The LOOOO00ooGEST BLoG PoST EVeR!!!~ ♥

I've Finished all my ASSIGNMENTS !!! WOHHOOOO!!! Life is becoming more relax now.
BUt I shall then tell you what i had done lately. SO many things to blog about and it's gonna be a LOOOOOoong Post so~ Hope u'll enjoy this SUPER LOoong POST!

I was busy with Photoshoots, hanging out with my gf's and handling those freaking assignments at last min! I still manage to pull it off wei~~
Here are the Photoshoot pictures.

Drama Queen
make up by -Feliciazoe
Photog by-Feliciazoe
Its a Syok Sendiri Shoot by myself. Obviously it;s not taken by DSLR buy only my hp camera. LG Cookie- 3MP ONly.. I learnt by reading evont's blog-( I really admire her photoshoots and creativeness. Currently she's one of my Fav blogger !
Underwater PhotoShoot

Credits to
Make up artist - Shi Kin Mohd Nor( MAS air stewardess)
Fashion Design- Group 1
Photog- Group 1& Lecturer Bobo & Nazrul
Head of all- Mohd Hazli Bobo Hazzan
Models for the day- Felicia, Vicky Lee and Elaine


Location: private pool

* I love the Underwater photoshoot- It's more unique and creative compare to other shoots. Oh well, however it;s not easy as i have to open my eyes in the water which is exposed to chlorine! But then, i enjoy swimming, diving and twirling in the water. I guess i was the only hyperactive Mermaid there. I love this photoshoot and will look forward for more of this type of underwater shoots! -LOVE being a MERMAID -

I shoot myself with a Lamp~ Nice huh?Maybe i should go for a shooting themed- light bulbs.
Bought new dress and tops~ I love the white corset look top. However , wearing that top makes me feel a bit insecure. Im worried it will Fall OFF !! ;P

Day out with my friends !!! BECKA N SUSU~

We went for the Loreal' Warehouse sales. Queu since 8.30 and waited for the event to open at 10am. Honestly we regret going so early cause not many people went also. Anyway, We enjoyed ourself and it was HALOWEEN DAY!! I wasnt in a good mood~ all of us also not really good mood that day.. All Super tired n sleepy. But in the pictures we look so energetic. This is what we call acting. LOLZ~ The best part is i went becka house and she cook for me !!! OMG!! U should taste her cooking !!! SUPER SEDAP WEI~~ TOMYAM SPAGEThhi!!! I Wana eat somemore BECKA !!!

This are my NEPHEWS !!! They stay at mentakap~ I went back mentakap for my cousin's wedding.This is my cousin- Michelle. She would be the one getting married soon~right pic is my nephew~ she look like me when i was young and had a mole on her cheek too!!

The Bridegroom is my cousin. They had fireworks in the restaurant~ VEry interesting !!

This is what i

This pic was taken in the CAR~ I tell you.. susu whole night like drunk already~ Super high loh` keep perasan call her self BOA~~ Hahaha!! U shuld check out her hairstyle~ DAMN CHUN!! She and Ollie both sakai wan le.. Wear furry jacket in the club.. Hahaha~ I wonder how they survive in Malaysia. Anywayz~ i manage to convinced my mum to let me sleep over at OLLIE"S HOUSE !!! WOHOOO!!! I gain her trust by letting mum talk to Becka! Wah.. Becka got big influence wei~ And Thx Ollie so Much for letting me sleep in her room. I caused u so much inconvenience that you had to sleep on the small tiny space on the floor. Thx Susu so much for giving me so much warm~ I didnt touch ur susu.. dont worry...HAHA

I met my church member there !! OMG kinda surprised! Hmmm I had done something sinful that night !! I touch ANDY"S BOOOBS !!!LOLZ~~ Becka...hahaha~ Jk only.. Pic is decieving K!
CONgratz to BECKA she got 2nd RUnner UP !!! and beside her is the Champion. Oh well, Becka is always the Champion in my heart !! Hehe~ She got free trip to Bali.. I wana go with her~~~~~~~>_<

J is for JIMMY - Boa's sister( SuSu's Korean name) M is for MIKO- My Jap name and Ollie S for -SUKA BABI!!! hhahaha~~ I forgot..


--------> SPOt A SCANDAL?

PROM NIGHT 2009 !!

ANYWAY!! COngrats to Kelly who won for Prom Queen. She entered lots of beauty contest and so far not yet get title. This is her first one and she sure happy about it !
This is a picture of me n kelly entering a cover girl contest~^_^

As you can see i changed my header! I edited it myself.. actually got some mistake.. it was suppose to look like this ~

But then wrong size ~ so i edited it again~ but it feels a bit weird la...hmmmm

Random Pics~

In the car with vicky after shoot~ I look so nerdy in Glasses!

Off Work~ These 2 Sakai fella Posing like POndan!


WTF IS THIS??!!! HAHAHA It made me laugh for few minutes!!!

P.s~ Ur so cute n adorable!!!

* Becka's gone for a month plus~ Im gonna miss her badly..

Thx for those who read my blog ya~ I seldom update it but THX for being encouragement and even asking me why i didnt blog for so long.You all readers are my motivation to blog. ^_^Plz do comment ~ I would really appreciate it and it would be another Motivation as well! Muaxk-x0x0!! It's 4 am already~ I've been sleepin SOOOooo Late lately~ Pimples all Popin' OUT! >_<


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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