Im proud to present u my SCORPION~ PRINCE!! He's so CUTE!!!
Now who say females don't rare any exotic pets?
Well, one thing about my family is that we rare many types of pets before.
But the most unique of all is this Scorpion. It's known as the Heterometrus Spinifer. A very common asian forest scorpion. Its impossible for me to extract its poison as it will die. It likes the sun and becomes really active when its under the sun. It loves cricket A LOT. Sadly, i dont have the courage to Hold it yet. It can shrink into reallt small size when it hibernates and the best thing is that i can just leave it for days without food and drinks (max 1 -2 weeks) it wont die !
I build a Lovely House for it with Plastic Water bottle. It likes to sleep and hibernate in it. At least it keeps it warm and away from the cold wind.
Sometimes, it digs the soil for fun... Weird~
I use a fish tank as his house. Can bring it anywhere i go if i want to. I brought it to church before. ^_^

To be continued------

Thanks for reading and don be jealous of me yeah~ ^_^

**Guess what animal Im most afraid of?? Its a tough question ^_^

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