GF WEI~~
Nigel is so Nice.. even we officially meet he even give me * stranger* a Strawberry pillow..* eh give the umbrella n slipper la~~~kiam siap betul =p* But when we first met also like buddy can talk talk talk... Same la that Sam bat SUSU also like me so SaM BAT so we also TALK TALK TALK loh~
-3rd time meet- Go TS Makan Papa JOHN's... This GUY GIVE ME DRIEd STRAWBERRY!!! wah... All strawberry from camerons...^_^ Im so lucky wei.. everytime meet sure got presents ~ kekekee.. Make me fat only lah!! Anyway it's NICE!!! I alone wallap ALL ~ BLEH=P
4th time meet- TODAY LOH~~ SEE WHAT HE GIVE this time??

STRAWBERRY BISCUIT!!!!!! But this time he'll ne back here LOOOoong loh~~ Next time he go Camerons i ask him bring back Strawberry ice cream ^_^!!! Wakakaka!!!
I DARE U NIGEL!!!!! *If u Berjaya den I will go clubbing with u !*

*Today... I did something bad~ It wasnt my fault... I was desperate~ I stole a CHALK!!!!! Stupid la... After i stole.. Nigel said.. OK la.. buy the chalk set...rm3.90
I steal for nothing !!! Nigel somemore say very normal for stealing.. shhhh.. I feel so guilty 4 one chalk leh - green colour - it's in Nigel's car now~~ it wont haunt me right... PLZ CHALK don haunt me~ Haunt Nigel k...^_^ AMEN!!

Once again thx for reading my blog ! hAVE A bloody nice weekend n HOLIDAY!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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