EXAM!!- Stress Free!!! How??

Feli's TIPS to STUDY SMART!!!!

I'm not boasting here but many people have wondered how i manage to get good results even though i always Ponteng - SKIP Class and Handle my Busy life. Here are some tips that would Help Segi College KL Students~ as the exam system would be different from other college. However, It would be useful for some people and it's very effective for me !
*Have a Planner Book and state down exam day
* Plan when to study for exam-2days before exams is Sufficient to get A~ ^_^

SEE the FOCUS AREA- TIPS Given by lecturer which Topic will be out!
*got 8 focuz area topic and u're suppose to choose 5 topics only
* circle those topics that got less Factor points n easy to remember 4 YOU!

Browse through PASS YEAR QUESTIONS!!!
*Analyze the questions and see what kind of questions are repeated and often come out!
*Circle those question you think are easy and you can do it
* try answering those question* If you're Hardworking*

* READ the NOtes
* But if LAST MINUTE STUDY, just read lecturer Notes is sufficient~
-Dont waste time reading the WHOLE TEXT BOOK!!

*Dont write an essay out of it !
* Make it as colourful as POssible!!- Colours increase memory and also wouldnt be so Boring
* Write n READ OUT n Listen with your EARS

*Peak n See a bit of it n Memorize it !
* Find a friend or family to Help you memorize
*BY reading out loud n walking around might help to Activate your brains

EXAM TIME!!!!!!!!
* Never scribble points on paper- Unless you can write reallly fast and scribble it As SHort As Possible
*NOW- Put 1 factor- ELAborate- Example-
* lets say a Question has 20Marks- there are 4 factors.
------>Each factors give out at least 3Points- Elaborate all and 3 Examples
*Best to have a definition- conclusion NVM forget about it!


PHotoshoots Behind the scene!!!
It was @ Becka's House~ She's back for a while so use this Golden Chance to Find her n Shoot shoot with Elton AH PEK and Nigel Ah pek- (talk like ah PEk wear like Ahpek) Also...
You see Elton's Mustache Sure laugh KAW KAW!!! HE look like Mister POTATO WEI!!!

SOmeone HIT MY ASSSSS!!!!! * Im talented in Acting right?* kekekeke

This is just ILLUSION~~~

I Make this UP myself for artistic Underwater Look shoot

located at Wangsa maju- Opposite Wangsa Walk ~ quite a quite n peaceful area not many cars pass by that area.
It has four season decorated sections
I went to sit outside- THE AUTUMN part...( my hp quality cant shoot the autumn area~)T_T
No one eats at Summer- boring
Spring- Pretty but normal
WINTER !!!- 15degrees and below!!!- Too cold for me but surprisingly SO MANy PPL

This is winter~ Its bluely decorated

Ordered so many foods... EAT SO FULL wei~~
Overall the food is Not bad and night view from Autumn is very pretty
So many girls go and take pictures but i cant take cuz...Hp camera quality not good...T_T
Sob sob.... cant wait for new camera to arrive~

Sweetly fried Chicken~ I like it but it's FATTTENing!!!

My Eaten SALAD

It's quite a BIG PORTION!!!

Vietnamese SATAY~ i think i Eat kajang Satay nicer

CLassical me~ I lUv this PIC!!!!
Thx for reading!!! XOXOXOXo


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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