My Secret ❤Photoshop !!???!!

All these while i had been using my CS 3 and it take hours to edit my pics !!!
Did u realize that lately my new pics are Better and More chio??
I'll show u my secret!
but this secret is only Best for PPL who KNOWS MANDARIN!!
I found this awesome software ( DOWNLOAD At THIS WEBSITE)
its a short cut for photoshop and so much faster ~ the right panels u can see will show examples of the colours. the left side would be items you wana choose and how to choose.
One sad thing about this software is the items have to be downloaded each time u uses it and BEst u use it when ur ONLINE~ You can get any nice items from online which is connected to their website.

One awesome feature about this is that~ U can make up even the person is not MAKE UP!
Show u an example of my friend


I added a bit of fairness- contrast- false eyelash- falsa eyebrow-words-love icon
ALL DOne in 5min~^_^

Then you can add some frame~ less than 1 min!

OK!! NOW Continue Edit my pics~~

**Save it print it out n sell wei!!! LOLZ

UNCOMPLETE~~ Its not a photoshoot pics.. very few nice pics so only can do up to March- MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! WOHOOOOO!! comin soon comin soon...


lolz~ dont get fooled... Its only the frame... i got egg of course!! OVUM ma...but my eggs are not for sale k! ^_^

Hehe~ My old nickname~^_^
Hmmm got taiwan girl feel right?? heheehe~ Im addicted to this software!!!!

ONCE AGAIN!~ Thanks for Reading ~ hope it help u guys too!


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