Astro Beyond Launch Event ~!

Its Astro's Beyond Launch ! The launch of their new HD Channel where every image we can see on it is CLEAR n AWESOME~~
Thanks to Astro for inviting me to this event and I was shocked to see few famous bloggers that came for that event. However, its my first time to such a grand event. Thus i was quite shy to make new friends on that day. Sorry for the late blog yeah~ ^_^
They held it at Mont kiara behind Modesto's Rain club~

As usual my driver n d best Bloggie mate! Lolz~
Erm i think he's d CEO of Astro? M i right?
WOW~~ so many bloggers~ >_
I think i saw him somewhere before... Hmm~ he's d Host!
They had some game going on for blogger regarding to fb in order to win the LCD plasma Tv n Astro Beyond channel! I seldom watch tv and my house doesnt have Astro~ So i didnt really bother to squeeze among the crowds. Well, i went up n EAT! yummy~ I like the Cheese cake~ ^_^

There was a Shocking Performance while we were eating! I was wondering where those sound came from! and it was them! Nice YEAH! U guys missed all the fun!

Some famous blogger got featured on the Tv... Erm... i think he's cute n farnie ~ but i dono him~ ^_^

WHile we were chilling upstairs~ Christian n Nasri went up as well n asked us for an interview with the Unseen TV!
Heard of the Unseen tv?? I think i heard in overseas b4 but not Malaysia one. Well, its interesting to get to know em! Christian is like ReallY TALL n Nasri is like my height!! LOlzz
Christian got featured in the What Women Wants 8tv program n was my fav at that time. -2 yrs back! Now he's like going of n on for tv adverts n being a host for Unseen tv! cool huh!?

OK~ imagine i was a host... Hmmm i feel so tiny~
I played with the fake knife n hmmm I think i lok like a Killar!
Many wrote their new year resolution on this board ~

WOah! I met a Botak Lawyer~
Nigel so clever go blur my face~~ ^_^
I was kinda bored n lame~ took Nasri- Jason -Joshuaong-Nigel-Christian's name sticker n sticked on my arms~

Their names ended of on Mont kiara's Trees- ONe person ONe Tree~ ^_^

Thanks for reading~
My life is So much more interesting n FUN now~~~
Do keep up yea~ more events pic comin! ^_^


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