Gay Pastor??!!


This article is taken from The Star Newspaper
Monday August 13, 2007
Gay pastor leads service, his partner watches with pride!


It came out newspaper years back...but slow minded me...just saw this article...Hmmm
well, imagine ur pastor is gay n ur normal...LOLZ~ They will manipulate you to become GAY and cucuk BUTT Holes WEI !!!! KNS wei~~ U wana GO???
Im not being racist or degrading the Gays but it's just I cant find any religion that relates to ther agreement in acceptance of Gay marriage n etc. Well, Not much to comment more if not my blog will be flooded with Gays that will be my future enemies and come murder me >_<

KUALA LUMPUR: Angel Ayala sat in the second row of people, watching with pride as his partner Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng calmly led the faithful through a two-hour Sunday service at a hotel here. And through it all, Ou Yang, a self-confessed gay pastor knew he was not alone because of Ayala's presence. “He has been very supportive and it was important to know that I was not alone,” Ou Yang said in an interview yesterday after the service attended by about 100 people. He said it was important to show other gay people that it was possible to come out together, and to heterosexuals that gay relationships were not just about sex but about “spiritual and emotional love.”... BLA BLA BLA~~~~~~ They married under Canadian law at the MCC of Toronto in 2003 and hope to get the marriage recognised by the California State Supreme Court by this year. Read it at this

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