White Cube Found in various part in Malaysia - is it a UFO?

I got this infro from CincauHangus ~ ^_^
FYI, Im not a person who watch news neither read the newspaper nor browse blogs. Im kinda like a pig stuck in a well though.
Yet i find this issue interesting and ABNORMAL. Ever seen a Flyobject as a cube ? In our image , it could be some aircraft ship like. Well, this object said to appear at the bank of Nile - the first shot taken. Yet now, it has come to KL, Malaysia.

The this picture was taken and mailed as well to others. Does it look like the Penang bridge??
Well, it might be just a white kite or blown shirt

Recently, the JUICE Blog also received these pictures from out of no where.
you can view his post here

Then there is this blog http://cosmicworldministry.blogspot.com that posts video of the white cube n stated it appear on tv. Im not sure its really the news or not cause i seldom watch the news. Here are some videos he have post about the flying cube.

This is the video that appear it flying across the Penang bridge~ Pause to view it clearly

It says that the cube has arrived kl and was found at Sungai besi.
The news footage came out on Monday. It’s an interview on Buletin Utama (TV3), in Bahasa Malaysia.
Sounds real to me though....

From the source- Arman they say to be strobbing- * i was wondering what this means* but it feels like its flickering to me.

I never believe in all these aliens and stuff~ So, I think its just some new way of some company advertising their new product . The yorais# issue seems to be hotter than this~ hmmmm ever wondered why??? Oh well, its all up to you guys to think and give out your opinion here !


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