Searching for the Motivation Within Me~

Even myself wonder how did i ever managed to pull of all my exams despite I had been playing and relaxing all these while. I had a bad day today. Stress is beginning to overcome me . Yet, i know that no matter how i still can pull it off by my inner determination. 4 subjects to study this SEM compared to last SEM which was only 2 Subjects. Oh well, I'll get those photocopy notes from my friends I HOPE!
Since i had been skipping class many times, I really NEED HELP !!!
My previous SEM I managed to pull in through because of certain people. Raja really HELPED me a lot!! He's so NICE~ Ollie also Helped me too and SO many wonderful friends HELPED ME TOO!! I really wished we were in the same class but things have changed as I divert to my path, they divert to theirs. I've lost my motivation to go for classes. In fact, the rainy days nowdays is one of the main barriers for me to come to college. Travel all the way so far from Rawang to KL is really tiring after all. I wish i could stay nearer so that i dont have to wake up that early. So that i can join my kl friends for Yam Cha Session. So that My mum wouldnt pester me for being home late.
I've even lost motivation to study. My new Sem classmates are those HI and Bye Types. Most of them are Selfish and Kia Su type. Hmmmm~ I neeed to find back my motivation to study BUSINESS ADMIN. I never even thought of why i chos thsi subject. I knew from the start i had the passion for art and etc. Yet, this type of education is just a stepping stone to success as i know Art will not lead to speedy sucess.
My Life is always messy, so as my room. I tidied it for a day and next day will be messy back. I need a maid or some motivation some goal. I'm still searching for it.

*ps: i quit the dating game- it's childish and pointless-


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