Taiwan Beauty Products Review

Sea Kelp Mask
This mask is claim to be natural and indeed there was plenty good comments about this product. Since it's natural and my mum also said she'd seen this kinda natural mask too~ I decided to give it a try!!
It LOOKS really FUGLY~

and when u Paste on your face... This is how u LOOK--
I KNOW IM Fugly but Im trying to POSE cute here~ Im still Cute la imagine if i got this permanently on my face.. OHHHHH NOOOO!!!!

Well, this mask takes like half HOUR TO DRY !!!
It comes in 12 packets...use half packet each time enough and i use one week once.
Mix the bijij biji with water and it turns into jelly like and then just mold in on the face.
Well, it really tightens the face!!! SUPER tight wei!!! Doesnt cause any irritation or sensitiveness. After peeling of from the face its doesnt totally dehydrate the skin la~ and~~ It really does WHITENS my face!!! I realize My face is so much fairer than my hands and neck now...
Price range around RM10 and can last me half a year i think!
My rating would be 4 over 5

Im sitting on it now~~~~~~!!
Well , It's awesome!!! My current chair is marble bottom . I used to sit very long on my chair and my butt gets NUMB all the time. After getting this product~ NO MORE NUMB BUTT!!! BUT they claim it would make the butt sexier~~ Im not sure about it.. I dont see my butt cuz it's behind me lah!!

Market price -Rm20
My rating would be 5 out of 5!!!

Contact lens clipper!!!
I didnt buy this but it came with a contact lens container i bought.
I tried it ONCE!!! WTFFFF Its like pulling ur eye balls OUT!
I know its hygiene but have you ever seen the another lens clipper they sold in spects shop? Its like a sucking pump~ I think i'll prefer that than PULLing my EYE BALLS OUT!!

My face is so BIG~ ALL girls says that.. i know its big la.. I can see myself in pictures comparing to other friends.. Imagine Im so tiny with BIG face! !! LIke Alien lor....
Its MINI and CUTE wei~ ROLL AH ROOLL AH ROLLL~~ my face still smooth and doesnt cause friction... I LOVE IT SO MuCH!! ANd bes of all!! its only RM2.80 !!! SUPER CHEAP WEI!!!

After use on my face... U think i wana use on my smelly LEG MER!!! NO WAY~~ Face is face.. LEG is LEG!

Crystal Colagon Lip Mask
~ LOLZ!!!! I got this free product and it cost rm.0.90 per mask~~ I didnt know what is it.. I wonder why the gal so stupid provide me one side on eye mask...HMMM i used it on ONE EYE~~
My eyes are still fine.. SO its OK LAH~ BLURRrrr me.. Wasted on the eye pulak..>_<

I GOT THIS@!! Anti Radiation Sticker
Should be good for health!!! rm5.50 per sticker...NOT BAD Lah~ pretty sticker
But i dont know it works or not.. As long its for health and not expensive then OK LAH~

Queen Haleen Mint Juleep MASK- For OILY SKIN
I saw super LOOOOOTS of poeple give good comment on this product from US
When i saw it on9 I expected it to be in quite a big bottle like my lancome one..
but it turns out...Small la~~ but not those sample form. I claims to have a minty smell and feel ~ but NO MInty feel la.. the smell also not so strong! I like mint so much wei!!!
My Dermadex habis already so i use this as an altrnative for my pimple cream.. Omg! It really dries up my pimples!!! GREAT GREAT~ Not bad la... But its suppose for oily prone skin people.

The price is about RM15.90~~
My rating would be 3 Over 5!

Its a tool for hair styling.. I buy in this set come so many together...WAHHhhh
Only Use once.. Very wasting right? NVM! Mayb future can use leh~~~~

This is How i LOOK!! Pakai for my cousin wedding

It's Rm7~ This product no need review la~ depends u like this type of hairstlyle or not lah~

ITS SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! Now behind me ... heheh~~ I got the blue one...but i prefer PINK~ forgot to request from the seller...=( ANYWAY!! It really gives me support and i can bring along in the car for me to sleep !! the material got those small foam balls~ can act as massager as well.~ LOVE IT!!
RM21.90- My rating -5 OVEr 5

I Wana small Face so.. Neeed to get SMALL FaCE STICKER!!!
I dont know it works or not but next time my friend see me I;ll ask them see~ haha
Its Like a PLASTER LAH!!! Size also PLASTER!! cheh i though at least bigger ma... COver more of the face... it just pulls the muscle up and need to wear whole nite.. Not much of pulling for me though.. Mayb for my grandma can PULL MORE~ hahaha

RM4.80- My rate-3 over 5 only..

