awesome TASTY bomb ball @ cHERAS

There is this tasty BOMB BALL made of Pork with very tasty meat filling in it ! Even the so called mini “bomb ball” at tmn connought pasar malam cant taste as good as this !

This restoran is also situated at Tmn connought but opposite the pasar malam. The Row of shop houses after the new building of USCI campus. This restoran name is RESTAURANT 3U!

This small restoran serves various choices of food and drinks. Which i personally thinks it’s not good as i get really confuse in choosing what to eat. Their speciality is in making Beef which they call it the 3u mix beef noodles.Well, i had tried their beef balls but i dont think its beetter than the BOMB Ball! The good thing about this restaurant  is that they have great services and cleanliness! Besides, lets say you want a Bomb Ball mee u can choose the types of mee urself ( Pan mee, wantan mee etc) mix with curry soup/ normal soup or kicap~ Even it’s not written in their menu, they will try their best and give you what you want!

I ordered my BOMB ball dried curry mee at only RM5.80 . It comes with 4 BOMB balls which is really BIG!

DSC07791 DSC07794

This is their SPicy BOMB ball which im talking about ! It’s tasty and i prefer it than the non spicy one. When u bite the ball, you can feel the juicy feeling of it !

DSC07795 DSC07796

The one of the left is the non spicy one which i personally thinks it’s not that strong in flavor. The one on the right is the Spicy BOMB BALL~!! My all time favourite. ( too bad they dont sell these balls)

DSC07797 DSC07792

We ordered another extra bowl of beef ball to taste the difference.Well,the beef soup is nice and the Beef ball taste like beef. Can’t comment much on these as i had fallen in love with the BOOMB BALLS!!!


This restoran is also furnished in air-conditioning plus they hire older man which i like the UNcle!!! Honestly, the waiter( uncle) is very friendly , well mannered, nice, bubbly and kind! HoCHIAK the show from 8tv also interviewed this shop b4 ~It’s closed on Wednesday and opened from 8am till 8pm at night !!~ However parking there can be a pain sometimes. ;(

Here is the address n Number~ ( the boss speaks fluent english,mandarin,cantonese n hokkien!)

3U Restoran Sdn Bhd
25, Jalan Dato Haji Harun
Taynton View

Tel: 012-3161189

Restoran 3U Sdn Bhd

I just got back from Singapore! ~ and now im on FOOTBALL fever!!

Actually,i havent found any team yet…same goes to my life… havent found d one ;p


I’m spending most of my time with my grannys at home and it’s fun to have them around to cook !

I not only  gain lots of weight but i  also gain lots of experience. ;)

ps- I cant wait to go back study for degree!!!

     Misses the time spent with becka n twinz~~


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