Friendster VS Facebook

from the past 8 yrs before facebook appear, Friendster was the BOMB! everyone was like : do you have friendster? Yet, in such A SHORT TIME ~ Friendster is DOWN Kicked by Facebook!!!
Facebook constantly changes its applications and system. Yet, friendster still remain in its comfort zone and continue lets Facebook kickin their Ass... Now Friendster had come to ALMOST the end and i guessed they are forced into this situation~ THUS! To VS FACEBOOK they COPY FACEBOOK!!! OMG!!! FAcebook VS Friendster???? Will Friendster get up n chase FB?? Is it possible?? - Exclude out my space as less malaysian's are into myspace for now.

Well, this is the Homepage for Facebook

NOW friendster has changed their homepage into this!!
thier bar on top can change colour - GREEN-PURPLE-Light BLUE-( not fb blue)

Well~ this is my Profile page.. OWWWww i missed it so much...
My friendster isnt that famous ~ Wasnt hell out active in it...only 600+ friends
compare to fb i have a fan page n also 3000++ friends

Here is my photo gallery.. Hmm u can share ur photos too!! good way of copying yeah!!

OMG!!! i seriously prefer this more than FB!!
The friends in FB has to approve one by one and it take hell!! SO LONG! just to approve all! or even reject them~

Friendster- just tick n choose to reject or approve~ Good way!!

from the friend's lists can view like more of the friends and also their features and status on the left bar... Compare to fb~ the friend's lists are too small!!!

The fun pART!- They have BLOG n FORUMS!!!! FB doesnt have that~~ Forums is good idea... but blog.... Hmmm i already got this Blog...Mayb they shudld try connect my blogspot with friendster ~ so i don have to update both together!~ heheh

WELLL~~ THATS ALL !!! I m Looking forward to the performance of friendster and I knw we get bored on Facebook already~~ its time to SWITCH n TRY OUt NEW(old) STUFF!!!!
WHO WILL YOU PLACE ur bet on? FOR ME---- Hmmmmm?? Still Deciding~~ Will make my decision NEX YEAR!!!

Thx for reading !! Don forget to Be my Fans on FB!!!- friendster?? Hmmmm still thinkin~~ LOLZ


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