Herbal conk Nose Mask
Got this free also !!! haha really got those HERBAL SMELL LOH@!!
I tel lu my AH MA SURE lov this.. For me.. YEr~~~ SMelly...
BUt... So far~ it really peels and tighten~ !

Rm0.90 per piece whic can last u for few months if u use once a week la~
My rate would be 4 over 5

OMG!! this one i NOT YET BUY!! BUT IM LIK~~~~ SHULD I BUY OR NOT !!!???
NIce ma NICe ma?? I think its so UNIQUE!! I never seen such necklace in MARKET YET!!!

SHULD I GET IT??? RM20 wor..... the price OK MER?? I spend so much ed.....Hmmmm

Imagine when u wana make up the hair keep comin down... KACAU WAN RIGHT?? But then if u use hairband den u take of hairband ur hair follow the shape.. SO FUGLY right?? This Hair HOLDER will solve your problem !!! It HOLDs ur hair without spoiling style of your hair~

RM2 Only.. My mum even found out that u can roll it into a gulung to gulung the hair~~
Most Make up artist using this already lOH! my rating would be 5 over 5!!! AN AWESOME invention! BUt u Bet the Material also cheap wan la..they just make the price so high!@

Bra CLip Holder
What if you wana wear those cross back single and you don't have a bra like this? HOW HOW? SHow people your bra is it? NONONONON~ Use this Bra clipper~~But i tell you hor.. I tried this and i think it doenst hold tight.. can come off wan leh!!!
It happend to me that i was in the LRT and suddenly PIAK! It fell off from my back.. lucky i was wearing Shirt so it didnt come off and Hit someone's face.. LOLS!!!
ONE thing good!!! it makes u like got deeper cleavage!!! GIRLS with smal boobs like me shuld get this~~ waakaka... (tsktsk becka)

Rm1.90~my rating... 3over 5 only

I didnt got this but i think this is a cool invention!!! Its a SLEEP ALERT TOOL!!!!
only available in black color
- cure sleepiness right away to prevent car accidents, to ensure driving safety
- great for students who wanna stay alert while studying
1、wear this Bluetooth-look-alike tool on ear (something like below)
2、switch on
3、When your posture is straight, it wont beep. When you are sleepy and nod your head, the beep sound will ring to alert you.
- it indirectly correcting your sitting posture, prevent humpback and prevent shortsighted
- the button battery (AG13X3) is changeable.

SO MANY Cute and unique items u can just check it out at this website http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=961383&hl=
It's not only cheap but also can COD( Cash on Delivery)
I'm a Loyal Customer to them cause they have good service and even they made mistakes they gave me more than i wanted.

Facebook got this spammer thingy asking so many questions about me.. Yet no one cares to reply.. Cuz these questions are rubbish!!

Sorry for the blur image.... for instance these question are...
Does Felicia have bad teeth?
Would you sleep with Felicia ???
Does Felicia has sexy legs?
Do you think Felicia is Hot ?<--- AW!!! this one Im curious to know wei~~ No one will comment alos n e way~~

Kinda annoying cuz i have to remove this post everytimes it pop's out!!!

I always kena ejek by classmates with him~ they all say he likes me but then~ bLEK...not my cup of tea... * hope he doesnt read this*

Usually I post my pics in Spect are those SPEcts that have NO POWER and with my eyes make up on~ So.. I turn out Super Chun in spects... But the reall me looks like aunty / NErd in spects wei~ Check this out...

This pic is an example of me in spect + make up!

TADDAAAAA NO MAKE Up n my spect with the power of....
FREAKINGGGGGGG 5.50 BOTH SAME SIDE!+ a bit of astigmatism.

Damn Nerd right?? LOLZ I was a NERD MAAAAAAAAA~

I think i LOOK like a FROG in this pic.. LOLZ!!


So~~~ i put my pic with the BIGGGEST SMILE Ever~ Its not very pretty /HOT / Sexy though~ But I just feel fun posting a NAtural big SMILE OF MINE !!!
The ON9 Votes only starts on 25December 2009!!!!~ That time i will start a VOTing Campaign~ HOPE U GUYS WILL SUPPORT ME THEN!!! WINNER can GRAB anything he/she wants in Watsons in 1 MIN!!! I WANT WANT!! I want grab all the make ups~~ kekekeee.... U all vote me i share with u the make ups k!!

*I need to study but im currently addicted to blogging.. HOW HOW HOW????
Thanks for reading n have a nice day!!!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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