My Car Modelling Events - Pro tuners Launch n AutoShow

Pro-Tuners Launch @ MOS Sunway

This event was last Saturday. I went there with Nigel Chen , Olivia ,Nigel Tee( fly guy) and Zoyve.Honestly, it was a boring event and they serve free flow tiger beer n chivas. They gave us the pro-tuners Polo T ( the models uniform) Weird right for models to wear POLO T ~! I think i look more like promoter or some beer girl. Anyway, i had much fun time getting to know Nigel Tee n Zoyve.

1. What is your favorite car and why?
Konisegg CCX, Its rare,unique and small but powerful.

Truth- I know nothing about cars! I don drive but I like Scooter~~lalala

2. What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?
2008 Segi College Prom night. I was one of the prom queen finalist.

Truth- My grandpa's 80th birthday. He's gone with the Lord now but that was the most important and unforgettable event in my life.

3. What is your passion and why?
My passion is to make people beautiful.I like to makeover people cause it can enhance their confidence level.

Truth- Come and let me make over you ! ^^

4. Describe your ideal man.
A man with sense of humour , matured and a God fearing Man.

Truth- Mum's wants me to write the God fearing man thingy. ~ ^^

5. Do you like to party or are you the quiet type?
I can be introvert and an extrovert depending on the situation and the company Im with.

Truth-The situation when ppl are extrovert- i'll be introvert and Vice versa

6. Where do you like to party or hang out?
Shopping malls

Truth- Most people cant believe this but serious~ Im a mama's girl. Try finding me in clubs~

7. What turns you on?
People who demonstrates Chivalry and integrity

Truth- Charming SMILE

8. What turns you off?
Bad odour, smoking, bad manners guy

Truth- I wont get close to you if i knw you're a smoker

9. What do you hope to achieve in this lifetime?
To own a company of my own

Truth- I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but cant figure out what business yet.

10. Why do you think that you should win this model search?
I have the passion for modelling and I believe everyone is unique in their own ways and should be given the chance to demonstrate their talent. I will try my level best to take the opportunities that come from winning this competition and to achieve my dreams.

That's all, If u have comments in my answers do comment here k!~^_^

This sesat pic just come out from no where..LOLz~ I went with KJ for some talk show which apparently canceled after we arrived. Anyway we had fun time cam woring! He's damn crazy n always humilates me in public~>_<

CAR AUTOSHOW @ Bukit Jalil

I modeled for another car roadshow in Bukit Jalil. I was suppose to wear mini skirt for this event but~ i forgot to bring it. I was so blur that i mistaken my Black tube top as my mini skirt.
So~ i folded my jeans up and it make my thigh look so FAT!!! I have not much comments about this event. I seldom work for events and roadshow and this experience make me realize that being model for an event can increase popularity among the hum sup lou's and lala's.. If u get what i mean. Some part of the event i felt like celebrity because guys were like queuing to take pictures with me!! Anyway~ NO ONE BOK MONG ME lah~ Im very protective k!!

Here are the member's i Met and the other models as well.

I will be gone for a week guys~

It had been the most hectic week in my life. This whole week i had been sleeping late, coming home late and having a whole day out almost everyday! I seldom come out and 'spend money' nor work. It has been such a hectic week that my skin condition is getting worse. My mum dislike me coming home late and this whole week has made her gone mads. Not to worry, Im very goof in " PUjukin" ~ She loves me a lot and try to protect me from the evil MANs in this world. ^_^
I'll be gone to Alor Star- my grandmother's house to celebrate her birthday and christmas. Yet! I WIll make it for New year's Eve celebration. Guess what? I had never ever celebrate New year's Eve OUTSIDE of CHURCH before. This time~ My mum lets me Hang out !! Im really eager and looking forward to the New year's Celebration.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!** miss ya lots lots **
my blog used to be really cold and no traffic. thanks for dropping by i really appreciate you guys
*You guys are my inspiration to blog. ^^


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