This is how Munchy’s does their commercial

Last week was a busy week for me. I had been working different types of job in a week. It was tiring but then interesting. I made many new friends  and even customers and bosses. I even learnt things that i read in Times magazine and experience the feeling of being an employee. Well, although its tiring~ Yet i enjoy it till max as Life has never been more interesting than gaining new experiences and making new friends. The reason i want to work is not for the money instead of the experience. 

The first job i went for was the munchys commercial shoot. I sent in my resume to an agency with my pictures along and the next thing is that i received their sms to attend the shoot. However, they didnt tell us what time does the shoot ends. They only informed us that it would be a night shoot. Well, as i had never took part in video shooting before, i didnt know that it would take such long hours to finish this job.

The shooting setting was at a production’s bangalow swimming pool side!

It’s a very pretty place for a party ! I love it ! Most of us were kinda amazed with the pretty settings.


Here, inside the house , is where we hang out and sit around , rest n chit chat~


And here! would be the assorted cute toy chairs for us to sit!


This commercial potrays a party at the side of the swimming pool. I even met Chuckei, Adelle Chow there and also one of the Wakaka members of Showdown! (he’s really cute)


Here are some friends i met and spent time with from 5pm till 6am in the morning! It was a very tiring night acting that we’re enjoying some party without music! And~~ Most of all, we ate a lot out of boredom! They provided us lots of food and free Munchy’s!!! ( that’s the reason why im putting on so much weight now ><!!!)


P250510_02.00_[01] P250510_02.38  P250510_03.34_[02] P250510_03.39 P250510_04.22 P250510_04.23_[01] P250510_04.24_[01]    P250510_01.53_[01] P250510_01.59

Honestly, it felt more like a day trip and i would want to go for this kinda commercial again! WOHOoo~~!!


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