Pro-Tuners Modelling on9 Contest


As you all know i entered the Pro-tuners contest and Thanks you all for voting for me.
I realize there is a Vast Difference in the number of votes. Its quite troublesome to see and check every model's voting reports. Have to click then only will reveal. Compared to BMA, i think the voting system is better there. I really feel kinda fed up self voting. Currently my votes just below 10 thousand. Some are even above 70 thousand !!! Is it possible? I have no idea how they get the votes. However, it only the first round so... Who cares. But yet to think of the future. This kinda issue happens now, what about the future in the finals? Is there any unfairness. Even the previous BMA finals cant cope up with these new voting system. I hope the second round they would change the system and get some justice out of it.

Yet i would like to thank the management as they allow me to change my pics from this

to this-->

What changed my mind?
GOD !!! for goodness sake... that pic they had chosen was not the picture that i choose and sent to them. I remailed them and told them about it. Well, at least they changed it
I know being more revealing would attract more votes But i would rather choose my dignity rather than betraying it for some contest. I like My PINky PIc so dont comment bad about this pic k!

Here are the Models- these are models of my friend's friend. such coincidence! and i have them in my Fb lists as well. ^_^

May teh may knws her!

Rae had a photoshoot with her

Snowmei knws her~

I think she is really pretty

CCM shot her b4~ I hav no comment=.=

She has the same sur-name with me !^_^

HERe are the EX BMA Finals!!!!-

All are above 10 thousand>_<

However, I still think some are pretty though~ Not much comment i can give. Its all up to you all to judge ya~ God has eyes and I knw you all have eyes too.. ^^
Once again thanks for voting me !
Christmas DAY VOTE!!
I joined another contest too~ But the voting is only open on CHRISTMAS DAY!!
It's the Watson's Share a Smile Contest!
I post this BIG Smile of mine ~ Its my most natural smile pic of all..
* i miss the photog for this pic*

Remember to VOTE me on Christmas DAY YEAH!! ! Thanks so much guys! ^_^

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