2010 MY PINKish ROOM !! Sweet Pink + White

Its 2010 and I makeover my ROOM PINK last year but this year its still the SAME~~~
I still LOVe My PINK ROOM!
Yet~ this time i changed the table cloth from the furry zebra to white lace table cloth. More of the white to balance the pink! ^_^ I think my rooom looks more sweet this time~

AND OH! I painted my toilet door as well~ It has my name on it~ ^_^ took 2 hours to paint it and ended up with a broken brush~ >_< ! I didnt knw i was to ganas~ =P

It's tidy for now~ Honestly~ this tidyness wont last for a week!! >_<~
My room looks warm n cozy~ n I dont open my curtains~! I dislike sun light! Im afraid of getting tan~ ^_^

ANd~ i BLING my compaq POwder~~ Im such a bling addict~ ^_^

Im gonna go for the LIQ uniform party at MOS Euphoria Sunway !
I'll wear my NURSE uniform for the first time out to PUBLIC!
* I seldom club but i wanted to wear this uniform last year for halloween. Unfortunately, my day got screwed up and i didnt manage to wore it~ Oh well, Im gonna go there tonight N give some Injections! There will be free flow n entry for those who wears their uniform!
So, just put on something that LOoks like uniform n COME! say Hi to me if u ever see me!
* ps..Im really tiny*

BEcka's BACK from Australia!!!!!! I ponteng a day class for her wei~~~!!! Lolz
I always ponteng for Becka... She owes me A LOOOOT!! LOlz~~
* She got me a couple necklace *
Now we both are attached yea~ Im not single ed.. =p Im hers~

I tried the Soup in bread @ Times square ~ it's just beside Watsons. Well, its Rm7.90 per bread soup.

Firstly, the decoration is nice!! And im surprised they provide knife!

Well, the knife is to cut off the sides of the bread n dip with it. Dont be a waste like my friend. She go drink the soup only n left the bread! WEI! bread Is food k! dont waste.. And honestly, if u drin k the soup only~ its saltier... SO Add the bread! Don waste FOOD! the bread is hard.. N Plain la! * must be hard so can contain the soup right? * I think its a very interesting dish ~ Worth a try... but not always~ ^_^ * im kiam siap * =P

ps. i miss the angel side of me- im being really emo n rude lately....
i wont blame pms for it. I have to admit im still childish- dont spoil me k~


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