The difference between man and women



- Go toilet for 1 reason

-Parking 88% accuracy , 71 % accidents

-Can only do one thing at one time

They criticize women for

- Driving not good

-No sense of direction

-talking too much without getting straight to the point

-leaving toilet seats down

When Man are under stress

-Drink Alchohol

- Invade other women

-Stop talking and sit down think ( reduce 3000 words a day)

What men wants

-Power, Status,Achievement and things

Men’s conclusion

-Make appointment and give them agenda and tell them only need a listener not being fixed.


- Go toilet with many reasons

-Parking 22% accurate , 21% accidents

-Can do multitasking

They criticize men for

-Not sensitive enough

-Not caring , not LISTENING

- Not talking

-Not committed

-Not giving more love

-Leaving toilet seats up

When Women is under stress

- Eat chocolate

-Shopping, Spa

-Talking more ( increase 8000 Words)

What women wants

-Security/ Relationship? Cooperation/ People and Love

Women’s conclusion

– Must LISTEN in order to communicate


Man and Women must appreciate each other’s ROLE and FUNCTION

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