Watson’s perfect 10 workshop @ bukit cahaya

This event was held Last Sat and the Prgramme schedule they sent to us  few days before the event was like this


7.00 a.m. Registration for Media & Guests

Light Breakfast will be served

9.00 a.m. Ice breaking session with a group Aerobic Dance led by Candi Soo Fitness Training Systems

9.20 a.m. Welcome Speech by Ms. Jessica Ng, Marketing & Development Director of Watsons Malaysia

9.30 a.m. “Perfect Hair” Workshop by Sunsilk

9.50 a.m. “Perfect Skin” Workshop by Olay

10.10 a.m. Watsons Own Label Product Testing

10.40 a.m. Dolly Kee’s Perfect 10 Seminar

11.40 a.m. “Perfect Body” Workshop by Lux

12.00 noon “Perfect Health” Lunch

1.00 p.m. “Perfect Skin” Workshop by Garnier

1.20 p.m. Flying Fox Activity

3.20 p.m. Interval / Tea Break

3.30 p.m. Lucky Draw

4.00 p.m. End

I had to wake up FREAKKKIng Early!! Its the First time in 2010 i wake up so EARLY!!!  It took me A phone call to wake me up as i forgot to on my alarm. Despite all the rush, we still make in time for it as most of the participant also came late. BUt….. I forgot the most important attire of all… SPORT SHOES!!!!!!!!

i was in a rush that after left rawang toll only i remember that i left my sport shoes at home !!! It was too early for shops or malls to open at that time so i just hope and give a shot that i wont have to do strenuous  exercise or games.

I brought ZOEY ALONG!!!!! – check out her blog at zoey-lai.blogspot.com/

SHe’s a bit taller than me la~ LOLzzz

* PS- Im gonna make over her one day~~ =p!!


We started off with dance Arobic guided by the famous CANDICE LIM!!!

OMG!! SHe’s still so fit and had so much energy to dance. On the third dance i already feel like leg shiverring out of energy but that instructor was still jumping dancing away~~ I love to dance so much and her dance steps are easy and nice!

Then, they served us breakfast and had our seminar in an AIR COND HALL !!! WOW!!! Isnt it nice with gorgeous deco ! The place is like a Malay Kampung Bangalow and we must be barefoot!! YEAH!!  NO heels needed!!

22469_1271416197801_1601773088_30661749_7885400_nThe first seminar was about Sunsilk intorducing type of shampoo for diff types of hair. I won a conditioner and gave to this malay gal as she was like so CRazy wanting it. Btw- i think her hair needs it more than mine~ =P

PS = Im the team leader for my group ! LOlz~


As the team leader~ I had to go up on stage to stick baloon on the girl. The next thing is that the members have to burst the baloon. As usual, I run far away from the baloons. Im so afraid of bursting baloons!!! Its pain when it hits onto ur skin.


Watson also let us test out new products that are not released into the market. The body lotion – pomegranate had an awesome smell. Though is a bit greasy, yet i love the smell !! Would purchase it if it’s out ! The rest had Chocolate – chilli- green tea jasmin – sour plum- to test. CHili doesnt smell like chilli~~ >_<!  But Watson’s product this chilli for sliming puposes~ Im not sure it works Or not !

Lux representative than thought us how to apply body lotion the RIGHT WAY !!! OMHG!!! He’s a guy and he knows this while we girls are like blur about it !!!! Will hav a tutorial on it one day yeah!!!

22469_1271416517809_1601773088_30661756_1785878_n 22469_1271416557810_1601773088_30661757_4122090_n

This is OUR GROUP! the PERFECT NOISY GIRLS !!! not me k~ IDa paling NOisy of all.. d girl that took my sunsilk~ Lolzz


There were more seminars by Dolly Kee – Garnier and Olay. The boring seminars was by Garnier ans i slept half way through. Ida got my sleeping pic~~ The most inspiring Dolly Kee wasnt someone interesting to me . People pay her thousands to listen to her seminars but yet i think its more suitable for the older generation not the now generation. She’s quite old cant blame her though. Well, the most inspiring words i only remember was –

Its best to make a decision and take a Risk +  chance rather than not making a decision and have nothing at all !!!

FLYing FOX !!!!!!!!

we sat this bus there !!! me likey ~~


Felicia + ZOEY !!!!!!!! = FeliciaZOEy ??? LOlzzz

The reflection of the trees make her hair look green~ Its actually Blonde lah~


My heart was liek DUP DUP DUP DUP DUP while climbing up there… ~~ cause i looked down..

BUt then…. I fly GRacefully with ZOEY~~~~~~~ Hehehee we Fly with lots of POSES k ! Cant wait for the pics from the Watson’s Photog.

22469_1271416877818_1601773088_30661765_7418153_n  22469_1271417597836_1601773088_30661780_3557182_n

22469_1271416957820_1601773088_30661767_4431888_n 22469_1271417517834_1601773088_30661778_8252409_n

While waiting~ We MODELLing lah~~ but with Camera only~ no DSLR~~ lolz

22469_1271417157825_1601773088_30661771_5118405_n 22469_1271417037822_1601773088_30661769_7457203_n 22469_1271417277828_1601773088_30661773_5102927_n 

SPOT my High HEELS?????


I tell u~ TO  BE PERFECT 10 Must be a POSER K !!!! Lolzz


Even though Im in heels~ I can JUMP high ! fly HIGH~~ WOhooo!!!!!


Our HK leg.. Hmmm I fat ed… need gam fei~~~>_<!!! aikzzzz


LAst pose with Magosteen~~!! Swt….


I had SO much fun knowning these cool awesome Friendly girls!!!! And i wana spend more time with ZOEY !!! She’s Single and AVAILABLE K !! Who wana know her check out her blog and PM her k !!


Thanks Watson fro this Awesome event that Worth i think more than Rm50 !! They Serve us like Princess!!! i luv the Spaghetti SOOOOOO MUCH!!! YUMMYYYY!!!!~~

And NIce goodieeeeeeeeess~~  WE got Lux body shampoo- Sunsilk Shampooo0- OLAy regenerist Serum!!!! –Simple facial Wipes and Garnier facial cleanser !!! AWESOME Goodies !!!!

** my Camera’s USB port got problem but im lazy to send for warranty as it would take them to fix it for like weeks and months. I have to buy card reader…. Sob sob.. Spend money again~~ CNy faster come!! i wan ANG PAO!!!!! ~ ^_^

* Im sleeping b4 12pm LAtely as i realize my skin condition has worsen. Thus i wont be on9 that often. Lots of assignments comin up and i hope and Pray for God’s strength too. Im aiming 4 flats for all subjects this term as my previous exam result pull down my CGPA  SO MUch~~ I have to double my effort now! FELICIA MUst GAMBATEH KAW KAWWWWWW!!! OWh~ MAke up class is SOO SUPER Fun and i will Never Ponteng it !!~ ^_^~

I will try keep up to date my BLOG –

Thx ZOey for the PICs!! MUAH MUAHXXX!!!


HI, Im Felicia, a Youtuber, Special-Effect Makeup Artist , Linguist whom loves Batik painting. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products and sharing my experiences and travel stories with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at feliciazoe@live.com..

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