NURse feli @ MOS LIq Uniform party !


As you can see my photoshoot in nurse uniform but have you ever thought i would wear my nurse unifrom out to public? Well, I kinda planned to wore this “uniform” on last year’s haloween but it some issue happened and i couldnt make it.  However, I spotted the unifrom party on FB and Of course hope came and YEaH! I went for this party! It was awesome and i met many new friends and old friends as well. Lots of hwat chicks there yea~ Im think i look like some small gal over there. I guess the nurse uniform doesnt give me a sexy hwat chick look eh~ ^_^ I dont drink and I danced only awhile~ went home at 12.30~  I always go home early~ Used to be a cinderella but now can be late a bit~ ^_^ Met Sam.. which i dindt knw he was the finals for ford models!! after adding his FB i only know~ ~ lolz BUt Overall! I had fun and I want MORE!! cant wait for Jacky’s event- he said he’s planning las vegas thingy and this time im gonna be BUNNY! cant wait eh~~~


19741_289871356310_582211310_5116692_526861_nDSC02086 DSC02083  DSC02088DSC02096  DSC02094 19741_289871461310_582211310_5116701_6469043_n19741_289871346310_582211310_5116691_1208308_n DSC02098DSC0207719741_289871876310_582211310_5116746_3561502_n - Copy20031_256586773950_704268950_3542741_3497831_n19741_289871466310_582211310_5116702_3555990_n          DSC02034DSC02030  DSC02036DSC02039DSC02038DSC02040DSC02044DSC02046DSC0204920739_279231346808_660136808_3877663_893208_nDSC02047DSC02054DSC02032DSC02033       DSC02043    DSC02064  DSC02055DSC02056   DSC02067DSC02072  DSC02074 DSC02075 

Just pictures to show ya guys~! Thanks for viewing! Have a nice day!!

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