Happie MINNIE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! My Goals CheckLists

Why Minnie??? cuz.....................
*u can seldom see my pics in this kinda flash wei~ I knw I look LIke WHITE MINnie GHOSt *

i WENT * sOMEWHERE* wearing MINNIE MOUSE HAIRBand Everywhere I go!!!!!!
I wore TOTAL JEans ---top to bottom~ Hmmmm Pics will be uploaded nex POST! hehehe~~

My 2009 Ended With Sweet-Sour-Bitter-Spicy Memories.
Lets do a Checklists of My 2009 GOALS~
!!!! My 2009 RESOLUTION !!!
1. I will love myself more.....( I always LOVE MYSELF~ kekeke)
2. Delete the word "LAZY" in my brains ( it lasted for half a year?)
3. Be more organize( YEAH!! my room Super NICE)
4. More housework n' exercise ( Half Year ONI)
5. Just be me , myself and i ( iM NOT SURE)
6. Total brush up my inner beauty~ (SOME1 judge me plz~)
7. More independant !!! ( OH YEAH I DID!!!)
8. I wan learn driving, voilin and take up new courses!! ( FAIL >_<)
9. Be more Punctual~ =.= * i know im always late ( FAIL kaw KAw >_<)
10. Stonger n Tougher!! ( emotionally la~) -- ( YEah I got STRONGGGGGGGGG!!!)

My 2010 ResolutioN!!!
My Brain is Facing Constipation cannot Think Properly yeah~ ^_^

Well~ I Enjoyed COUNTDOWN for the first time EVERRRR !! WOHOOO!!!
Remember to set ur GOALS like me yeah!~ I only fail 3 goals OUT OF 10 !!! means~~ I PASS !!!!

May GOD BLESS U ALL and~~~
I'll GIVe FREE hUGS N kISSES!! - expired on 2nd Jan 2010


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