Tips on How to get a Gal Interested in YOU!- for guys/lesbian

* cheap one also nvm~ as long got DSLR enuough!
this is Canon EOS1D~~ kekekekee


Take a picture OF YOURSELF and POST On FB- Twitter- Friendster PROFILE PAGE
*Don show ur face better~ if not later girl see ur face might not interested already~>_< * IF Ur fat den LIQUIFY! or PHOtOSHOP! Or Crop ur BOdy~ >_<( jk only)


* try make friends with the model on the event day~get her fb-msn-(not so fast get hp num la)

TAKE picture with MODEL and SHOW OFF ON Ur BLOG- Space_FB-Twitter WaTEVER!
* not only girls wana know u ~ guys also come wana know u
* but this model not pretty so NVM LAH! hehehe

GET A Gallery BLOG for all your PHOTOSHOOT PICS!! SHOW them OFF there!!!
OR show IN FORUMs-Photokaki/lowyat forum

DONE!! YOU will realize More GUYS and GIRLS( leng lui, fatty,fat hao, all types la~) add Ur FB n Twitter n Etc~~
They wont automatically come ask u shoot them~( girls got dignity wei) They will show interest by commenting ur pics n etc n GUYS! If U Interested then BE HONEST and ASK them for SHOOT k~ DOn SHY SHY!! hehehe~~

Here's the proof there is a high demand of Girls Interested in KNOwing PHOTOGS!!

PS: Here's something i thought of sharing ~ Just warning to those dont simply add friends k!

Thx for reading and Have a nice day~
P.s- This post is not based on my OWN experience but what i have seen in the WeB World around me k~ Don simply accuse me


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