The Reason behind Failures

Failures of Men- WOMEN and MEN are usually illustrated by a phrase
For Men-
The Success of a Men is One Women, The Failure of a Men is a surprised Women.
For Women-
The Failure of Women is By Men , The Success of Women is NO MAN.

This term of success is not only wealth, health but also internal integrity and happiness in life.
Those who made their way to success through shortcuts( especially for women) are those no counted as being successful in life as they have lost their internal integrity and who knows how long his/her success will remain.
Let's discuss this issue in reality starting off with men.
The Success of a Men is one women in real life can be shown in the case of
Bible - we can see that Job was loyal and faithful to his wife even after the first wife died and then he remarried. God still blessed him well.
Dato' Tony Tiah- He's a very rich millionaire in Singapore and only has a wife after he'd known Christ and stick to this wife till now. He's also well known in share markets and real estates.
Let diversify the topic into this issue -
"Behind every successful man there is a wise woman". A wise woman builds her house but a stupid woman breaks her house.
As we all know not all women are wise. Usually guys would put the blame on to their wife that causes the breaks up. However , each of us know that sacrifices is a must in a relationship.
"The Failure of a Men is a surprised Women." In this case as we all know that some religions allows a man to marry more than one wife.However the 2nd wife wouldn't be counted as a surprised women. A surprised women would be a foolish women that ruins the family.A surprise women would be a women that have no dignity and is the hidden girlfriend of a married man. Most rich man and those with status are well known to have a surprised women. Well, we can conclude that their life is still the same filthy rich. However, they might be happy in real life. They might look happy on the surface but yet deep within them , many secrets and guilt are built up. Family problems will then rise and caused various frictions.

The Failure of Women is By Men
Well , this issue is quite sensitive and yet it doesnt happen to every women but most women. Women are a very fragile creatures. They tend to be more emotional compare to guys. Since generations by generations, men empower over women. However, the world now has changed and women are now stronger than we can ever think of. Yet, in some cases most women are fragile when they face men, when they face love. A broken heart will lead to suicide cases, demotivation and etc. As women are more emotional than men, thus, a broken heart would lead them to a rather depressed situation.Men should be more aware of how not to hurt a women's heart brutally. In fact , never ever toy a women's feelings.I believe if people are more serious and putting more effort into a relationship, divorce and other issue will not be crucial in this country.

The Success of Women is NO MAN
Usually, its really hard to find a women without a Man. There was this quote that stated : men fear failure in career; women fear failure in love. Most women are hot blooded compare to men, Thus, they would definitely have a man in their life. Yet, in order for them to climb the stairs of success, they have to be single. After they had achieved their success, then , they are able to indulge them self into a serious relationship. Such cases can be reffered to tv host Daphne Iking and also Dato' Michelle Yeoh.

Well, I'm just crapping these stuff that just appear in my mind. Not offensive though. If you would like to debate more than just comment and voice out your opinion.
Christmas is around the corner and i wont be around Kl to celebrate it. However , since the start of Jan i was planning to get a Compaq Camera !!! WHYY?? WHY DO I NEED IT??
1) My house got NO COMPAQ CAMERA WEI !! My family seldom take pictures and we don't travel much.
2) I LOVE camwhore! but... with my current LG cookie it seems to be blur and not sharp enough!!
3) I need Sharp pictures to take pictures of my items to sell on My Sales BLOG! the previous pictures are taken by my friend's DSLR. I can't always depend on others to come my house and shoot for me right??
4) Night time how to take pic ? LG cookie no FLASH wor...How?
5) I am gonna start taking up make up lessons and class. I would really be glad if i can share those pictures i had learn in classes to post on my blog. With my current LG cookie , It's absolutely impossible to take that picture.
6) I want it more than LV BAG ! Gucci Bag or Etc.. Its a necessity not a desire!
7)It's quite troublesome for me to connect LG cookie phone to the laptop. My laptop got virus, thus,my memory card also kena virus... SOb sob T_T - I will reformat it soon lah!
8) I don't have to pinjam Ollie's camera liao.. ^_^

Oh well, I hope santa claus will drop it on my bedside~~ Dream dream** It's good to dream though..I had researched a few camera's and lots of friend's had adviced me before. Thus, i would rather choose Canon or panasonic. Based on what i see on Xia Xue's Blog, she owns a Panasonic Lumix and it's so much nicer than the Canon IXUS !! And Panasonic Lumix is cheaper wei!! If anyone wana sell me their 2nd hand panasonic Lumix i sure want!!! 2nd hand cheaper and more affordable mah~

I had an eye on this ! What attracted to me that it's associated with Leica !!- its a well known old brand camera~ ask the photogs they sure know!

and it's available in PINK!!! -I think that day i saw about rm600 plus.. Hmmm 2nd hand sell to me rm300 lah~ I sure take it !

Not much of desires lately~ I had enough shopping of clothes and now i shall divert my attention to BOOKS !!! aiya~ I finding for book sales~ kekeke.. after exams I'm gonna stuck into my book world and some photoshoots la..hehe~ For now i'll try to slim down and enhance in inner and outer beauty yah!

I said i wont go Times square that area this week right?? I went today again!!! It wasnt my fault OK!! My mum had an off day today and she forced me to wake up under my warm blanket. She didnt know im sick anyway. Well, I would rather keep the sick issue to myself. I'll get well soon. And indeed , Im now OKAY !! WOhooo~~ Must start kicking my own ass to Study if not I shall fail this term. Yet, im now fearing of failing my assignment !! I'm freaking afraid wei!! Erm.. I cheated for the Turnitin report. I went on9 and search for the cheat. The lecturer was finding me that day but i ran away~ I was darn afraid !!! Well, all i can do now is pray at least I will pass and that God's mercy is also upon me~ Continue where i started. Me, Mum n older brother went TS again! to pay my make up course fees and also watch the movie- A Christmas Carol-

I didnt really like this movie though. It's because it's quite scary for me. There were spirits and those spirits really freak me out although it was just an animated movie. However, this animation looks real and even without the 3D glasses it feels 3D !!!! It's a story that potrays the poverty of British people during the years of Charles Dickerson- the author of Oliver Twist
A very movies that has moral in it. It teaches us not to be so stingy and selfish. I shall rate it 3 out of 5~ My mum and brother liked it , but not me.. You know when my brother is around, he's like the boss ! I want to watch 2012 , he SAYS NO MEANS NO if not he will ditch me away~ How Cruel...T_T~ Therefore, i was forced to watch this scary movie, hope i can sleep tonight!

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