Photoshoot by Flyguy-Nigel


Nigel has been very dearie to me~ So... I have to return his favor by being his first model n graphic designer. I designed this logo as his watermark for the photoshoots. Well, it's important to place watermark in pictures so that people that even copy and paste it aren't able to claim it as theirs. Besides, it is an extra advertisment for ur ownself n site as well ! The photoshoot area is secret. Its his first potrait shoot. Thus, for me i think I'll give it an Okay rating. Well, learning takes time n experience. The rest photoshop is done by me. Thats all and hope u guys enjoy the pics.

CLICK onto his BLOG to know who he is!
He blogs event n take AWESOME EVENTS SHOT!
I personally like these Photos

Now here is the pictures dat are...FOR FUN!!!

I like this PIcture of me there MOST!! ITS A PRICELESS EXPRESSION!!!
too bad its not that focuz...=(
He's so SWeeeT~~~~~
This is what he gave me for christmas present and that's what i actually wanted!!!!!!
StaRBUCKS PLANNER!!! N ROSE...**Sweetnya~**
HALL of the FAME PIC!!!!
* KJ took Nigel's FIRST KISS ON NEW YEAR 2010!!!

Nigel gets RED like Lobster When He's DRUNK...
Guys can TURN MINNIE MOUSE On 2010!!!!! ^_^

Thats all for now~ PS. Nigel is the FiRst Blogger I MEt !
**please do comment for the photoshoot!

ps-mw,i will make my 2010 as busy as possible to erase u out of my memory

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