Beauty n da BEAST @ PC Fair DEC09'

PIKOM PC Fair Dec 2009 Just ENDED !!!! HABIS~ NO more chance to go this year..wait for next year k!! Well, i didn't went there and i will never ever work there ! The flash lights would blind my eyes and I dislike working in such crowded areas. As usual, its at the KLCC Convention Centre.. Which i hate that place cause have to walk so far from the Lrt station!!

1 Malaysia is still on and YEAH! Chinese , Indian, Malay Apa apa jenis race also Come!!!
COME there for what?? ABUDEN!!!! SEEE LENG LUI@!!!!!
now inflation nothing is cheap lah~unless u come 8pm Sunday night last day sure cheap wan

You know Who are the people that are MOST EAGER and MOST ENERGETIC on that day and the day before??
Why?Why?- As usual, most of them will say its to train their photography skills
but some would be honest and say : THERE MANY FREE LENG LUI's to Shoot ma!!!
Well, its an advantage for those photographers to train their skills during this time and also an advantage for HUM SUP LOU u go touch touch~It's so packed like sardin..even models wouldn't realize that their being molested.-sad case for those who worked there. I have a few show girls friends even complain to me that they get paid 2 or 3 months later and had o work hell SHIT out of it ! Imagine wearin High Heels from 10 morning till 10 night !!!?? Its a tough and tiring job but the pro's is that they can meet more people and contacts for their future jobs! Money is Hardwork Eh~!!!

Bazooka camera~~ FUyoohh~~ lolz
he's Japle Projectuners

I Spotted the promoters here giving FUNNY expressions~~ GUYS Promoters are VERY hyperactive you know!! Cuz they are surrounded by LENG LUI's Everywhere !! They are eager to work there ~~ Hmmm good motivation theory !!!

Among all those nice banners, I think Due to inflation n cutting cost issue.. this company had a DIY BANNER!!! Interesting huh?

AND Here's What ALL the guys Waiting WAnting to SEE !!!!

BeAUties~~~a.k.a LENG LUI!!!!!!!!!

I think streamyx uniform sux...ewwwwww

COpy Cat AVIRA~~>_<

Rachel Lau~ Very famous show girl around pc fair

This was the first time i met her at Pcfair 08' She's still as pretty as before!

Carace Kwan~ She's really gorgeous!!

Avira has a theme with HATS!! They do keep up the trend eh!?

This pic is from PIKOM08' Eva Loke n Sammi~ They both are really pretty~ I like them but this time i cant find their pics.. I guess they got over PC fair already~

He's not a bEauty or Cutie but HE's ONE HAndsome Man` He's the Loreal Model n Spokesmen ^_^ ~

They might be ugly but they attract lots of Attention eh!
Aliens are so FUGLY~~ ewwwwwwwww

I found a GOLD MAN!!!!!!
its common to see these kinda ppl in gold in europe but not in Malaysia~
I've seen before outside Sg wang the streets here before. It's some kind of public entertainment.

Credits of photos to
Alan Chin Weng Lon- Nigel Chen and
Sean Kok Jia- Sean

I would like to apologize to Sean n Alan for not asking their permission first as i post it like last nite super Late midnite cant think properly..>_<~
**sorry im not sure which photos belong to Alan n Sean~ Got confused. But majority the pics i took is from Alan~ ^_^

ONCE again~ THX for reading and Have a good NITE SLEEP!!!
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