Curving Christmas!!!

Had a Day out with Nigel and Susu to the CURVE!!!
first time nigel pick me up from selayang that area~usually always meet klsentral.
The curve has decorated the place well~ Inside n outside have different themes.
I should have wait till night and see the night nights view.However, i cant go home late night so i'll just save it for nex time when im older. ^_^

I wore the hat i bought from Melacca~ Lolz ppl keep lookin at me.. I guess it's ust weird wearing a hat in shopping malls or maybe they think Im a tourist~ hehe

Nigel n Susu plan to makan at Apartment !!
I like it when u go to Nice n Expensive restaurant n have a DSLR can shoot nice FOOD PICTURES WEI!!!! hmmm im so tempted to get a DSLR but... Oh well~ it's too expensive for me.
Let me remain being photograph instead of the one photoshooting.

We ordered - from left -right
Meringue coated whipp cream n strawberry + peach = Its My fav! I luv it
Anyway~ Nigel told us to pronounce meringua as - Mer-rank
Susu ordered a pasta~ got lemon taste..erm i dono wat pasta is that
Sheperd's pie- Its tasty but so much cheese i cant eat finish
Nigel's order- Chicken fillet - with mashed potato and i forgot the spices name..NICE!!
we had out entrees Salads and apartment soup- like chinese soup

Me n SUSU~ She so pretty leh~~

We busy SS Kaw kaw..heheh~ Susu is the photog!

Here are pics of us walking around curve- ikea -cenilesure~

@ Ikea~ susu wanted a new bedsheet we went there see see n Chow~ lolz

That day was the first time i spent so much on food. I eat like kitten very little so i dont spend much on food. Plus, im a very kiam siap person which rather starve than go starhill makan. Heheh~ Thats all and we had so muhc enjoyable time saka-in around the Curve! ^_^


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