I Got Myself A SONY CAM!!!

I had been always using my LG cookie Hp camera which is only 3.0Mp
Well, now i got myself a SONY digicam DSC W190~^_^!!!!
erm~ its silver...i feel like wana "zheng" it make it bling bling la...HMmmmmmmmm

Too bad its not touch screen~ Im a big fan of touch screen~ touch Is mAGIC!

Here are the features of the CaM!--
12.1 Megapixel Super HAD™ CCD Image Sensor:
3x Optical Zoom Lens:
2.7" LCD display (230k pixels
Face Detection technology:
SteadyShot™ digital image stabilization:
High Sensitivity Mode (ISO 3200):
Scene Selection modes:
Easy Shooting Mode:
Histogram display:
Lithium-ion battery:
In-Camera Retouching Tools:

Multi-purpose Resize function:
Direct Playback Button:
Picture Motion Browser ver. 4.0:

I tried to SHOOOOT with my cam... its typically AUTO~ for idiot "Photog" like me~
I really recommend this camera for those Aunty-Uncle or those ppl like me Technology Idiot~

Apa ISO- Apa Wd~ I dono~ I only know I can PHOTOSHOP! ^_^

i use the flower symbol take this choc...erm OK or not?? NO Photoshop!

Obviously this one photoshop la~ ^_^!!!

BEfore With my OWN LG COOKIE ~ the quality is like this
* picture not sharp - 3mp wat u expect~

This pic im using the VGA mood + photoshop so.....Still better than my LG


Kekeke~This is AUto Mood!! damn cacat la this moood I look Like YEllow FELi~~ WEIRD!!

Then this si the SNOW WHITE MOOD!! Very White leH~~

And the PIC of the DAY!!
THE AUto SMILE SHUTTER~ I have to SMILE ANd It Auto matically Shoot by itself !! SO CLEVER !!!!

* Ps - i never show my FUGLY pic b4 ok...this one so Fugly plz don spread around n put on my fan blog wei~~ my image gone case...respect me k~ n DON SIMPLY put ur hp or laptop wallpaper..U'll have NITEMARE!! SURE!! DEFinitely!!!

Thx for reading and plzdo give GOOOD comments ya~~! ^_^ I really appreciate it ! ^_^


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