Photoshoot MAniac! >_<

SHooting before exam? LOLZ~ BEcka la!! Her fault.. who ask her come back from Singapore?
LOLZ~ I miss her so much so we planned a short shooting at her house.. It themed Student n Teacher~ Nigel didnt give me her pics so i edited mine... I m gonna be away for 2 days~ NO ON9!!
Friends please Campaign for me yea~~ I don wan Kick out first round wei~ >_<

Teacher/ OL version would be in this wear

CHun Student!!

Becka got this Feragamo bag wei~~ I SO JEALOUS!!!! Its so nice!!

I LIKE this!!!

Spot something wrong?? NO ONE wana admit who wrote the :FELI FAT? word

Behind the scenes~ Elton brought his Studio Kit

Thx to Samuel's Awesome idea for the fan! My hair is CHUN WEI!!!

This is another paid photoshoot i had done last month~
Make up and design are all by me. However, its not photoshopped by me.
It's an artistic shoot ~ I know i dun look like myself.

Without edit version

Anyway ~ Thats all for now. Tmrw n day after i wont be around for uploading pics n stuff about me ~ So.. PLZ DO VOTE FOR ME !!! I can't online cant vote myself leh!!~~
THANKS SO much for those voters that vote for me ... I dont have to be top highest votes k~ Just make sure im in for the 2nd round hehe~~ Im not that greedy ya! ^_^
Bye for now and thx for reading ^_^ .xoxo feli.


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