VIMA Awards N Protuner's Model Event

Last Sat I went for VIMA awards at Mists Club n Its was A whole new experience for me.
This Awards is for malaysians Band and the only band i know and adore is Bunk Face. My only intention to go there was to meet Bunk Face but they weren't there. However, this event make me realize that we have also other unknown talents BANDS! I met a few bloggers, ruums's creator n producers, dennis lau(the violinist) at that event. Again~ Thx to Nigel ^_^ * some pics are still with him~
Mist club is SOooo Small~ so~ the Stage is also small but the bands manage to pull it through~

Sasi the Don n Too Phat were there for their awards too!

the guy in the middle-white-> Leonard chua~ Looks like my ex.. ^_^
If only i was this height and able to have this kinda eye view.. Hmmmm
LOLZzz Guess who's head is this yeah!
The BENCHMarck Band~ never heard of them but they were the outstanding ones that burn the stage like--- placing an electric drill on the guitar string making a siren , Burning the guitar string , placing a durian on stage , breaking a guitar and jumping off stage!!! Which is something i never saw before LIVE ON STAGE!!! they left me go WWWOOOOOOOOOW!!!

He's the guy on stage that stole my heart away~~ SOooo CUTE!!!! * some band guitarist from Brunei *~ If only i could shed off my shyness~ >_
This is kinda like what i wore that nite~ something diff from others~ ^_^

The Next day~ Pro tuners asked only 10 of their models to come for this event - which is to be thier model for the garage opening for power sport. They sponsored us their shirt- YEAH! MY FIRST BLACK POLO T!!
I thought most of the models there are chinese educated but i was wrong! They were like speaking fluent english and some of them were "banana". ^_^ Oh well ~ I was happy to get to know the girls. They dont seem to be those bitchy type or show off type~

They provide us lunch buffet which taste AWESOME!! YUmmyy~~ i kept eating.. I dont care i'll get fat or not~!! most of the time we were chatting but not modeling as it was their opening not a photoshoot. " We thought it was some photoshoot. - kena conned~"

After knowing them! I have decided to - GO ON the contest!!! I LIke Being around these girls - MayC - COCO- Amelia Tan - April and Renee~~ Im sure they willl make it too!
They are SO hwat n Gorgeous! check em out!

Arhh~~ now u know my real height ^_^
coco- mayc- me and april!

this is Amelia Tan~

COco is soo cute~~ miao miao~~ ^_^
* oh!! the first time i met COco was at Ruums and that time it was my first time clubbing n i didnt know how to dance / i was super shy~ Then , COco came up to me to teach me how to dance. WOah! that was like 2 years back and i met her again! Obviously i'll remember her ! and she's younger than me 2 years !! Can u imagine how old she is when she clubs!?? Try find her at Phuture n Maison~ ^^

Once again~ Thanks for reading!! Nex POSt Is gonna BE SOME Hotter Stuffs yeah~ ^_^
* im sick....sniff**


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