Tali Tenang Event @ Bangsar

This event was held last Sat and i was invited by ChrisSpinzerTock .
What's Tali Tenang?? Honestly i was wondering what this event will be like as i had never ever participate in any flash mob events before. I thought of giving a try and try out new stuff ! Well, i didnt regret going for this event. In fact i had fun.
TALI TENANG is... a string that bring peace ! ^_^ <--- Short n nice explaination k!
It’s an event organized by ZAINHD- RandomAlphabets.com in the spirit of national unity.
1 MALAYSIa thingy... n partially i think its caused by the #yorais issue i guess. I only knew about the #yorais 2 days after that event. Hmmm how slow updated right?
We were suppose to wear white.. I got White k! but mix a bit of black~ Cause after that event Im going to Mc asia.. had to wear something nicer instead~ =P

KJ was there too! he always brings me Laughter ~ Seeing him makes me smile... Damn sakai fella.. see his fashion that day also wana muntah~ >_

As usual~ ^_^ He Looks cute but im cuter~ =p!
INI JOSHUA ( same name as my bro)

I think u sure know this guy... CHRIS lah.. *see his humsup look wei~ Lolz*
Im so sorry i forgot ur name~ but this girl here was behind me all the while~ ^_^
This LEng lui- JERINE just came Bangsar LRT tengok je... She didnt walk at all~ Lolz
I cant call Kharul botak that day~ Smart him... Wore a Hat eh!! YEEE HAR!!
For the very first time i MEt BBoyrice! Lolz.. I saw his pic.. then i see him i think- this guy look familiar.. Hmmm My sch? NOpe... LOlz! he's Jeremy( i confuse bboyrice wif ur ori name) from RAWANG! same place.. I think we mayb got bump each other some place b4... Rawang small town only wat~~
Saw CATHERINE Again~~~~~~ ^_^ With the same bag n Sweet smile~ ^_^

My nametag -written beautifully by me k!!=p - Sponsored by JoshuaOngys!
I like this pic~ Nigel looks diff here.. I think this smile of him is really rare.. Cuz very hard to capture a nice photo of him la.. most of his pic all sissy n show tongue~
I met SpectreOutreach , Danny and Alan Chin as well !! Im kinda shy to talk to ppl i first time knw ya~ nice seeing u guys~ ^_^
Alan didnt talk to me but he keep stalking my every move... LOLZzz i thought he wouldnt even recognize me~ cuz some ppl told me that i look diff from pics and real life.
Honestly.. I lok fat... >__
Check out the women behind me! LOLZ cute KAN!

SO... I stalk Him back!!!!!!
* credits my stalker pics to ALAN CHIN Weng LON~ He takes nice stalkin PICS!!! ^_^ ME likey~~~~~
Before that i wore a 4 inch heels! Thank God i brought my 2inch platform heels for standby.. ^_^ but i still feel walking so far.....!!! Its fun though.. as some cars that passes by honk us to show support. Wonder if it was a Honk for warning ??!
The most interesting part is that cars slow down to check us out and cause a slow traffic!
There was also this junction where we had to raise the tali to let the cars pass through.
OK~ this is my stupid tired face~ =.=! Im not much of a street walker >_<

Not only cars stopped to look at us, but also HUMAN And DOGS! the DOGgie soo cute!!!!!!
Well, the most active and hyper is actually this MONKEY photog~ forver ON something...KJ~
Lolz.. the Outstanding one.. His laughter can make me cover my face n make me deny that im his frien.=P

AT LAST! we reached our destination @ bangsar sports complex !! and they gave free water !! WOHOOO!! feels like some small walkathon event~ ^_^
Had a group photo- im on the front row~~Spot the tiny me??
Zain HD brief us about doin Mexican wave ~Lolz its my first wave!!! Im like so excited in the video~

Marina Mahathir was at the event.. Hmm i didnt know who she was until i came home and my mum told me she is Mahathir's Daughter. Hmm this prove how shallow my knowledge is. >_
Astro AWani was there to record the event n interview as well.
I SO LIkey this DIY fan by CHRIS!!!! Supeeeeeerr CUTE!!! A must take pic!
So~ Andy come in the Picture wif me~ ^_^
GOOO GOOO GOOOO!!! GOOOOOOO for_____________________!!!!!!!
* fill in the blanks urself*
HE Looks blur with the stop thingy.. LOLZzzz

Later that night we went for MC asia~ That day i had terrible Flu and was feeling quite unwell.
The Mc Asia was held at KL life centre. Honestly, that event made me feel more sick. I didnt really like that event as the Dj spins Trans and techno songs which spin my head and make me sleep. I SERIOUSLY SLEPT On the Table!!!!! SERIOUS!!! But i was shiverring in there as well. I was glad to meet Joanna Marrie Gough ~~ She accompany me all d while n i had fun chatting with her. I had High fever when i went home and fainted after bathing. Thank God Mum came down to check on me as she felt something was wrong. She gave me medicine and wrapped me up like a caccoon. My mum is the best Nurse ever!! I got healed the next day and went to Church early in the morning. All praises be to God~!!
Thanks for reading and May God Bless u all~ ^_^
P.S i pray for unity
i pray for good health
i pray for blessings
I pray for the ones i love -> YOU


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