I gave away my Scorpion~

I gave my scorpion to THIS BIRTHDay BOY !!!
* the reason is that~ I dislike CRICKETS!!!
and the answer to my most terror animal is- chicken/bird
lolz~ highlight to knw it.. Im shy to ppl knw about it.. they sure laugh at me

We celebrated his birthday at RED BOX pavillion~ Had dinner there too and i think the food there kinda sux.. Shushi Unagi is my fav but it taste not fresh there...and d Steak...Stinks! Yet, I can say that they give good services .

Luciffer was so happy to recieve the scorpion as his bday GIFT! i guess Prince shall live in a King's Life with him as I always starve my Prince~~ ^_^
All of us had fun shouting n dancing n waving n Crazying in that room~ Well, let the picture talk..

However i found another girl @ his bday party who has the same phobia as me.
It's Marilyn Yun YUn frm d left n Weiyian Lee n ME!

FIY- I m already an aunty since i was like 8 yrs old~ most of my cousins are older and married with kids. These are my cousin's kid ~ ALL GUYS! they are SO CUTE!! LOV em soo MUCH@!!
Muackz~ they even PROMISE to kiss me everytime i visit em!! MUAckz muackz!!!

The youngest Boy~ Damien.. Shy n but always smiling!

This is Darius~ The oldest and Dylan behind is 2nd

Dylan is really cute!! and he LOoks a bit like mix... Sure bcome some Leng chai one day eh~~

I Dl Firefox theme PINK! and its SO NICE!! matches with my New Header
* FIY~ I used 3 hours starin at CS4 to design this header~ Proud with it ^_^
My 2010 starts with PINK!

if u realize i also change the icon to this pink F~ nice??
And also my twitter background~ Really Pinkish Eh~ ^_^
But i Love it!!! ^_^

Anyway~ Ive been SOOOOoo busy n lazy to blog lately... Had not been sleeping well for this whole month!!! and my skin is turning from worse to worst~
Thanks for readin~ !!!! and have a NICE Nite!!! xoxo


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