I learnt my lesson

As most know Im now single already. Well, im absolutely fine about this and will bare in mind as i had learnt a lot in this relationship. I realized that i was being to rush and irrational when making decision. I dont think thouroughly and just follow my ID. Well, i learnt a great lesson for now. Of course there would be sadness as i really put on hope into this relationship. Sometimes you might be sure with your decision but not the other. Thus, guys or any girls out there do assure that what you decide is really what you want instead of feeling guilty after awhile realizing that it’s not your type. I really appreciate and feel blessed that he’s very honest and straight forward as this issue would not drag longer. Of course the sweet memories are still kept in my heart but it shall just remain sweet and not taking it into grudge. Through this walk of journey, i also felt that i learn a lot and i realize who my true friends are. I really thank Rebecca and the twins- samuel and daniel tan~ This family really brought a lot of laughter n happiniess to my life and most of all they were awesome enough to support and advice me when im down. I realized that i had been lack of independence and cant judge a person well. Well, i had never chase after love same for now. Yet, i think i would like to have time of my own and friends for now as i realized that love is everywhere around us. Doesnt mean you’re single means ur out of love. The reason that got me confused and down was that everything happened so fast that i felt so lost after exams. My previous plans suddenly vanish and i had to change my plans or neither i had any plans. Then , slowly i got back to myself and stay strong did lots of exercise during the period where i couldn't online. Exercising keeps me goal focus and it would prevent me from thinking too much. Well, im happy that i can online now but i would continue exercise as i want to be 45kg by gaining muscles! 45 ---> eligible to donate blood!!!! Weee~~~

Ps~ My hairstyle changed 2 weeks ago and its STraight !!!!!!

This is how i lOOk like~ I actually dont think cleopatra fringe suits me ~ It never suits me…

Yet, my hair can grow really fast so~~~ I’ll just be patient for now…

P030410_15.28_[01] Pigme

This is how i look before getting my hair straighten… and AFTER straighten!


My hair is smoother and less messy compare to before. I hope my hair can grow longer….

I’ll be doing part time jobs while waiting my degree to start on July~ I will also continue my make up classes~

**Im kinda reluctant to go as its so far from my house ><~~~

Here are 2 gorgeous KIDS!! They are BEcka’s NIECEs~~~

Rachel and Elizabeth!

Both are God’s wonderful creation and they are super adorable ~ =)

Resize_P160510_14.15_[01] Resize_P160510_14.22


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