I Broke d RULEs @ Da Vincci Exhibition!!

I went to this exhibition like few weeks ago with Nigel. He won the ticket worth Rm50 n invited me as~ I LOVE ART!!!

Before entering the exhibition hall , We pass by the science part n play around for awhile
This mirror is SUPER Farnie!! We both look like Dwarfs!! Cute rite?? hehehe
I went into some Submarine n play with the float on LAND~
We get to go in exhibition n see the science stuff as well! Fun right? I remember the last time i came to the National Science was when im like 7 yrs old. Cant remember much of it anyway
As u can see~ ITs almost EMpty!! less than 20 ppl in the National Science !
We walk here n there~ lepak as outside was raining heavily~
stupid Nigel didnt bring his HP n Said the NAtional Science Dont let to bring camera in wor....
But i was like snapping pics here n there ~ NO ONE Stopped me!
Im da next Einstein! =p
YEA iM da GEnius~ Don Jealous K~~
* I got A's in upsr- pmr n spm k!

Well, this exhibition dont allow ppl to take pics or CAM WORE!
But.. keke~ must be SMARt Like me lah! Take n simpan ~ wont kena tangkap loh!
Well, this is not my first exhibition anyway. However , i think this exhibition is more towards the historical exhibition. A combination of Science- biology- physics * no chemistry * And ART- music n paintings.
Davincci indeed is a genius as he's not only good in science but also artistic as well. Most people nowdays are either a Brainy or Artistic. Its really rare to find someone who excel well in all things.
Below here is the picture of monalisa * not the real one*
its taken by a VERY VERY high tech camera~ * u guys punya DSLR also kalah wei*
and also took it with infared as well.
The whole exhibition hall was filled with monalisa's painting.
The uses of capturing it in infared is to exposed the layers and strokes of the painting by Davincci

Do you knw there are Secrets about the Monalisa's painting?

1- Monalisa's fingers wasn't draw by Da Vincci
2- The unsmooth brush stroke of Da vinnci on Monalisa's skin shows that monalisa's is sick
3- There is a damage on the right bottom part of Monalisa's painting as someone threw a stone on it
4- Monalisa doenst have eye brow n eye lashes due to long years and washed off of the paint.
* there are actually more than this i just cant recall ~ >_<~ go google urself la~

Heheh~~ tengok Monalisa Boring right? SEE me better~ =P

Here are some inventions of Da Vincci !
Do u know that Da vincci also dissected various human's of all ages to draw out their inner body organs! he has a small scrap book of human's tissue n brains n etc. It might sound gross but this is what most scientists do in order to understand the human body better.

He also invented lots of things mostly related to physics- the subject i used to hate most!
From Plane to weighing machine, musical instruments , clock and also WAR machine! He even invented those machine like tanker and some to Chop off enemies legs!!!! AWESOME right!!!
KILL KILL KILL~~ hehe~~ He did something good for his country yea~~

There are like HEAPS of pictures! but.... the stupid google chrome n mozzila takes ages to upload it ~>_<>
My life is more Happening n Interesting~ Thx to Nigel~ ^_^

Thanks for reading and comment on my blog yea ~^_^


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